15 simple rules for the prevention of varicose veins

First, wearing compression hosiery. Secondly, the use of venotonic plants course in 1-1,5 month, 2 times a year. This can be a chestnut horse, wormseed, hazel, or any other venom tonic. This group of plants improves skin tone healthy veins and varicose veins prevents their degeneration. Thirdly — it's a way of life.

1. Strengthen veins and improve circulation will help regular exercise. The best way to prevent varicose veins is swimming, and the easiest and available to all — just walk, for example, a pair of stops instead of bus ride.
Swimming breaststroke in the slow and medium tempo, because the body is in a fasting — horizontal position, and the pressure of the water is soothing and a natural way to stabilize blood vessels. Swimmers are practically no varicose veins.
Avoid activities associated with a large load on the legs (tennis, weightlifting, high jump). Do you love Jogging? Do not make Jogging on a concrete road or the asphalt: the shock load on the foot increases strain in the veins. Lay the treadmill on grass, sand, soft soil.

2. To avoid additional stress on feet, watch your weight.

3. Support tights and stockings, to some extent, help to prevent varicose veins. If You don't have varicose veins, you should wear socks or stockings I-compression class. To wear compression stockings definitely prolonged walking, standing, physical exercises or aerobics. During rest or at low loads you can do without hosiery. It should be noted that compression hosiery is specialized medical product and not just thick tights!

4. Varicose veins can cause long standing, since in this case interferes with the normal blood flow. Try to move weight, if you have to stand for long. Prolonged sitting is also not good for you: try from time to time to get up and move around the room or walking every half-hour.

5. To avoid constipation, include in the diet foods rich in fiber. Frequent constipation also increase the likelihood of varicose veins. Try to limit the salt intake to avoid swelling.

6. For the prevention of disease, it is useful to visit a Russian bath.

7. Give up Smoking, concomitant coughing contributes to increased venous pressure.

8. Refrain from tight clothing. Any clothing that interferes with normal blood circulation in the thighs and shins, in particular tight pants or knee socks, jeans, tight skirt, etc., increases congestion in the veins.

9. Use medical elastic stockings and socks. If you wear elastic stockings in the morning, before getting out of bed, they will be able to keep Vienna and to ensure the flow of blood towards the heart.

10. Do not wear uncomfortable shoes as too high and too low heels – it has to be medium height. If you have to wear stilettos, take them off from time to time and make sure to stretch your calf muscles.

11. Walking on the grass, the earth or just around the house barefoot improves blood circulation and strengthens veins.

12. In the morning, washing your face, take a few minutes and legs. The most useful thing to throw them to the ankles cool, and even better very cold water. The same be sure to do after taking a shower.

13. Avoid taking too hot baths, visits to the sauna (dry hot air), long exposure to the sun.

14. While resting keep your feet elevated — it is best if they will be above the heart. At night it is very helpful to put a pillow under your legs.

15. French experts recommend the time-tested traditional method of prevention of varicose veins. Take a wax candle, put one foot on a stool or a chair and roll the candle up from the foot to the knee, lightly pressing on the skin, massage soft tissue, then do the same with the other leg. These exercises not only useful for strengthening blood vessels, but also to maintain the elasticity of the skin.


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