Tatiana Chernigovskaya: If you're bored with life — you're a fool

Doctor of Philology and biology is the face and Ambassador of modern science in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg state University Professor, she not only introduced psycholinguistics in the curriculum, but also popularized the discipline that studies the relationship of language, thought, and consciousness for shirnarmass.

Only Tatiana can so easily tell about the working principles of the brain — and this makes it most beloved native lecturer at the faculty of Philology.

Seventy four million four hundred sixty one thousand twenty eight

After your lectures, it is clear that the brain is impossible to conceive. So let me ask you living questions? For example, as your research experience helps in everyday situations?

I think I have strong intuition, because when I didn't trust her, and acted so, as I said rational brain, I have made big mistakes. I know for sure: if the inner voice is without any mysticism, metaphorical — suggests not to do anything, it always turns out to be right. Major decisions of my life — intuitive class. I don't calculate the moves, though, and know how to do it.

Understand your intuition people Mature, but the mind and maturity are often not connected. For example, that a person takes for infantile intuition, it may be a trivial concern.

It's important to carefully "listen" to your feelings. Even those who constantly speak in public, to the question: "don't you?"almost always answer: "Yes, worried".

Many years ago at a conference in Germany, I met with the famous scientist Carl Pribram. I honestly was sure that this classic neurophysiology is long dead... But he was not just alive, but extremely active, tanned man in a red sweater with another young wife. In the morning we had Breakfast, and one day I decided to ask him a professional question, and he asked: "Tatiana, after my lecture! I am terribly worried!"Then I thought, have to go! If he Pribram nervous before a performance, then everyone else need to crawl in a hole and mouth is not open.

Fact: sound mind and memory a person is anxious. If he is so mad that believes in himself fully, his nature will punish: I forget something, lose the thread of reasoning or miss drive. Drive is a very important word. I can't predict whether a good will be lecture, although I have a lot of experience. Liver know that I will tell you under anesthesia unable to read, and other times the lecture does not go — no drive. Sometimes such a complex topic that I don't know how to apply it, and the idea flies, sparkles! You can see how shiny and everyone can see! How does it come?

You're so amazing hold on the audience that you are more acting than some actors.

I without guile answer — this is no credit to me. Again — either goes or not. A real actor taught, trained, he's professional — he's pumping up himself: so he lived hamlet, do not go out of the image. I do not know how, and I don't need it. Glitter can successfully enter — and it depends on who I'm talking to, do we have a common field. And if I don't like something, there is no contact, then I start getting angry. I'm not dissatisfied with the outside world, and a: why did you agree to talk?

I think you have a quality that allows you to master anything, is curiosity.

Absolutely exact! I'm lazy, frankly will tell you. Do only what is interesting to me. Otherwise become a terrible bitch. It is clear that I can do what I don't like — we all sometimes need. But not in serious matters: not in science, not in an important conversation.

So you chose a field where everything is constantly changing?

Yeah! I want to teach because I occasionally abandon what you said two years ago. Listeners have fun! Part goes to lectures in Moscow and St. Petersburg from year to year: "You — say — all the time new tell!»

I have no tutorial, and probably I will never write: I think one in the morning and in the evening it turns out that all this is not true. I'm really active scientist and I know everything that is happening. Recently we believed that the Neanderthals we are not relatives, dead branch, and it turned out that these genes are alive in the people today. Moreover, it is possible, they said, and even had ceremonies. All this completely changes our understanding of the history of Homo sapiens. Science all the time gets a completely new information.

Are we close to a global breakthrough that can transform our lives?

Everyone is waiting for the sensations, but no discoveries cannot be predicted. They occur by themselves, including during sleep. You can walk in the forest or fry patties — and then you hit.

Most often what happens.

This happens only and nothing else! The opening can be done according to plan. However, there is significant addition: they come to prepared minds. Understand that the periodic table had not his cook. He worked really hard on it, the brain continued to think, and just "clicked" in my sleep. I say: the periodic table tired of this story, and she wanted him to appear in all its glory.

That is, the opening and chooses who to be?

Even if these incredible data are a random person, which is impossible, he does not understand! It is useless to be. All requires preparation.

As for the sensations, that although physics is not my area of expertise, the discovery of gravitational waves slant: there begins tricks with space and time, quite dangerous. Still I'm fascinated by what goes on in genetics, I'm terribly sorry that I'm not an expert in this field. I admire how they learned to work with ancient material: five years ago it was almost impossible to examine the remains of people who died ten years ago, and is now doing the samples, of which two hundred thousand years. This radically changes everything.

Fifty six million one hundred one thousand eight hundred ninety five

This means that the main focus of scientists on who we are. What about unexplained abilities?

I refer to such provocative topics calmly. If we don't know something, that does not mean that it is not. The trouble with people is that they assume too much. With this I'm totally fine: I don't consider myself too smart, although the fact that I'm not stupid, obviously. And I have no illusions about the fact that I know a lot: the more, the greater horror fills me from knowing that I don't know much, but don't understand something at all. When people ask me if there's telepathy, I answer that it is suppose. If you see a man who the satanic eye and move the object at least three millimeters, this is the end. All our knowledge of the laws of nature say that it can't be. If this happens, we need to breathe, to go to pray to Saint Nicholas, tilting khrenovukha, taking penny with sour cream.

Are you a believer?

Yes, but not Church-going, traditional Christianity I was baptized in infancy. I treat faith seriously. Any other religions I don't see anything interesting, except for the philosophical aspects.

