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Activities of fashion designers are no longer limited to the creation of fashion collections of clothing and accessories. More and more fashion houses in recent years mastering a hotel niche, opening their own hotels with the traditional fashion brand design or decorating individual suites in hotels around the world. In this post a selection of the finest and most beautiful hotel rooms from world-renowned designers.

Tiffany Suite at the St. Regis, New York

For every girl who dreams of a coveted blue box with a white ribbon, there is a great alternative - the bridal suite in the style of Tiffany & Co. Room area of ​​1700 square meters. m. is executed in cold colors - white furniture, wallpaper gray, beige accessories, silver elements and, of course, the famous bright blue décor Tiffany. In each of the rooms of the hotel on the walls paint a picture with the image of jewelry creations at home - a diamond necklace in the living room, precious ring in the picture in the dining room.

Subject jewelry can be seen in everything - from pridivannyh tables, the shape of which resembles the bezel to the mirror in the dining room, the design of which is clearly inspired by the wedding ring in white gold. For the sweet tooth - cakes and biscuits pasta, all certainly bright blue.

Design dining room created by analogy with the original box of Tiffany: bright blue walls contrast with white belt above the cornice - like silk ribbon framing the faces of the case. In the center of the room flaunts a large white table set silverware and china Tiffany, and above it, like a luxury jewelry, elegant chandelier hanging from shining crystals. But the beauty of the hotel is not only in the decoration of the interior - from the window suites, a night in which costs $ 9500, overlooking the legendary Central Park.

Vera Wang Suite at the Halekulani Hotel, Waikiki

Luxurious room decorated "wedding fairy" Vera Wang is on the Pacific coast, in the 100-year old hotel Halekulani. Suite in warm colors on the contrast of light and dark colors - charcoal black color shades and dark wood combined with neutral tones of champagne color wedding dresses in the style of Miss Wong.

Since this is a hotel in Hawaii, it can be seen in the interior sea theme - pillow with print in the form of coral, paintings of sunset on the coast, all with views of the famous Waikiki Beach. Exotic design of the rooms give the tropical flowers - a favorite element of the interior Vera Wang.

Bottega Veneta Suite at Park Hyatt, Chicago

Located on the 17th floor of the hotel, designed in traditional Italian fashion house restrained colors - coffee, beige and gray. The design itself is also not different extravagance - simple clean lines, a minimum of decoration and prints, the obligatory presence of natural materials - linen, wool, cotton. It is obvious that such designs are inspired by the atmosphere of Chicago.

But since this is still a design suite for which luxury is a key indicator, design rooms complemented by luxury items - pillows of tender calf leather, handmade Venetian glass, cashmere blankets, and stunning views of Lake Michigan.

Dior Suite at St. Regis, New York

Another designer suite at New York's St. Regis - a room in the style of French fashion house Christian Dior. The suite has two bathrooms, a spacious living room, a cozy bedroom with a queen size bed and a dining room for 10 people. From Dior Suite overlooks the most prestigious district of New York - Fifth Avenue and 55th Street.

Design rooms created by analogy with the Parisian atelier Dior - the same soft tone, elegant moldings and French furniture, which was brought to New York direct from Paris. On the walls in the living room and dining room surprise for admirers of gorgeous Christian Dior - sketches and photographs of his best dresses.

Hermes Room Hotel Le Pradey, Paris

Everything in this room says that he made the legendary designer of the fashion house Hermes - furniture and even the doors of the skin, bright rugs and blankets for the traditional brand of red color (just such a hue logo and packaging boxes Hermes). Compared with other designer rooms, this room looks very modest, but, firstly, it is located in a small boutique hotel, and, secondly, discreet design and minimalism have always been the hallmark of the fashion house Hermes.

DVF Piano Suite Hotel Claridge, London

Last summer, Diane von Furstenberg has completed work on the design of the nominal numbers in London Claridge. Diane von Furstenberg:

I worked on a project not as a fashion designer, but as a traveler, relying on convenience and comfort. Also, I wanted to stay in my room, guests receive new experience to stay in it was an adventure for them.

I think Diana was able to cope with the work on the 100 - this number is really impressive. The walls, ceiling and floor are made in classic style - parquet, shades of white and ivory, but other elements of design suites obviously will not give its guests get bored - "Queen Print" created a very bright and recognizable interior that everything else looks very cozy . Bright shades of furniture, lots of colored animal Prov - on curtains, carpets, upholstery, sofas and even bath robes. Just a delight!


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