China - capitalism and communism

Communist China's leaders promise to revolutionize the world's second largest economy and move the image of the World "workshop". Unlike most communist governments, China's one-party state was preserved thanks to the ... capitalism. Recently, the Chinese authorities have reported that achieved its goal of economic growth at 7, 5% this year, despite the global crisis. Leaders hope that a return of the slowest period of growth since early 2009 may give a cyclic reaction.

Chinese flag is reflected in the fashion poster at a shopping center in Beijing. (AP Photo / Vincent Yu)


Residents walk past a modern building in Beijing. Red has long had special significance in China, symbolizing health, wealth and good fortune. It was the Red Army, a sea of ​​red flags and banners characterize the country after the successful 1949 revolution. However, more than 30 years after the death of the leader Mao Zedong's Red acquired a different meaning and context, becoming an integral part of home furnishings, clothing and household items. (AP Photo / Vincent Yu)

Hotel workers serving the delegation of the Communist Party of jumping in front of photographers at Tiananmen Square, the House of the People, where he spent the closing ceremony of the 18th Congress of the Communist Party. President Hu Jintao gave way to the vice president. (AP Photo / Alexander F. Yuan)

Luxury cars on the background of a shopping center in Beijing. (AP Photo / Vincent Yu)

Delegates of the Communist Party with their passes go after the closing ceremony of the 18th Congress. (AP Photo / Alexander F. Yuan)


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