The best traditional recipes to combat varicose veins

In order to get rid of varicose veins, it is not necessary to buy expensive and not always safe medicines. We have selected for you the best SIX recipes to combat this disease at home. All funds are fully safe, because they are made from natural ingredients.

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1. Garlic macromachine effective treatment of varicose veins is considered fresh garlic butter. For cooking this means you need to chop the peeled cloves of white garlic, and then mix one part with two parts of soft fresh butter.The prepared mixture must be applied to the affected areas overnight and the mixture has not faded and not disappeared, commit it warm with a scarf or elastic bandage. In the morning you need to wash your feet and then wear socks. 2. Treatment of tomatoes
There is a fairly effective method of treatment of varicose veins with the help of tomatoes. It is necessary to cut into slices one or two green tomatoes, then fix them with a bandage or gauze on patients. On top of the bandage, you can tie a warm scarf. After about three hours it is necessary to remove bandage and soak your feet in warm, salted water for about 15 minutes. 3. Wormwood milk
You need to mix the crushed dry grass of a wormwood bitter with a warm, heated in a water bath with milk to a paste. Then impose the resulting mass to the affected areas of the body and to insulate them with plastic and a bandage (instead of the bandage, you can use any warm scarf). 4. Treatment of varicose veins Kapiolani nettles is long, but very effective and completely safe! Within 5 – 7 months you need to have a means prepared according the following recipe:
  • pour two large tablespoons of chopped herbs of nettle 200 ml of boiling water;
  • let steep for about an hour in a warm place under a cover;
  • strain the liquid through a sieve or cheesecloth and drink a quarter Cup three times a day.
After about 3 – 5 weeks of consumption of the infusion, need to take a break for 10 to 14 days, and then resume treatment. Along with this method, you must follow the correct your diet – do not eat fatty and fried foods!5. Messelite cones dry cones of hop one full Cup of boiling water and then boil on a slow fire for three minutes and leave in a warm place under a lid for steeping. This means it is recommended to take half a Cup for 20 minutes before meals for 2 – 3 months daily. You can also use this infusion to make warm compresses that should be applied to the feet at night. 6. Nutmeg
You need to chop into the flour a few nutmeg nuts (it's easiest in a coffee grinder, but a mortar). Pour one tablespoon of prepared powder with a full glass of boiling water, then wait 5 – 10 minutes and add a tablespoon of honey. Allow the infusion to stand for several hours in a warm place, and then use it three times a day a quarter Cup 20 minutes before a meal.

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