The amazing healing properties of money tree

Money tree is a native of warm countries. Many varieties of jade grows in southern Africa, Australia and Madagascar. In the same conditions as domestic grow jade tree, which is called money tree and is used as a green healer. Jade tree actually resembles a tree. This is a plant with thick woody trunk and a dense crown of fleshy green leaves. Indoors money tree blossoms rare. But if it happens, it is only after the fifth year plant life.

It is noteworthy that the money tree is a kind of indicator of the health of people living in the house where it grows. It's like a tree draws negative energy and unhealthy body begins to wither. But as soon as the person recovers, the tree also comes back healthy. In short, even the energy level of this amazing plant is closely related to humans.

And money tree is considered a plant filter. That is, it can purify the indoor air and thereby beneficially influence the health of people. But the use of money tree in folk medicine due to its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is believed that the strength of its medicinal properties, this plant is not inferior to the Kalanchoe and aloe. Most often, however, jade is used for topical treatment. But the fact that the information contained in its leaves arsenic can cause diarrhea, vomiting and even loss of consciousness ingestion of green juice and the pulp. Therefore, to be treated with preparations from the leaves of the money tree only after consultation with the doctor.

Money tree in folk medicine

In folk medicine, the leaf juice of jade and prepared pulp is used for outdoor and indoor use. For example, the healing properties of jade are used for boils, cuts, wounds and deep scratches. From the leaves of this tree make a paste and apply it to the damaged areas.

While a few washed leaves, crushed to a pulp, trying to preserve the juice of the plant. On a clean (and preferably sterile) gauze or folded in several layers of bandage is applied the resulting slurry. Cover it on top of another in the same layer and applied to the abscess or wound. Keep the bandage on for four hours and then replaced with new. Such a treatment is effective muscle sprains and bruises.

Juice jade treat cold sores on the lips. To do this, from washed leaves, squeeze the juice and lubricate them every half hour sore. Or impregnated with the juice of a cotton swab applied to the affected place and secured with medical tape. Inflammation of the throat (sore throat, tonsillitis) make an aqueous solution of the juice of jade. For this, ten leaves, squeeze the juice and dilute it in an incomplete glass of boiled or filtered water. This solution rinse the throat about five times a day.

For arthritis traditional methods also use the juice of the leaves of the money tree, greasing his sore joints at night. The juice of jade relieves the pain, itch and swelling of stings of mosquitoes, bees and wasps. They also lubricate the bites of four to six times a day.

It is believed that the therapeutic properties of money tree to help with stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers. Folk healers recommend in these diseases is to eat two pieces of jade for an hour before a meal, carefully chewing. Infusion of the leaves to treat inflammation of the kidneys. For this ground washed five leaves of the money tree, pour a partial Cup of hot water and insist within hours. Infusion one tablespoon fifteen minutes before meal three times a day.

Apply the leaves of the money tree to callus. By the way, "osolnik" is another popular name jade. Only beforehand it is necessary to remove a leaf of the upper transparent film, and then applying it to corn, to fix with a bandage and leave overnight. Put cut leaves money tree burnt to the ground, but only if the burn is not very strong and no blisters.

By analogy with the treatment of blisters use leaves money tree around ingrown nail. The cut leaf is applied to the inflamed spot, cover with plastic wrap and secured with tape. As the drying of the leaf poultice is changed, and softened juice of jade nail plate carefully removed.

Infusion of leaves to treat varicose veins. A half-liter jar filled with leaves and green branches by two-thirds of the volume and pour the brim with vodka. The Bank is closed tight with a lid and insist in a dark place for about a month. Then from the finished tincture make compresses. The same treatment is carried out with joint and muscle pain and swelling.

Helps treatment juice jade and hemorrhoids. For the preparation of a medicine mixed in the juice of the leaves with liquid vaseline, impregnated with the resulting mixture a cotton swab and lubricate the hemorrhoidal lump. The procedure is performed only after a bowel movement. After applying the ointment, you must lie down for twenty to thirty minutes, and the procedure is done two to three times a day.


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