Odile fernández about diet in the prevention and treatment of cancer

I think my presentation is slightly different, I myself am a living example of the result of integrative medicine. In 2010 I was faced with ovarian cancer with multiple metastases. Did you know that this is not the best disease, and metastases are very hard to treat. I am a doctor myself, I was angry, I was a little boy, and I found it very hard to accept this diagnosis. I thought a lot about this disease, and finally accepted it and decided to change my life and heal. I began to look for study how to treat your body differently than suggested my oncologist (and he suggested surgery). But I thought it was the only way to extend the life.

I chose a different path. I didn't want to live only 6 years old, every six months, referring to the hospital. I wanted to heal, to see my son grow up. I thought that I have no right to die, because my dream was always to have two children, and unless I have a second child – I can't die. So there was my motivation – the second child. In addition, I'm a doctor, and could not take the disease. For me, it was more difficult than for other patients, because from a scientific point of view, I knew what would happen.

On the other hand, I could understand what was happening to my body from a scientific point of view. So I decided to take the best from traditional medicine and look for that you can use from unconventional. I wanted to be cured, but I didn't know what to do.

I studied scientific publications, when I saw the relationship between cancer and lifestyle, diet. In Oncology, no one told me about it. I began to look for their way. Learned how to manage emotions, change behavior.

Now I no longer have cancer, and every time I go to the doctor, he says I'm a miracle. I'm not a miracle me a lot of effort to be here with you. You can see all my tests, you can be sure that it is not a miracle and not science fiction.

If you are a doctor, you know that there is a way to treat and cure cancer patients. I made the treatment plan from the point of view of integrative medicine, I have tried many therapists. In Barcelona there is a very good choice, but not enough. Someone is better someone worse, but I was convinced that these approaches are not for me.

I have tried Tibetan medicine, Chinese medicine – they all have something good, but there is something that I do not fit. Each patient is unique, so it needs an individual approach. I chose the best of all methods, and included this in your lifestyle.

You were talking about Yin and Yang. I read a lot about Chinese medicine.

I was told that I have to be Yang, but I felt Yin. This is more relevant to me, but the doctors said otherwise. I left what she thought was best for themselves. If is good for me, why it shouldn't help other patients? So I wrote a book I think everyone should choose what's good for him.

In the beginning, I was very happy with the result. In the hospital I talked to everyone, thanked for the result, and the right thing to do. At the time I was there, they even changed the diet, changed diet added more fruits, removed Coca-Cola, has removed much. But after I left, they all returned back all the bad habits, so I am very very angry.

When I was in chemo, then formed his own group. We started with diet, meditation and visualization, we had 11 people who all had cancer with metastases. And I persuaded my colleagues that what I'm doing is right.

Five years later, we're all alive, I was very young – I was 32, the other was 60-65. All 11 people alive, so we can say that this is very important – lifestyle changes, diet, it is very important to have a support group with whom you can discuss and fight. Everyone should make their own decision.

Yes, there is a working group, but for each patient, the physician – in-chief, but I think it's not quite right. Yes, the doctor is important, but we do decide who will be part of our group – doctor of acupuncture, homeopath or someone else. It's my decision. That's why I tell you my story.

I was going through chemo and dreamed about a second child. And my dream became a reality. The doctor says it's a miracle. It's not a miracle, it's a dream come true. Icarus – the one who brings good news, today he's 9 months.

Talking about cancer is very important because every day there are new patients, new tumors. Statistics say that soon, every second child born in Spain will get cancer. That's terrible. Today it is every third, by 2030, the incidence will increase by 70%. This will be the disease environment. But we can change it by changing your way of life if we do not smoke, drink, hurt (as we have already discussed, infections). It is possible to slightly change the diet and add exercise, but you must change the emotions. Workout and diet, losing weight for me is also very important, but more importantly, change the way of thinking.

To think that everything is possible. Many people ask how I did it. It's easy to say – you have to be sure, we must believe in good, and I told the doctor – it's okay, I'm fine. And so it happened.

Buddhist philosophy says that when you open up the world, the world opens up to you. When I was diagnosed, I found a Buddhist monk who taught me meditation, visualization. It made me change my behavior, my life. That's why I like Tibetan medicine. It helped me to change my behavior.

