Nutritionist called the 15 combinations of products that enhance the beneficial effects of each other!

products are not helpful or harmful, says a professional nutritionist Lyudmila Denisenko, the products are assimilated or not assimilated. Or nedousvoennymi. Maximum benefit from the food you can get if you combine products so that the benefits of each amplified using the neighbor. It is possible, and it netrudno.Byvayut cases where a duo or a trio of products doubles or even triples the benefit of each individual "soloist". < Website publishes a list of the most useful combinations, compiled by nutritionist

eggs + tomatoes (egg + onions) = eternal molodostSamoe useful -. Make these foods fried eggs with vegetable oil. Onions and tomatoes are rich in selenium, which plays an important role in the development of the sexual system of the body. This substance is properly digested in combination with vitamin E, which in turn is contained in the eggs and vegetable oil.

Thus it is necessary to use products containing these minerals at the same time. Therefore, scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes, and even better - and with that, and the other - an excellent source of selenium and vitamin E. Most importantly, time to remove the pan from the stove, as these nutrients are destroyed by heat treatment long


Eggs + broccoli (egg + spinach) = life without PMS and osteoporozaSoglasno results of a study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, women who receive the food necessary amount of calcium and of vitamin D, 30-40% less PMS suffer. Chicken eggs - the best natural source of vitamin D, and green broccoli florets and leaves of spinach are rich in calcium, vitamin D, without which digested poorly. Spinach leaves also rich in vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting and bone health.

It was found that vitamin K works in company with two other vitamins - D and A, serving as a traffic controller, directing calcium to where his place, and taking it from there, where it should not be. A spinach and broccoli - are all good sources of beta-carotene - a precursor of vitamin A. In addition, these duets contribute to the strengthening of the skeleton. And imagine if these products combine? For example, in an omelette or frittata - Italian fried eggs with a filling. And if we add the cheese (a source of digestible calcium), will simply extraordinary combination!

Lentils + paprika (sesame seed + greens) = off ustalostDietologi argue that in the diet of every four women do not have enough iron. But it is something and gives us energy! But the situation is not corrected, if you just have this trace element-rich foods. For example, lentils - a pantry iron, where it is almost 12 mg per 100 g of the product is greater than beef liver (8, 2 mg per 100g). A sesame and sunflower seeds - in general, the "iron bomb" - they contain about 61 mg of iron

! However, as is known from the liver iron absorbed much better, because it is there heme - which is part of hemoglobin. Non-heme iron, ingested with foods of plant origin, is poorly absorbed. It turns out, the source of vitality contained in lentils, useless?

And here and there! Try adding lentils dish of red pepper and sesame seeds or sunflower salad sprinkled with pepper and herbs. Vitamin C, which is found in paprika, parsley, fennel, leeks as key opens for erythrocyte bins stuffed with useful microelements.

Tomatoes + oil = youthful skin and combating rakomLikopin - a powerful antioxidant contained in tomatoes, reduces the damage caused by the sun epithelium. Vegetable fats help lycopene is better absorbed. The findings, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Journal, have shown that people who consume a lot of olive oil, less wrinkles. A linseed, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 helps to improve skin and hair condition.

By the way, you can eat tomatoes with olives, even healthier than butter. in the United States recently conducted an experiment in which found that men who consumed large quantities of tomato salad with olives, could be cured of prostate cancer is much faster than those who did not.

In addition, tomatoes and butter just created in order to have them together in the form of bruschetta and caprese salad. A cosmetic effect of the Mediterranean "pair" can be enhanced. Sauté over low heat (at 110 degrees) plum tomatoes in olive oil (when heated releasing more lycopene)

Spinach Avocado + = excellent view of spinach -. Just a storehouse of useful vision for lutein and vitamin A. Avocado them even more besides fruit pulp is rich in "good" fats needed by the body to dissolve these nutrients.

Chicken + carrots (fat + green onion) = strong immunitetTrudno find the root, which would have more vitamin A, necessary for the body to fight infections than carrots. However, without the zinc contained in the chicken, our organism would be difficult to extract useful substances from this vitamin. The vitamin A may "travel" through the circulatory system, only in conjunction with a protein and zinc as the time required for the formation of protein-binding vitamin A. Therefore, if the body is insufficient zinc, vitamin A can not get from the liver to body tissues. That's why chicken soup with carrots - the first assistant to the flu

! Well, as it has already become a classic combination of bacon with green onions or garlic - Ukrainian national "antibiotic"! Fat rich in liposoluble vitamins A E and D, it 40% of unsaturated fatty acids. Such acid getting into the body, bind and remove toxins from the body. Arachidonic acid helps the body turn fat "immune response" when dealing with viruses and bacteria. Organosulfidy (substances contained in garlic and onions), together with vitamin D stimulate the production of immune cells, macrophages. While vitamin C has an effect on the level of neutrophils and interferon.

