15 sensational-scare quotes neurolinguist Tatiana Chernihiv surprises about the brain and the subconscious

Professor Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Dr. of biology and Philology, head of the Laboratory for cognitive studies, St. Petersburg University, read an interesting and helpful lectures about the brain, consciousness and unconscious, the mind, artificial intelligence, thinking, etc.

Sometimes they slip a truly sensational-and frightening statements about the unfathomable mysteries and surprises our most powerful computer. In some, it is simply impossible to believe. We have gathered for you the unexpected.

1. The brain is a mysterious powerful thing by mistake for some reason we called "my brain". To do this, we have absolutely no reason: who's whose is a separate question.

2. The brain makes a decision 30 seconds before the person aware of this decision. 30 seconds is a huge period of time for brain activity. So who eventually adopts the decision: man or his brain?

3. A really frightening thought — who really is the boss? Too many of them: genome, somatic type, a lot of other things, including receptors. I would like to know who this creature is making decisions? About the subconscious mind nobody knows this subject better from close.

4. We must seriously to the brain to treat. After all, he deceives us. Think about hallucinations. The person who sees them, it is impossible to convince them that they don't exist. For him they are as real as for me the glass, which stands on that table. Brain him for a ride, feeding all the sensory information that the hallucination is real.

So what we have reason to believe that what is happening now is real and not hosted within our hallucinations?

5. If you weren't torn from the inside, need to talk. For this there are the Confessors, friends and psychotherapists. A pain, if not timely removed, will arrange a blood infection. People who are silent and keep to myself are not only under serious psychological or even psychiatric risk, but the risk of somatics. Any professional will agree with me: it starts with stomach ulcers. A single body — and mind and body.

6. People need to head to work, it saves the brain. The more it is turned the longer it is stored. Natalia Bekhtereva wrote shortly before leaving in best world scientific work "Smart, live long."

7. The opening can be done according to plan. However, there is significant addition: they come to prepared minds. Understand that the periodic table had not his cook. He worked really hard on it, the brain continued to think, and just "clicked" in my sleep. I say: the periodic table tired of this story, and she wanted him to appear in all its glory.

8. People have the wrong values, they believe, for example, that chef is worse than the conductor. It is not so: genius chef will cover all the conductors I as a foodie say. To compare them is like sour and square — wrong question. Each is good in its place.

9. I'm always afraid all that close to the time when an artificial intelligence is conscious of himself as a kind of personality. At this point, it appears their plans, their motives, their goals, and I assure you, we will not go in this sense.

10. The fact that the brain we appeared in the skull, does not give us the right to call it "mine". He is incomparably more powerful than you. "Are you saying that the brain and I are different?" — you will ask. Answer: Yes. Power over the brain we have, he makes the decision. And this puts us in a very embarrassing position. But mind, there's a catch: the brain itself makes all the decisions, and generally doing everything yourself, but gives you the signal — you say, don't worry, this is all you do, is your decision.

11. For the existence of geniuses we pay a huge price. Nervous and mental disorders come in first place in the world among diseases, they begin to outpace the number of cancer and cardiovascular disease, which represents not only all the horror and nightmare, but, above all, a very large dynamic burden for all developed countries.

12. We are born with the most powerful computer in the head. But it is necessary to install programs. Some programs are already in it, and some where you need to pump and you pump the entire life until you die. He shakes it all the time, you change all the time, rebuilt.

13. The brain is not just a neural network, a network of networks, the network of networks of networks. In the brain of 5.5 petabytes of information — that's three million hours of video browsing. Three hundred years of continuous viewing!

14. The brain is not living as Professor Dowell's head on the plate. He has the body — ears, hands, feet, skin, because he remembers the taste of lipstick, remember that it means "itchy heel". The body is a direct part of. You have a computer that has no body.

15. The ability to get a high quality education can become an elitist privilege is available only "dedicated". Remember Umberto Eco proposed in the novel "the name of the rose" to put in the Library only those who know how who are willing to accept complex knowledge. Will be split into those who to be able to read complex literature, and those who read the signs, who this video way enough information from the Internet. It will spread out more and more.published


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