Skyscrapers in China, "big pants" (34 photos)

In one of the major business centers in Beijing in 2009 was completed CCTV headquarters - the headquarters of China Central Television (Central Chinese TeleVision - CCTV). The building is the main body of the new TV- campus, under which allocated 20 hectares of downtown.

New CCTV Headquarters became the largest project Rem Koolhaas Dutch architect from the design studio OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture). The property is a skyscraper, which consists of two towers (54 and 44 floors), the height of which is greater - 234 m. The towers are connected by a horizontal design at the top and bottoms, so the shape of the high-rise is slightly reminiscent of the loop.

CCTV building has a total area of ​​575 sq. M. m, making it the largest free-standing structure in the world after the Pentagon (USA). The project has managed to China in 850 million. Euro.

The authors of this creation is the famous Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and Ole Shiren (architectural office "OMA"). The project was planned and implemented specifically to the beginning of the Olympic Games 2008. Themselves as Chinese believe that it is a monument to the rapid economic growth of China. The popular name of "Big bridge" skyscraper gained thanks to its unusual shape. This is one of the first European projects carried out in the People's Republic of China. The project cost about 600 million euros. The shape of the building, if mildly put, a very non-standard, symbolizes "strength and activity».

The structure consists of two towers, skyscrapers. The first tower is a continuous loop of horizontal and vertical sections, which is attached to the second tower. Architects have used this form, primarily for safety reasons. The structure is 234 meters high, 54 floors and is situated on ten acres of land. In case of damage to the air there are several options for the evacuation of visitors and workers. Of course, this is very important, given that the building area is 475,000 square meters.

One of the structures provides mass gatherings, as is the cultural center of the TV. It includes: a huge theater, a lot of exhibition sites, hotels, restaurants and other commercial premises. In other tower located CCTV Headquarters with great staff. Placed at a location nearby park with a variety of entertainment, attractions and film set in the open air.

The main argument of critics of the project - the appearance of "instability". Indeed, looking at the building, we can assume that it is about to collapse and crumble into small pieces. Rem Koolhaas, in response to such criticism, argued that the building is a "mouthpiece of the Chinese state," and that his project - a "solid Architectural Metaphor"! From the words of the architect: "Expressed in the form of the structure of the idea of" instability "reflects the political" instability "of the People's Republic." Rem Koolhaas fairly sharp people and saying never skimp, but you have to give him credit - he is a first-class architect.

According to the American newspaper The Daily, a new office building, which is popularly already nicknamed "big pants" and a waste of a few billion dollars of public funds, is unlikely to be the personification of the "new China" and the hallmark of the city, as previously planned.

The report said that in China usually similar ceremony takes place on a large scale and widely osveschlis in the national media. Especially in this case, the building, which is located in one of the best areas of Beijing, belongs not just any company, as the main party channel, to the largest in the country. According to the authors, a modest coverage of significant events suggests that the construction of this building is not met the expectations of the authorities.

The new office CCTV, height of 230 meters and a total area of ​​405,000 square meters, will employ about 10 thousand employees who every day in the morning will come to him and leave in the evening, that will greatly enhance the load on public transport in the already crowded area. The building itself, designed by German architect Ole expansion and Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, looks "very unattractive", and virtually no Beijingers, who would really like it, say the authors.

In people, this structure because of its form has already been nicknamed "big pants", which is clearly not suitable for the building, which was designed to embody the "new modern China." Construction of the new office of the central television took 10 years, it took a few billion dollars. According to experts, "feng shui", in the building too many corners, it's too cold and rough, that promotes the involvement of unclean spirits.

With this office of one of the largest organs of the Communist Party propaganda and connected another icky event. In February 2009, during a holiday Yuansyao in northern block there was a major fire, which was extinguished nearly six hours.

According to the official version, a fire occurred on the festive firecrackers. However, according to unofficial version, information about which the Chinese Internet censors are trying to quickly remove the fire was specially rigged officials to hide corruption and attributed to the flames materials and equipment that were purchased only on paper.

The upper horizontal design undeveloped observation deck with a transparent floor, where all the fine is surveyed TV-campus, in addition to the headquarters of CCTV, including a technical center, a television cultural center, a hotel and an extensive green zone.



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