Reveal the secret: How to achieve flowering money tree

Nowadays people continue to believe in omens, and, perhaps, it is difficult to find a family where there is no money tree or as it is called scientifically- jade tree, crassula.

We believe that the tree attracts money and brings happiness. As a rule, to the extent possible, we try to take care of this very unpretentious plant.

But, here's how to get it flowering?

If you are properly caring for the money tree, to water, to feed, to adhere to the recommendations if you are going to cherish it, to love with all my heart, the plant will bear fruit in the form of a beautiful flowering.

What you need for flowering money tree.

Jade usually grows pretty quickly. The growth it should be transplanted into a larger pot without disturbing the earth coma, in the same garden soil with sand and expanded clay as drainage.

Jade doesn't like the sudden drop in temperature, so it is not necessary to enter from the street right into the room: it's bad for flowering. "Settled" is better in an unheated room with temperatures around 10-15 degrees.

The success of flowering jade is that all summer (until the frost) the plant should be on the street, on the South side, in the heat, the leaves slightly colored in red.

Watering it should be after full drying of the earth (in summer it is a day or two).

Like all plants, crassula needs feeding. Summer jade should feed once a week, but winter – feed is not necessary, it is important not to forget to water.published

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