Another thing in Buddhist philosophy, which I love very much — everything changes, nothing is permanent but change. If I had cancer due to the fact that I was in constant stress, had a poor diet and so forth, if this change happened, so it may change back. This is very important, and it is necessary to apply to our lives. Nothing is permanent but change. It gives strength to fight the disease. You got sick because something has changed, then it can change again.

I am a normal regular doctor, I couldn't imagine the world of alternative medicine. If we are talking about cancer, and I want to understand what it is. That's why I don't like conventional medicine – we make a diagnosis assigned to a patient the drug and sent him home. So it was with me. I was given medication and sent home, with me no one spoke about the changes. And I want to change hospitals, I want patients to understand what cancer is, had the information and chose what is good for them. To overcome your enemy is to know him and yourself. If you have 100 wars, you can win 100 wars.

One more important thing – knowledge. Many suffer indifference. Even Socrates said that in order to make a decision, it is necessary to have information. I think if you eat a lot, it's bad for your health, but if nobody will tell you about it, you will continue to have a barbecue. Everyone should make an informed independent decision.

We all understand that cancer is a serious disease which has a latent phase, which lasts several years. In the first place, changing the immune system. It is changing to such a state that at some point can no longer help. In 20-30 years the tissue can be healthy or not, depending on what and how you eat. So, diet that are low in fruits, vegetables and lots of fried, will not lead to goodness and will not contribute to health. If you don't exercise, smoke, do not breast-feed you more susceptible to disease. If you eat fruits and whole grains, breast-feeding can all help prevent breast cancer. If you have a lot of children and you feed them breast – risk of breast cancer below.

This is a disease that can be prevented. No one can make me change diet or to exercise more, but you have to understand what the risk of cancer. Obesity also increases the risk of cancer. We talk a lot about cancer, therefore, the opinion of oncologists is also changing. We're talking about the field and the microfield cancer.

Cancer is like a seed, good or bad. If you plant this seed in your body, and the environment is good, it grows. If I don't provide the seed power, the tumor is not growing.

What factors contribute to the growth of the tumor? The immune system, stress, bacterial infection, and free radicals. All of this can be influenced. What we need to do? The problem in the immune system.

We are trying to attack tumor cells by lymphocytes. It is therefore essential that the immune system was active, that would lymphocytes could find to attack and remove cancer cells. When the tumor cell contains the antigen, the immune system cannot find it. This is why chemotherapy can cure, or may not be treated. Cells of the immune system — the main players in this battle. Immune therapy – the future of Oncology. But we must not only fight the tumor but also change the way of life.

In Chinese medicine, in Japan, used seeds, and various fungi, which are very important. It seems to me that conventional treatment should eat more mushrooms. People who eat more mushrooms, less of a risk of cancer. Science still has not confirmed this, but the quality of life is very important. There was a post on this topic.

Patients with cancer – it all depends on how you take the disease. If you leave behind the resentment, the anger, the hate, the chances of recovery are higher. In traditional therapy we have therapists to help patients to find stability, to meditate, etc. It must bear fruit.

In hospitals was psychology, but because of the crisis forgot about it. When I was in the hospital and talked with the psychologist, she asked if I talked with all the members of his family. Of course not. Psychologists are important, but they must also understand the specifics, not all of it is available.

Workout. They are important both at the stage of prevention and treatment of cancer. But when you talk with the patient about training, if you go beyond traditional medicine is talking about yoga, meditation, but each must decide for himself what is best for him and correctly and he wants to do.

Of chronic inflammation. Smoking also supports the chronic inflammation. Many inflammatory processes are caused by bacteria and viruses, so all of this inflammation. It increases the risk of developing cancer or hepatitis, bowel disease, colon cancer, gastritis, etc. in addition, Western food, processed, also contributes to inflammation.

Studies have shown that patients who regularly take oral anti-inflammatory drugs have reduced risk for cancer. Then let's all start taking aspirin? It has its side effects, however, clinical efficacy as well.

Conducted research on prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and the experiment shows the effectiveness of this method. However, it is not applied in General practice. We must also consider anti-inflammatory effect of some products. All the food has anti-inflammatory or inflammatory effects. Any product that comes into your head – you can check to see what effect it has.