Your parents Leningrad scientists, faith in those years was quite a taboo subject. How did you passed it?

Then everything happened in secret, conversations on this topic in the family was not. I think it happened without the influence of grandparents. I had a wonderful and touching grandma. She did not live three months to a hundred years and was smarter than me in eight times.

As you built into our Procrustean system of education, with such vividness?

Technically it was like this: immediately after the English Department at the University I started teaching, I quickly became terribly boring. I can't even describe how much. That got me really depressed! I thought, surely this I will spend my only life?

And left. Not just from teaching, but in General. I was already married, came to her parents and told them that quitting my job and going out in the Institute of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry named after Sechenov. They sadly looked at me…

It was hard, had to study sensory physiology, Biophysics, bioacoustics. I handed over a candidate minimum without specialized education: as a poem, Shelley is suitable for the exam in Biophysics?

As well as Walt Whitman, perhaps? That is intolerable from the female realm of Philology of you — beautiful…

Beautiful and clever, you forgot! (Laughs.)

And clever, of course, get into the society more male.

In fact, in an academic environment full of smart and beautiful women. I often say that women are difficult, because they are intentionally not allowed men — it is not quite so. I never have not encountered this. The complexity is different. A man can afford to come to work in a rumpled jacket, a tattered sweater and a hangover.

Especially Russian man.

What to take with him: he is such a formula proved to hold on! A woman should always look presentable and dress. This additional cost, mental and physical — to be in good shape. You need to be a wife, mother, cook meals. For example, I love to cook. Here was coming over and thought on a new version of onion soup, you will have the evening to try.

You once mentioned that you hate therapists, but it is also a way of understanding yourself?

If they don't need me, this does not mean that they do not need others: a lot of people themselves can not cope. It is known that in order to you are not torn apart inside, need to talk. For this there are the Confessors, friends and psychotherapists. A pain, if not timely removed, will arrange a blood infection.

People who are silent and keep to myself are not only under serious psychological or even psychiatric risk, but the risk of somatics. Any professional will agree with me: it starts with stomach ulcers. A single body — and mind and body.

In fact, many believe that I am a psychologist. And I have many friends and colleagues of the profession. But someone can not stand, so it shrinks. I've join Nabokov, who even named Freud did not say, and have named it as "the Viennese quack." I agree with him — he fooled mankind for centuries.

And how do you regulate yourself?

Nothing can be better than talking with interesting people, although my close friends no manners to each other to spread. I love the look of the sea, the mountains or the forest — nature makes me feel.

Conversations with myself does not help me, and rational analysis of the situation is not comforting. I understand that sometimes they need to act differently, but since it already happened, meaning no reflex — a vicious circle. I can analyze the situation and decide to behave in a certain way, and then in four seconds it all breaks down. It speaks about serious things: how we are not our own masters.

A really frightening thought — who really is the boss? Too many of them: genome, somatic type, a lot of other things, including receptors. I would like to know who this creature is making decisions? About the subconscious mind nobody knows this subject better from close.

You analyze your dreams?

Don't know how bad they are remembered. But I Wake up in a certain state, and if there is an unpleasant sensation — here it is necessary to guard. Maybe you haven't got a signal of danger, but the brain is already caught.

Can the brain boil?

Cans! Need to listen to him. Sometimes it is necessary to quit the case and go to Venice, take a walk, wait until the brain says, "hi, my name is Alzheimer's! Memorized? Oh you don't remember? Repeat another ten times." Badly wouldn't like, but it's not in our power.

In our power to slow down the speed of change — people need to head to work, it saves the brain. The more it is turned the longer it is stored. Natalia Bekhtereva wrote shortly before leaving in best world scientific work "Smart, live long." And when I look at the shelves of books, even anger takes: here they will stand, and I to the ferry will leave, so all of them, and not reading, because there is no time for this.

I genuinely don't understand people who say that they are bored. What is it like? There are so many movies, books, music — and nature is incredible! If you're bored with life — you're a fool.

And the fiction you read?

Certainly! This is for me the greatest joy. If I had the chance, I would lay on the couch and read Nabokov, or Gogol. Here, major Kovalev is looking from the bridge into the water and thinks: "if there are Many fish runs?"Only a genius could write such a gem in every sentence. Or Brodsky: delighted, stops the entire body.

If you could now obtain from the fate of carte Blanche to develop a whole new field, what would it be?

Music and, perhaps, mathematics. But I have no evidence neither for the one nor for the other. They require completely different brain. When you listen to Mahler or Brahms, his head just blows. Geniuses.

Genius can be predicted? No. It happens that the genius is not recognized, but we in this case will never know.

Is it possible to build a system of education to give the child maximum opening tools for abilities? I see the problem: education will disintegrate into elite and ordinary, and that entails social trouble. A good education will be very expensive and will lead to the absolute stratification of society.

But can be and should be?

It is not liberal and not democratic, but such is life, whether we like it or not. Bunny becomes the eagle.

The problem with Bunny is that he can put on to become an eagle all my life.

Then bad business. He better be the most beautiful, fluffy and nimble Bunny.

What is needed, and psychotherapists.

It's true. People have the wrong values, they believe, for example, that chef is worse than the conductor. It is not so: genius chef will cover all the conductors I as a foodie say. To compare them is like sour and square — wrong question. Each is good in its place.published  


Interviewed Ksenia Goshchitskii


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