HOW to kick CANCER out of your house: 10 TIPS

Cancer is a threat to every person on the planet. Despite the fact that scientists have not yet shared opinions about why some get cancer and others don't, there are many factors, which are called carcinogenic, which significantly increase the risk of this disease. These factors affect the viability of the cells, poisoning them and the surrounding intercellular space, limiting the influx of essential nutrients into the cell, weakening the immune system, affect the DNA of cells, causing mutations. All this leads to the fact that your cells are damaged and they are in danger of death.

Then, to avoid a quick death from the influence of these factors, the cell includes a protective genetic mechanism that cancels their biological death (apoptosis), makes them invisible to the immune system, radically changing their metabolism and forcing these cells to uncontrolled division. These altered cells also have the ability to carry very toxic conditions and even accumulate a large amount of toxins and pathogens (this explains the resistance to chemotherapy in cancer cells).

Since we spend most of our time at home, it is advisable to eliminate all those carcinogenic factors, cancer prevention, and it is absolutely necessary to rid them from your home if you have received such a diagnosis.

There are many factors outside of our house, which can lead to cellular damage, leading to cancer. It is primarily harmful environmental factors, lack of nutrients (not to be confused with a supply shortage), lack of sun and contact with nature, not favourable to you, the climate, etc. Each person needs to strive to minimize the influence of harmful factors. If we can reduce the risks that contribute to the emergence of this disease, it is a step in the right direction. Maintaining a healthy weight, quitting Smoking and alcohol, the replacement of fast food on high-quality products with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise, control stress levels, etc are all necessary measures that must be in your lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer. There are also less known, but absolutely necessary measures that need to enter in your life in your home.

So, 10 domestic factors which are carcinogenic or promote cancer development.

Monitor the level of radon in your home.

Radon is a gas without odor, color and is a natural product of the decay of uranium in the ground. He gets in your house through the ground/floor. Radon is radioactive and a carcinogen. In fact, radon is the 2nd cause of lung cancer in the U.S. after Smoking. Radon detectors can be purchased or ordered online. They are similar to smoke detectors, they are easy to install and they are not expensive. We must be particularly attentive to radon for those who live in their own homes or on the first floor of a small building.

Toxic metals and other household toxins in your home.

Replace all Teflon cookware. Despite the convenience of this cookware, toxic gases formed at high temperatures, every time you use it are extremely dangerous and are carcinogens. Also replace aluminum cookware. Aluminium when heated can penetrate the food and cause various pathologies of the nervous and immune systems. You should also change the aluminum foil on special paper. Get rid of the microwave because the threat of radiation, your food is cooked or heated in it, it becomes dead and unrecognizable to your body. This way you can absorb large amount of food, your body will suffer from lack of nutrients.

The danger in your home are also synthetic carpets, and upholstered and other furniture, where the use of resistant materials: fireproof, waterproof, petrosimonia etc. They all contain known carcinogens that pollute the air in your home that constantly emit harmful particles that are invisible and odorless. Studies show that these particles are accumulated in human blood at an alarming rate, causing cancer and other chronic diseases. These substances are found even in umbilical cord blood of infants and can be the cause of many congenital and acquired pathological conditions in children. Especially dangerous carpets and playing on their children, which in addition to the inhalation of harmful substances from carpets and RUB them on the skin. And when skin contact with any substance in 30 seconds is in the blood.

Cosmetics and personal care products.

Evaluate your cosmetics on carcinogens, heavy metals and Xeno-hormones. Ordinary woman who uses cosmetics, receives about 2.5 kg of these harmful substances, which are absorbed through the skin. The harm of cosmetics ingredients is actually more dangerous than if they were in your body with nutrition. Our saliva and stomach acid can destroy or deactivate some of the toxins, which will then be illuminated from your body. When they are applied to the skin, they are absorbed through the pores directly into the bloodstream, poisoning the tissues of the body accumulate in them, overloading the liver and immune system, disrupting hormones, causing mutations in cells. To reduce the destructive effects of these toxic substances in the cosmetics, it makes sense to start using organic cosmetics. Organic cosmetics or cosmetics made from natural ingredients can be a bit more expensive, but in the end, you will save on that will be less to be treated. The same applies to personal care products: shampoos, gels, deodorants, soap, toothpaste, etc.

Plastic in your home and especially the kitchen, is not only a dangerous carcinogen, but also leads to infertility, obesity and General intoxication.

Stop buying canned food, water in plastic bottles and discarded plastic containers, used for food. When plastic is heated, it releases toxic fumes, which are absorbed heat food. These vapours are toxic and are carcinogens.

Food canned food, Packed in tin and aluminum cans typically have a very high concentration of these metals in food. Many canned goods are lined inside with bisphenol-A (BPA) which is a Xeno-estrogen, increases the exposure of tissues to estrogen, causing cancer and infertility. All plastic bottles have BPA and therefore the water is full of them, as his molecules penetrate into water even at room temperature. That is a dramatic increase in xenoestrogens in our lives, many scholars explain the epidemic of infertility and hormone-dependent cancers. It makes sense to buy water in glass bottles.

Replace cleaning products in your home.