If you've seen the book, you know that there is a whole list. In Tibetan and Chinese medicine, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are considered anti-inflammatory. Chilli, ginger and turmeric are three very important spices, and the incidence of cancer shows that in those countries where these spices are popular, the incidence of below. Olive oil, garlic, onion, avocado also belong to this category. The most powerful anti-inflammatory properties have lamb, chicken and some other foods that are often eaten children. Oil, refined sugar, industrial pastries belong to a different category.

What can we do to use it? Can increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits and reduce consumption of refined foods. We can maintain the balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids included in the composition of the products. Previously it was believed that in diet the ratio should be 50/50, in fact, we consume 90% omega 6 and 10% omega-3. Omega-6 anymore, they are contained in meat, the oils in many products. Omega-3 in nuts and certain other products, seaweed, green vegetables, and use them all.

Lately we talk a lot about oleic acid, which is in olives, olive oil extra virgin, avocado, therefore, this ratio began to change. If you change this, also change the balance of inflammation and can prevent disease.

The same principle works for patients-diabetics, who have a higher risk of cancer compared with adiabatically. They observed a range of factors that contribute to the development of inflammation, including changes in the balance of growth factors. The tumor cells have receptors to insulin, which promotes greater consumption of energy from food, so eating the sweet, we provide the cancer cells with additional energy. After eating carbohydrates, e.g. white pasta, there is a peak of glucose concentration. Also occurs in children when they eat carbohydrates, sweets, pastries, and soon they again want to eat to restore blood sugar.

Thus, insulin affects the development of the disease. What we can do from a medical point of view? To prescribe Metformin, which is used to control hypoglycemia. If you assign it in a low dose, 250-500 mg cancer patients, even if they are not diabetics, this will promote the treatment, but from the point of view of a diet that can be done? I can choose food that will not prevent the formation of peaks and to maintain a stable sugar level.

What food helps control? We need to avoid foods rich in refined sugar, white bread, pasta, pastries, alcohol, preferring nuts, vegetables, seeds, and dry beans. They are always the same, they go well together. We often cook for too long, increase the glycemic index of the product. It is because the pasta should be al dente.

I also want to say a few words about the gut microflora. It is very important to maintain a healthy intestinal flora, to ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients from food and prevent the intake of toxins. Two and a half thousand years we say that food affects the health of the colon.

As I said, what happens if I cut access to the tumor through the blood vessels? The tumor will die from hunger. Some food also has antiangiogenic action: green leaves, turmeric, seaweed, olive oil, seeds, fruits. So if you manage to beat cancer with proper nutrition and exercise – that's a compliment.

We have said that the power of food in cancer prevention proved, as well as the role of changes in lifestyle, however, the role of food on the stage of treatment is not fully understood. We know that the purpose of the food and dieticians is to improve the quality of life, improving the quality of the food that we eat, avoiding side effects and increasing patient survival after treatment.

As I said, in Spain, at the University of Madrid conducted a lot of research on this topic, with the aim of creating the right power circuit. It has been proven that rosemary is no less important and significant anticarcinogenic effect than pomegranate or pumpkin. They also study ways of improving the quality of life in patients with breast cancer – how to reduce the side effects of medications and to reduce the number of prescribed drugs. Nausea and vomiting can be corrected by using ginger, pain, paresthesia.

In conclusion, it is obvious, integrative Oncology should include all available types of therapies. I myself an example of success of this approach, however, many are still skeptical. The main thing – to trust the doctor, but I also feel and know what's best for me. I felt that my chemo will help me, but I needed something else, so I kept searching.

We need to discuss this with your doctor. I need my doctor knew about alternative methods. This does not mean that it needs to fully understand each of them, but some training he still needs to understand that this can be useful as a Supplement. Not all Oncology departments can be experts on nutrition, so I would like to be part of this integrative community for the benefit of our patients.

Thank you for your attention, if you want to know more about me – view my book, my blog, there is almost all information. As they say, if not to give the knowledge they will be lost. So I decided to share my experience and knowledge, but if you do something because of their own internal motivation – you can be useful. My oncologist once said to me: I don't know what you tell patients, but it helps. That's what I say now to you I say to heart. published

Diet in the prevention and treatment of cancer
Dr. Odile Fernández (Odile Fernández)
II meeting on Integrative medicine, Barcelona, Spain
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