Scam with cancer! Or as a fool and make us die!

I agree with the authors of this movie about cancer and how the WHO (World Health Organization) makes a fool of the world's nations.

Of course, as with AIDS, about which I wrote earlier, it is a crime on the part of conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, can already be considered commonplace, despite the fact that in the world every year from cancer kills more than 9000000 people and this figure is increasing!

Like many others, I was always incomprehensible situation where WHO bans, and this has been going on for decades, to carry out various clinical trials of advanced techniques in the field of AIDS prevention and treatment of cancer.

Only that they set for themselves, loved ones, want to see!

But why? Because then the whole industry will collapse for Research on Cancer, the introduction of various high-priced pharmaceuticals and takzheFARM giants lose trillions profit!

Who benefits to cure people of cancer ?!


Simply attach them to pharmacies, hospitals, medical school, and rake of the people the last crumbs, stuffing their pockets on deception and grief people!

I have often in the pages of his blog wrote about innovative techniques in the fight against Rife Oncology, Dr. Olga Eliseev Dr. Tullio Simoncini oncologist, but things are there because their techniques are 100% help treat cancer are not wanted! Also advise you to read my post about doctors who make history and are able to tell a lot about cancer!

Constant persecution of progressive scientists still are not able to stop science and I am very pleased that one of the advanced methods of cancer treatment and cancer, and it bioresonance therapy, can help millions of people around the world in the fight against cancer cells and other diseases!

In its arsenal has everything to cope with the main causative agents of cancer cells!


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