Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus) has denied the rumors of the "yellow" press

Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus) tired of the constant gossip and took matters into their own hands with the help of the video on YouTube. She spent nearly 10 minutes to tell your fans about the implausibility of rumors. Also, the star has assured fans that they are its main priority.

But first Miley introduced a new pet - a German shepherd puppy named Feather. "This new replenish our family," she said. "My sister saved him and now he is living with us. He's so funny. "Then the singer has denied the rumors of engagement to Liam Hemsworth (Liam Hemsworth), without even mentioning his name. "No, I'm not engaged, and soon not going to marry," she promised.

Moreover, she does not live with her boyfriend. Miley is a mother, father, brothers and sisters at their home in Toluca Lake. "Apart from my family, no one else here," she said. Star claims that filmed this video of the shoe closet of his mother!

After a few minutes the singer told his fans that the police accompanied her to the house because she was talking on the phone while driving. Cyrus says that history greatly exaggerated by the tabloids and that in fact she called the cops because the paparazzi scared her with his excessive interest. So Miley stopped, caused men in blue uniforms, and they carried her home.
Miley Cyrus on the set of the film "Loud laughter» (LOL: Laughing Out Loud):

But of course, this is not the story, which was published in the "yellow" press. "I called the police, to hide from the paparazzi, and they photographed me with the phone while driving. So now I have nothing to prove to anybody. " Miley said that gossip about her plastic surgery are also total nonsense. "I do not need any plastic," she assured her fans. And lastly, the singer added: "I just live and experience the same feelings as everyone else."


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