By the way, the duo lard with garlic and even "harmful" cholesterol is removed from our body

Braised Pork + = Brussels sprouts fighting rakomKto said that roasted meat -. It is harmful? In Germany and Austria, for example, knuckle of pork with sauerkraut - it is the health of the national dish. No one offers roast pork fat in margarine! But put out a lean svininki with Brussels sprouts are worth. The most important mineral is selenium in pork - anticancer antioxidant. The combination of pork with vegetables, rich in sulforaphane (eg Brussels or cauliflower), up to 13 times increases the efficiency of the mineral.

In addition, proteins and pork, and cabbage are a source of essential amino acids (lysine, threonine, methionine) which are necessary for blood, growth and tissue repair, stimulating kidney, adrenals, thyroid, and dissolution and excretion of foreign proteins.

Beef + red wine = healthy dolgoletieIzrailskie scientific minds after a number of studies have shown that the combination of meat with red wine is very beneficial because it reduces the level of cholesterol assimilation, harmful to the human body, which is abundant doses comes into contact with the meat.

It turns out that red wine contains considerable amounts of polyphenols, which largely inhibit the process of absorption of harmful compounds from the stomach and intestines. Because the blood flows much less cholesterol that clogs blood vessels and interfere with the normal functioning of organs.

Liver + cauliflower (liver + pomegranate or apple) = Down anemiyuV apples the most iron (2, 2 g per 100 g) but where it is contained in the form of a non-digestible, unlike the heme iron meat and liver. But if you combine these foods (liver or liver and apples and pomegranates), can strengthen their action in the fight against anemia. Heme iron is much better absorbed in the presence of vitamin C fruits and vegetables.

A combination of cabbage and liver even more useful! Cabbage is rich not only in vitamin C, and vitamin K. It is necessary for normal metabolism, blood clotting, helps the liver. In addition, cabbage is rich in vitamin the U, which is not only "anti-ulcer" vitamin, but also promotes the secretion of gastric juice, which enhances the absorption of iron.

Salmon + a glass of red wine = depressiyaBezuslovno away, and the white wine is very good with fish, but in red wine antioxidants together with omega-3 fatty acids, salmon - it's just a great duo! He is able to drive away depression, and improve brain function. It is known that fish contains very useful for health and beauty of omega-3 fatty acids. However, only recently, scientists have discovered that the body gets more of them together with red wine.

As it turned out, the wine polyphenols (and the missing beer or alcoholic beverages), help the body to remove the fish up to five times more omega-3 fatty acids, which make the skin smooth, prolong youth and protect against many diseases.

Yogurt + crushed flax seeds = excellent pischevarenieYogurty designed specifically to establish digestion, contains probiotics - "good" bacteria. But some milk products will not correct the situation. To survive and multiply, probiotics need prebiotics - special vegetable fibers that are rich, for example, flax seeds

. Restore and maintain a healthy balance is very simple in the digestive system: add a teaspoon of crushed seeds in yogurt


Oatmeal + apples (porridge + orange juice) = healthy heart vessels and oatmeal contains beta-glucan and avenanthramide to protect our blood vessels from cholesterol. Strengthen the health benefits of morning porridge can be pieces of fresh apple, in which many flavonoids - important antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and, in addition, are struggling with inflammation

. And you can safely drink orange juice - the study of the American Department of Agriculture showed that employed "for the company" orange juice and oatmeal are an excellent means of cleansing the vessels and prevent heart attacks. Together, these products are better stabilize the "bad" cholesterol.

Bread + Cheese (cereal + milk) = strong bones and calcium nervyUsvoenie depends on its relationship with dietary fats and fatty acids, proteins, calciferol, magnesium, phosphorus . Insufficient amount of protein in the diet impairs calcium absorption. Therefore, the most useful thing to eat bread with cheese, cereal with milk, fish and meat dishes with vegetable side dishes and so on. D.

Green tea + lemon = prevention Racani so long ago, Japanese scientists have found that green tea drinkers who drink at least two cups a day have a lower chance of dying from a stroke or other cardiovascular vascular disease. This protective effect is provided catechins - polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that also inhibit the growth of cancer cells

. However, unfortunately, in the stomach of these fighters are in trouble - only 20% survive. Researchers at Purdue University have discovered - if you squeeze in a cup of green tea with lemon, catechins acquire properties that make them "survive" for 80%

Apples + Chocolate (buckwheat with onion) = radostYabloki health and rich in anti-inflammatory quercetin. which also reduces the risk of allergies, myocardial infarction, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, prostate cancer and lung. Chocolate contains catechins, which reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and cancer. Connecting, quercetin and catechins prevent thrombosis and improve the cardiovascular system. By the way, for the same reason useful buckwheat porridge, cooked with onions.

Do not clean the apples from the skin, thus depriving themselves of antioxidants, struggling with liver cancer, breast and bowel. Apples are best eaten raw, but thoroughly chew. And they are best combined with chocolate fondue.



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