Our homeland - a pioneer

Get up early, get up early,
Get up early,
Only the morning loomed at the gate,
You see, you see,
As a gay drummer
In the hands of maple sticks takes.


Buglers poster.

Quite a pioneer of 80th. :)

And true.

Experience Sparta was not entirely forgotten. Of course, the pioneers had to bring up heroes and patriots.

Ah, good to live in the Soviet!
Ah, good country to be loved!
Ah, good country to be helpful,
Red tie to wear with pride!
To measure the earth decisive step,
Remember covenants firmly fathers,
I know only one answer -
Fighting our greetings:
Be ready! Be ready! Be ready!


Be ready always around,
Whether you are ready day and night!
The bolder go to our goal,
The sooner victory will come!


You see, from the books, in a column built,
They went out and heroes became heroes.
How Timurov is, look!
Gaidar steps forward!

If the newly menacing clouds Push,
Timur come - children and adults:
Each victory is ready to go.
Gaidar steps forward!

The famous song about the Civil War:

Eaglet, little eagle, Soar above the sun
And from the heights of the steppe looking around!
Forever silent merry lads,
As I live alone.

Eaglet, little eagle, baubles plumage,
Himself overshadow white light.
I do not want to think about death, believe me,
At sixteen years old boys.

Eaglet, little eagle, detonating a grenade
From shallow hills enemies.
I was called orlёnkom Detachment,
The enemies called an eagle.

Eaglet, little eagle, my faithful companion,
You see, I survived.
Fly in the village, darling tell,
As his son were shot.

Eaglet, little eagle, feathered friend,
Feather grass steppes on fire.
To help hasten Komsomol eaglets -
And life will come back to me.

Eaglet, little eagle, go trains,
Winning the fight is solved.
The government eagle eaglets millions,
And our country proud.


Little drummer

We went under the roar of cannon fire,
We have looked death in the face,
Forward advancing troops
Spartacus, courageous fighters.

Among us was a young drummer.
Offensively, he went ahead
With another gay-drum,
With the Bolshevik fire in my chest.

One night in camp
He sang a cheerful song,
But the enemy bullet struck,
Sing until the end did not.


Old Drummer

Young drummer, the young drummer,
Hong knocking his heart - a tuk-tuk-tuk,
Raise the flag of summer camp,
Young drummer on duty.

Long road close alarm,
Starts swirling clouds ahead.
You're no longer a boy, a brave drummer,
Peer to exploit conclusions!

Bili - not finished off, burned - but not burned,
Why are you up so early was the saddle?
By far the countries with the best drum
We passed, leaving a good mark.

The battle - do not seek peace,
Adult drummer, adult age.
Lift, man, the world of ashes,
Requirement planet, man!

And around the crazy woman, little souls,
And scream and whisper all:
 - Old drummer, a stock guitar,
The drum is not fashionable these days.

With arfoyu and lute quieter and cozier!
This we know from childhood.
But while early live without a drum,
I did not give up. No no no!

Or is it, Nakhimov:

The sun shines clear,
Hello, beautiful country!
Young Nakhimov send greetings to you!
In the world there is no other
Homeland this!
All of us shines like sunlight,
Banner of your wins!

Plenty of room - blue,
Earth - the stern,
Proudly fluttering over US flag native Fatherland!
The case of seafarers - Defeat the enemy!

Delivery of the banner on the line. Ruler.

Peace, friendship. :)

Meeting with the Black Sea sailors.

Clearly held the idea of ​​continuity of generations. Even Pioneer tie, having three angles were said to symbolize the union of the Communists, the Komsomol and the pioneers.

Poster instructions pioneers.

Left: "scientific firm friendship of children of the working people of the Earth!»

"DOSAAF" - dobrovlnoe assistance armiii, Air Force and Navy. The poster radio operator-gunner girl, model ship, the driver, model aircraft.

In the camps, the pioneers could actually improve health, but not only.

Collecting scrap metal and waste paper for recycling has been one of the pioneers of periodic training.
Right - it is ready to defend the border to work in distant lands and go into space.

Later posters.

"Flowers and scientific firm, Pioneer Country!" "Every pionerotryad - sponsored each October!" "Study - your main work, a pioneer!»

"Route" Summer lightning ": millions of brave, strong, seasoned!" "Lenin Oredn on our banner - be worthy of the title of pioneer!" "Be proud, a Soviet pioneer, your country - the USSR!»

Left: Poster Brezhnev - the anniversary of the Pioneer organization. Right: Stalin poster.

Standards BGTO or later, TRP - sprotivne standards for their age - it is desirable to pass each pioneer.
There were all-Union sports competition for the Pioneers.

