Attention! Plastic, pesticides, and carcinogens -10 dangerous products from China

China has learned to fake not only things, but also many foods.

For anybody not a secret that a lot of products on the shelves of our supermarkets is imported from China.

Find out which products with the bar code 690-693 you can not buy in any case!


1. Fish Tilapia


Usually tilapia is grown on fish farms of China. This fish is one of the worst, toxic and harmful fish that can get on your table. Tilapia eats everything, anything, growing up in small pools with a constant lack of space and the amount of water.

Buying tilapia is one of the worst elections that you can make. It is widely known that fish farmers in China would never allow their children to eat the fish that they themselves have grown. 80% of the tilapia in the CIS (and in USA) imported from China.


2. Cod

Another fish species which is grown on farms in China. This fish also does not apply to healthy food, as it lives in its own waste.

Currently, about 50% of cod on the shelves in our countries — from China.


3. Apple juice from China


Believe it or not, about 50% of Apple juice sold in our countries is imported from China. Now this country is the biggest polluter of the planet with pesticides, and China still does not indicate their presence on the packaging.

Recommend generally avoid Apple juice in packages for your health and your children.

Fruit juices are generally better to only do this at home and mix them with vegetables for the regulation of blood sugar.


4. Canned mushrooms


Recently, the U.S. center for disease control found the party of spoiled canned mushrooms imported from China. Some Chinese factory of canned food has gone so far as to unnecessarily add to all banks in a row with similar mushrooms stickers "organic", in order to increase profits.

If you search a little in Google, you'll see that a lot of information about the mysterious mushrooms from China -an outright lie. And the mushrooms occupy 34% of all the shelves of all stores in the country.

It is better to buy mushrooms local, you know them better and they're organic.

5. Chinese garlic


The garlic was stored longer, its sprayed with chemicals more than the norm, and this leads to a bad finish, including.

31% of garlic sold in supermarkets is Chinese.

6. Chickens

China is the world leader in flu among birds, and guarantees that the chicken on your table is not infected. And add to that growth hormones.


7. Rice plastic



Fake rice made from potato and synthetic materials used for the production of rubber.

If the cooked rice remains firm, and, thus, requires a much longer cooking time, there is likely a plastic, but it is a straight road to cancer.


8. Black pepper


In China, manufacturers of black pepper add the sludge at a certain concentration you won't even feel the switch.


9. Salt

Industrial salt different from edible. But this is what Chinese industrial salt imported to us already not the first year. Over time it causes physical and mental abnormalities, reproductive dysfunction.


10. Green peas


This product began mass produced in China in 2005. Fake green peas is created from soybeans, green dye and sodium metabisulfite (chemical preservative). This dye is banned for food production, because it leads to cancer and severe metabolic disorders.

The peas won't soften during cooking, and the water takes on an unnatural green color.

Avoid buying peas from China.


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Caution! Plastic in fish


Remember, China is the leader in the number of cities with constant smog, polluted rivers and environment in General. It is better to buy food from local farmers, it is the most reliable option.published


P. S. But also among the local farmers spend selection. Not every farmer is a bona fide manufacturer.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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