The researchers found that women who frequently use cleaning products and air purifiers in their homes have an increased risk of breast cancer. Many detergents, vivadelli spots, air purifiers and similar products contain powerful carcinogens as alkyl, triclosan, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA). These substances are the object of research of various types of cancer. You will be surprised how many natural, non-toxic substances you can find in special stores or online that clean not worse than you are aware of the cleaning products, a few of them you can even make your own by using vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice.

Check to see what building materials were used in your home.

Many of them which are used in homes, contain substances that cause cancer, not to mention the environmental pollution. Many of the products contain sterols and fiber, which are carcinogens. Formaldehyde is often used as an inexpensive material for flooring from laminate and emits the pair already at room temperature, and when utaplivanii or direct sunlight, the molecules concentration of formaldehyde in the air increases significantly. Many older homes built before the 70's may have lead and asbestos. Try to find a cheap replacement of these materials or use other, more pure materials in the construction/renovation of his house.

Replace the products you have at home organic.

If you have the opportunity, organize your organic garden in the yard/on the balcony. There are technologies allowing to grow their own vegetables on a surprisingly small spaces. A new method called “garden on a square foot” (square foot gardening) allows you to grow fresh vegetables in small spaces of city apartments. Not only will this save you from pesticides, fungicides and other harmful “zidov”, which you get by buying industrially grown vegetables, but also make your products richer in nutrients. Caring for them, you give them your vibration, which will turn your harvest into medicine specifically made for you.

Dirty electricity and wireless Internet.

One of the strongest carcinogens in our homes are electrical magnetic fields, antennas for mobile communication, located in close proximity to high voltage towers nearby, as well as wi-fi routers. Found that 50% of childhood cancers caused by these factors. The danger still lies in the fact that they are not tangible and therefore not perceived by people as very adverse factors.

Make sure that your roof no antennas for mobile communications (safe distance of not less than 300 m). In the bedroom, especially a child's room should not be constantly plugged in appliances such as computers, televisions, etc.

All rotating devices such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, etc. have a very strong electromagnetic field. Children should avoid being near them when they work.

Running a microwave oven emits harmful frequencies to a few meters. Perfect when in the bedroom during your sleep there are none plugged in appliance or lamp. Change wifi to wired Internet, or turn it off at night and when it is not needed. Mobile phones keep at least 30 cm from the children. Don't let them play at night on the computer or tablet. The radiation from their screens, disrupt their sleep.

The water in your home.

One of the most important factors of health or illness in your house is water. Water from the tap is dead water with no vibration, with plenty of chlorine, sometimes fluoride (in some countries water Fluorinert) and other harmful substances that pass through the normal cleanup process. Ground water and water in reservoirs already contain elevated levels of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides that contaminate soil from industrial agriculture.

There are systems purifying water at the entrance to a house or apartment system reverse osmosis. There are very good 11-speed filters, purifying water for drinking and use of food (e.g. EVA).

It's easy to find online distributors special shower head with a filter against chlorine. Many do not know that when taking a hot bath or shower, a large amount of chlorine enters through the skin and through breathing in the resulting vapor. Chlorine is a strong carcinogen that should not be underestimated. We are made up of 75% water and it is therefore extremely important, what quality is the water that we daily consume and use for washing. Important other characteristics of water, such as its structure, vibration, pH.

Water from the tap is in the acidic range (6.5 to 7 pH), whereas the water of the 11-step filter or after reverse osmosis is slightly alkaline. Given that the normal acidity of our body – the pH of 7.35, the use of alkaline water is very useful. Normal vibration and the structuring of water can be obtained by various methods.

One of the easiest is to water containers with gratitude and love, or listen to some nice calm music. Many people probably do not perceive such treatment to the water, but it is only through ignorance of the physics of water and the unique results of experiments done by a Japanese scientist Emoto to MASSAR. Water has memory and is capable of using his vibrations to convey information to each cell. A pathological chronic condition can only be cured by alkalization of the body using alkaline water and drinking water with a good high vibrations. For sick people at home using pure, slightly alkaline water with good vibrations is an absolutely essential element of treatment.

Bad conditions for a good sleep.

Few people know that melatonin is one of the most important hormones in our body and is produced by the pineal gland, located in the center of the brain. It regulates the daily cycle of the body, necessary for normal functioning of the immune system and is a powerful antioxidant. Melatonin only at night (21-22 hours till 12 - 1 am) in absolute darkness.

These 2 conditions, sleep early (no later than 10 PM) and complete darkness are necessary to develop one. Even a small light from the iPhone, the iPad, the signal light on the TV or another device capable of disrupting its production. It is desirable to have blackout curtains or blinds and close them to isolate the street light. With a lack of production of melatonin, the probability of receiving a diagnosis of cancer is greatly increased. It therefore makes a lot of sense to convert a bedroom in your home that will be able to create complete darkness for your sleep.

Do not despair due to the fact that it is necessary to make so many changes in his home. At first it may seem very time consuming, however, as you start to make these changes, then it will tighten. Make one or two changes per day, per week, one room in the house. After some time, your house will be a fortress from the carcinogens that attack your body by the hundreds every day and almost everywhere. Removing even one factor, you give your immune system more likely to deal with cancer cells.

According to statistics depending on the country, with cancer each 2nd (US men) 6 to each person. This means that if your family consists of 4-6 people, the chances that someone in your family gets cancer, is quite high. Therefore, to protect your home from the effects of carcinogens is almost the most important in the prevention of this disease, and the absolute necessity for its treatment.published

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