20 facts about Miley Cyrus

Destiny Hope Cyrus from an early age was nicknamed "Smiley" for a cheerful disposition and a broad smile. Since then, the nickname was reduced to "Miley". Star legally changed her name to Miley on Desteni Hope in 2008. Today, only her grandmother called her Hope.

2. Cyrus very bad handwriting. It happened on the assurances of the singer, due to the fact that the nature of it - left-handed. But his father forced her to write with his right hand. She wrote in his biography:

In the rest of my life I'm a lefty, but I do write with his right hand. Therefore, if you do not like my handwriting - talk to my dad.

3. Gary Marsh, producer of the channel "Disney", said they chose Miley for the role of Hannah Montana, because they see it as a girl with a genuine, vivid emotions, which enjoys every minute of his life, as shown in her behavior and actions. But Taylor Momsen, who also auditioned for the role, was not impressed.

4.Vo the filming of the TV series "Hannah Montana", Miley Cyrus was trained at home with a tutor. But after she decided to return to his education. Once she said in an interview that "the formation, you can return at any age, what you want. Because my grandmother went back to college at 62 ».

5. Miley large family. Milo three older brothers (children of her parents from previous marriages) and younger brother and sister.

6. The first song of Miley, sounded on the radio - See You Again (January 2008). Togadia same Cyrus led the ten richest children and adolescents from 8 to 16 years, compiled by the magazine Forbes. In 2011, she became "the richest teenager in Hollywood" and reportedly earned $ 54 million.

7. Favorite Cartoon Miley Cyrus - is "SpongeBob SquarePants».

8. Cyrus suffers from heart disease, but this is more annoying than dangerous fact. The girl observed slight tachycardia.

9. The famous country singer Dolly Parton - her godmother. Country star - still one of the fans of Miley creativity.

"Kids love it because it - Hannah Montana, but what people do not understand about it, that's what it is - a fantastic singer and songwriter. She writes songs as if she was already 40 years old! She really deep. & Quot;

10. Before moving to Hollywood, Miley Cyrus family lived in Toronto, while Billy Ray played in the series. And thanks to Billy Ray took the girl to a number of roles in the movie. In 2003, Miley played a small role in Tim Burton's "Big Fish».

11. At approximately 14 Miley Cyrus tattoos. First she did in the age of 17. The most prominent tattoo - the word «Love» behind the ear and the phrase «Just Breathe» chest. Later, there were: an anchor on the wrist, three tattoos on his fingers, one at the ankle and a few on hand.

12. Miley - a great lover of animals, especially dogs. Cyrus already had three dogs when she decided to take another two in May 2012. Miley has equipped one of the rooms of his house exclusively for their puppies.

photo of her doggies in the "Twitter»:

13. The name of the heroine of the film "The Last Song" (2010) chose Miley herself in honor of his grandfather Ron Cyrus, who died in 2006. Then it began its relationship with Liam, but they were, according to the singer "clumsy".

But now, everything will work out and the couple deepest feelings and serious intentions.

14. Miley Cyrus had a lot of ups and downs with her first boyfriend, Nick Jonas. In fact, was a dramatic love triangle between Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Jonas in 2008. Ultimately, they all went on their tracks, but this "love tragedy" left in the heart then 14-year-old Miley deep impression.

15. In 2009, the year Miley Cyrus has been awarded a meeting with Queen Elizabeth at the royal variety show in England.

16. Stars have a chance to perform alongside some of her idols on the show "Divas VH1» 2009. And while Miley was then still young, producer of the show, Lee Rolontz, assured fans that this girl will cope with the task.

17. "Hilary Duff was my role model ever. I was at her concert, just as her music career went up, when I was about 11. I was just amazed by it. So now, comparing it to me it's like "Wow!". It's cool! "

18. In spite of the 8-year age difference, Kelly Osbourne and Miley Cyrus have found something in common, and even became friends.

19. Miley Cyrus keeping fit at an early age. Her formula for Beauty - a regular Pilates. Star regularly attends classes in West Hollywood.

20. Miley likes to quote Albert Einstein: Life - like driving a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must move


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