Shame the world of cancer

Why lost the most famous cancer patients of the earth, why they are unable to save the world's Oncology, surgery, chemotherapy?


000 people on the account is 2.5 million cancer patients in 2004, more than 22800 cancer patients refused (objectors) from the treatment of conventional methods in anabolico.

The number of "refuseniks" is growing, as people don't trust your life official Oncology. Tens of thousands of cancer patients in 4 stages every year forcibly discharged home, for dying without treatment. Herbal medicine here the last hope and it fails.

You should pay close attention to the well-known mandatory diagnostic puncture, biopsy, surgery, suffered 80-100% of cancer patients and of the patients tested.

You need to have a remarkable ability to abstract, to feel what man can feel, who became known for his terrible diagnosis – cancer! Most of the Russians in my life had any diagnoses less tragic and can get at least a rough idea about the fear, hopelessness and despair in the face of such prospects.

Why the fear and hopelessness? Probably because, despite the claims of oncologists about the possibility of successful treatment of cancer, especially, allegedly, with early diagnosis, daily life proves the opposite. And if such famous and not the poor people of Russia and other countries, who passed away prematurely due to cancer in recent years, such as:

Oleg Yankovsky, Patrick Swayze, Luciano Pavarotti, Raisa Gorbacheva, Anna Samokhin, Alexander Abdulov, Valentina Tolkunova, Igor Alekseev,

despite his fame and financial resources, are unable within the framework of modern medicine to cope with the disease, what to speak of ordinary mortals.

20 may 2009 at the age of 65 years died, the actor from God – Oleg Yankovsky. The tragedy for all of us!!!

Cause of death was pancreatic cancer. Statistics show that in this form of cancer only two of ten patients live more than a year after the diagnosis, and from one year to five years survive very few.

Why Jankowski, who have long been suffering from cancer and who was diagnosed with passed away so fast?

Let's clarify some concepts.

1. Today anti-cancer drug does not exist.

2. Surgery does not guarantee recovery, because any surgery is accompanied by a 100% metastasis of cancer. "Operation of despair" for cancer of the esophagus, colon for some time prolong life, but without guarantee. Even laparotomy – cut, saw, sewed, provides a blast of metastases in the next 3-4 months.

3. The earlier cancer is diagnosed, the more likely the patient prolong his life, but without guarantee. Oleg was trying to cure the Russian doctors, but he chose Germany, where he was treated for pancreatic cancer. In Moscow was held the biopsy result is cancer.

4. Biopsy of the pancreas Oleg Yankovsky has accelerated the metastasis of cancer cells (hematogenous, by limpahan) throughout the body, leading to accelerated death of the patient. A cancerous disease while making the jump from II — III stage IV from the last stage. Metastases occur at the same time especially malignant and no "light" medical centers in the world here are not able to help the patient. The only chance you have with medical scientific phytotherapy, which is still in the world of cancer are not in demand in all his mighty force of nature.

5. Phytotherapy in medical, scientific do not guarantee the cure for cancer, but gives a scientifically proven chance to extend life for months and years with improvement of quality of life. To fight with herbal medicine you can not, it is useful to us to exit the crisis in the world of Oncology.

6. Oleg Yankovsky received chemotherapy at the Oncology center on Kashirka, then he did the chemo at home. The procedure properly appointed, properly conducted, but, unfortunately, from the "chemistry" at first dying patient, and then cancer, this is the picture in all the world of cancer.

In some countries, "chemistry" without the use of pesticides herbal medicine, mitigating the total intoxication of the organism, is prohibited and equal to the grievous injury to the body, as well as prosecuted.

I have confidence that people are dying not from cancer, but from the toxicity of chemotherapy and metastasis of the punctures, biopsies, and surgeries. It is necessary to look truth in the eye (now in the world of Oncology a lot of deception, ignorance and business).

Thus, for many years, armed with oncologists remain barbaric costly method three: scalpel, nuke gun and a large dose of chemicals. According to Clark there is nothing more wrong than these inefficient and very difficult for the human body procedure.

"Cancer is not a result of the impact of any one external factor. Rather, it is a product of our everyday behavior, including thinking, lifestyle and diet".

Michio Kushi

Proponents of holistic medicine (from the English. whole — whole) on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of human exposure the external, exogenous factors interpret the origin and mechanism of cancer development as follows:

Cancer is a disease of the whole organism, not parts of cells.

— Cancer is the focal point of localization of the cancer (mainly food!) toxins in the body.

The tumor — not the antagonist, not the enemy of the body. It performs some positive function — removes food and other toxins from the General circulation, thereby allowing the body some time to function normally and maintain an internal physiological balance.

Cancer is a kind of "crown disease", the final link of a single pathological chain that is developing due to the toxemia or to the accumulation of toxins in the blood. The chain consists of a series of sequential links:

  • irritation cells
  • inflammation,
  • ulceration,
  • seal,
  • the tumorigenesis in the process of crushing her pathological acids produced in the body due to chronic incomplete oxidation processes,
  • the elimination or partial elimination of acids from the body and consequent oxygen starvation of the tissues, which leads to excessive formation of carbon monoxide is the worst for cell toxin.

— A cancerous process developing on the background of chronic disorders of acid-base balance in the blood that is in breach of the main physiological law, of the governing body.

Cancer is a degenerative process, which usually is excessive consumption of acid foods and beverages: meat, sugar, eggs, cheese, animal fats, canned food and canned juice, milk, bread and other processed grains, yeast, etc..

— The formation of a malignant tumor, in principle, pay - subject to the changing nature of power, the use of natural health complex, including fasting, starvation (or polupoltina), specific exercise, a positive mental attitude.

— No two are alike malignant tumors: their localization is determined by the character of malnutrition and type of psyche.


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Hence the fundamental principle of treatment of oncological diseases, which can be expressed by a brief formula: full and rapid detoxification of the body.


Author: Vadim Shatrov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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