"How povyazhesh tie, take care of him - he's a red flag color one!»

The ruler, raising of the flag.

Icons All-Union pioneer camp "Artek".

Pioneers in the old, one might say, the old, Soviet stamp.

The magazine "Pioneer", in 1937, the war in Spain. Spanish Republican fighter.

The kids are ready to receive the Young Pioneers.

The first man, who was in space, Yuri Gagarin, among the pioneers.

His take in "honor the pioneers." Right - Yuri Gagarin himself was pionerom.Pionerskaya song:

A new day has its origins
On the endless streets of Moscow.
Never had the sky had happened
A blue eye in love!

Light illuminated by the sun,
Light his righteousness strong.
Our Homeland - Revolution,
She was the only one we'll be back!

We work and master, and the gods,
We believe man-made wonders.
Road endless road,
If they are laid himself!


We smile fair and open
Illuminate the parade.
And the glow of happiness orbit,
Where friends fly Gagarin:


Because a school museum. Pioneer tie, which pinned oktyabryatskie asterisk.

In the camp, parting with friends from all over the country, we used to write on each other's wishes and their ties adresa.

Pioneer drum.

Company officer pioneer flag.

Pioneer and Pioneer horn icon.

Tie clip has been used for a long time instead of the host. Right - the first version of the Pioneer badge.

There were other options (including with steps, the meaning of which I, by the relative youth and historical ignorance, I do not know).

Pioneering stripe. Left - regular pioneer. Others - participants of the stripe. "Million - Motherland" - the collection of waste paper. Then - "timurovets", "Red Ranger", a member of the military-sports games "Eaglet".

Shares of "My Motherland - the USSR," the military-sports game "Summer lightning" action "sfetofora."

Icon "TRP" - "Ready for work and defense." (GTO children have long been able to perform not).

During the war, the pioneers passed tankers tank built on the funds collected by them.

Pioneer-hero Vasily box.

"Valentine Kitty - underground fighter reconnaissance of Shepetovka. Squad as a partisan - on account of the six bombed trains. He was killed in a battle with the Germans.
Utah Bondarovskaya - Leningrad schoolgirl that war found near Pskov, where she was on vacation. Telecommunication and scout guerrilla group. Killed in battle with the Germans.
Vasily box - spy and saboteur Chernigov guerrilla group. Destroyed nine levels. He was killed in a battle with the Germans.
Alexander Borodulin - partisan demolition. Destroying several armored Germans. Killed, covering the retreat of the guerrilla unit.
Galina Komlev - underground fighter Tarnovichi village, Leningrad region. The connected underground, flyers distribution. Shot by the Germans.
Victor Khomenko Alexander Kober - the underground of the city of Nikolayev. Scouts and connected "Nicholas Centre." On the instructions of the center crossed the front line for the delivery of information to Moscow. Shot by the Germans.
Larisa Mikheenko - Leningrad schoolgirl scout 6th Kalinin Partisan Brigade. He blew up a railway bridge over the river Drissa. Shot by the Germans.

As a part of and often finds 13 and 14-year-old, and only those who are older, and say nothing. It is understandable why they ran to the front - in all ages the boys tried to feats, and sit at home, when the enemy attacked your homeland, it was simply impossible. About for the same reasons and the children went to the partisans. But after the war, he admitted one of those who in 1941 was 13 years old, he "played in a real war." "I did what I could not adults, and situations when they have something they could not, and I could have been a lot" - says the veteran.

Someone blew himself up with a grenade last, someone was shot from the advancing Germans, someone hanged in the courtyard of the prison. These guys, for whom the word "patriotism", "achievement", "courage", "sacrifice", "honor", "homeland" were absolutes, earned the right to do anything. In addition to oblivion. "

(Sergey Karaman)

"Dear Ekaterina A.! According to the command, your son Golikov Leonid died a hero's death for the motherland. For a heroic feat, perfect your son in the struggle against the German invaders in the rear of the enemy, the USSR Supreme Soviet decree of April 2, 1944 conferred on him the highest distinction - the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. I am sending you the letter of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the assignment your son the title of Hero of the Soviet Union as the storage memory of the son-hero, a feat that will never be forgotten by our people. "

Mikhail Kalinin

Pioneers in the rally.

LI Brezhnev pioneers.

"Artek" - the capital of the Soviet Young Pioneers.

Let shine around the face.
We're friends forever,
Pioneer Capital -
Ageless "Artek"!

Ran the path to the sea,
Sun pours over the edge.
In joy and sorrow
"Artek" not forget.
Meets settlers
With all the countries of the "Artek»,
How kind and cheerful
Reliable person!
"Artek", "Artek", "Artek»,
You became a mother ever!

We need to meet more often,
We live in a big country.
And Artek friendship
We flew through the years!


Povzrosleem us over the years,
But we have a destiny.
Pioneer bonfires
Our life is illuminated.

Selected young artists and poets, engineers and mathematicians around the country.

In the "Artek" and brought American girl, she wrote a letter to Soviet leader Yuri Andropov about the world. She tied a blue tie politically correct.

There were then komiksy.

In addition to "Artek" was created and Russian summer camp "Eaglet" - also on the Black Sea (and later "Ocean" in the Far East).

Anthem "Eaglet»:

Eaglets learn to fly.
They salute the surf,
In front of them - the sky is blue:
Nothing eaglets do not scare!
Eaglets learn to fly.

Eaglets learn to fly, -
That directly to the sun in a flame of scarlet,
That stone falling rocks
And starting life again, -
Eaglets learn to fly.

Do not just argue with height,
More difficult to be irreconcilable.
But life is not in vain called the fight,
And the sooner we blow retreat! Fight! Fight!

Eaglets learn to fly,
And somewhere in the nests of the birds whisper,
What is so short and broken,
That is hardly worth the risk:
Eaglets learn to fly.

Eaglets learn to fly.
In the distance are almost indistinguishable
Years as mountain peaks,
And they are not so easy to take, -
Eaglets learn to fly.


Eaglets learn to fly:
Alarmed by the horns honk,
What tomorrow will be more angry storms.
Well, that: We do not get used!
Eaglets learn to fly.

Eaglets learn to fly,
They will be able to meet the mountain,
Raise dawns on strong wings.
Do not die, and win!
Eaglets learn to fly!
Eaglets learn to fly!

Another was a Ukrainian camp "Young Guard" and the All-Belarusian "Zubrenok».

Pioneers, of course, became the heroes of children's films.

Pioneer Volka ibn Alyosha from a fairy tale about the old man HOTTABYCH.

Quite a pioneer of 80th. :)

It was created 45 years ago, the pioneering squad that continues to exist to this day - "Caravel". The whole book written squad:

The well-known symbols: power, peace, science, creativity and agriculture.

Admission to the Pioneers.

The apparent continuity.

The revolutionary romanticism.

Generational change.

"Remember when we talked about the unit, we often use the word" cause "? "Common Cause", "company officer job." It is not by accident. In this unit there are definitely in with a g d e l o.


Of course, you do not just hear that the main business of a pioneer - a good student. But that is not all. First, the good Study - a task not only pioneers, but anyone who learns:
all pupils, students, technical schools and vocational schools. And adults who are engaged in postgraduate study, on all courses and so on. The soldier in the army. Is someone of them are allowed to learn less than children of pioneer age?

In order to get good grades in the pioneer organization to join is not required. Pioneers wider task: to educate yourself in these people, those who will work for the good life in our Soviet country and around the world. And, if necessary, will the good life to defend against enemies.

This requires, of course, the knowledge, but still need more. We must learn to understand that you live not only for themselves but also for others. Must be able to work together with these people. You must be able to feel happy when doing something good for others, when people around you are happier.

Then, your own life will be happier and richer. If your joy merges with the joy of friends, she is still your only is forty times more.
And to learn that common joy is possible only in case that you do with friends. And above all - in the squad. "

& quot; a lot of interesting things. They built several pioneering squadron, sailing competitions and organize trips to the lakes of the Urals. And yet they do and fencing tournaments of young musketeers. And still shoot full-length adventure.
But the most important thing they have - correspondent. Young corrs "Caravelle" is always concerned about the most important issues of the Pioneer and school life. And if worry - kids are taking up pencils and pens. In regional newspapers, "Pioneer truth" many times printed notes, reports, information of this childish young correspondents of the press center. But most of all "Caravel" appears in the journal "Pioneer".

Recent photos of "Caravelle», via LiveJournal krapivin_ru.

"And people do not understand why there is a separate Pioneer squad when guards at each school, why should children take to the pioneers somewhere in the community, when there is a specially organized and trained people. But the fact is that these specially organized and trained people often do all this formally, that is for show, for the sake of the report, in order that they are 300 recorded in the pioneers did without thinking, and that really laid the same Innocent Zhukov, who also created the ranovozrastnuyu pioneer organization and conceived it as a unique organization of children who will be able to change society. In 1922, at least, when Zhukov was at the forefront. "

(Larissa Krapivina)

via meotis


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