In the Netherlands, the official acknowledged the raw food diet cancer treatment

The famous Dutch physician Cornelius Moerman decades fought with cancer (he died in 1988 at the age of 95 years). He developed his cancer treatments based on denials of basic, classic postulates of cancer medicine.

Great support Dr. Moermanu have: double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling (CA), and winner of the Nobel Prize G. Domack. Both called it the theory and practice of cancer treatment methods only proper nutrition "great breakthrough in solving the problem of cancer."

Clinical nutrition in cancer

Moerman diet is not completely syroednaya - it is based on fresh vegetables, fruits, natural juices, cereals also includes: bread, pasta made of flour, meal, brown rice, and dairy products.

There is information about successful cancer treatment complete raw food diet, "we took a biopsy last week - the cancer cells are not found. To say that I'm happy, it does not say anything. [...] The food was so: during the day drinking a mixture of juices for Broysu, unfiltered, from 1, 5 to 2 liters per day, in the evening eating raw vegetables - pumpkin, cauliflower, green radish, one thing at a time. From drinking drank infusions of herbs and wild rose berries. It ate a few months. Recently juice a little fed up, eat just vegetables - beets, carrots, cabbage, pumpkins, apples sometimes. All wet-mono. "

Cure cancer independently

Cause of cancer, in fact, the cause of all his four hundred species is known. This is - an unhealthy lifestyle, human, a cancer diet. That is all of humanity uses food more edible for cancer (degenerate) cells than to normal.

Belly monosaccharides and proteins of animal origin, we feed our onkokletki that are constantly formed in any organism and for the time being destroyed by our immune system. And this, grow their own cancer. All successful cancer treatment systems limit sweets and proteins. Refusal of monosaccharides and animal protein, to which we are accustomed, for many decades, fattening their cancer, causes us a feeling of hunger, fatigue, and headaches.

But after switching to a natural, vegetable nutrition improves our health and our weight begins to increase, despite the low calorie food and a live exercise (if it happens). It improves blood disappear pain, begin to disperse metastases. Cancer - a 100% personal achievement! But cancer live, so it is possible to kill, kill, strangle hunger, and only to the media - owner - the breadwinner of this tumor. You just have to self-survival! We do not treat, not saving the patient - cancer is incurable, is the only known form of life science immortal. We only teach the person to kill your cancer.

Experience of treatment of cancer using a raw food diet

"I never wrote about the raw diet and cancer. However, it is a disease for me is the main motivator for continued commitment to syroednomu lifestyle.

The first example of the use of vegan and raw food in my life became my stepfather, who, like all his brothers had prostate cancer. This cancer can be diagnosed only probably irretrievably - the main indicator is a blood test for a measure PSA. The higher it is, the more the doctor tries to persuade you to cut out the prostate or just some kind of terrible type of radiation procedure.

My stepfather regularly doing this analysis for many years, but when the indicator rose, mother persuaded him not to run an operation, found a video cassette doctor, who cured herself of breast cancer, and persuaded to try a vegan diet. Parents bought a juicer and started making juice, buying organic carrot bags. PSA indicator dropped and it lasted about a year.

Then amerikanstvo and laziness prevailed, stepfather decided that the roasted meat is more important than health, the year after PSA has risen sharply, and it was operated, and then another, and radiation was, naively thinking that now he can have everything he wants and be as good as new. He lives in HEREUNDER, not bad, and believes that veganism and juices nonsense of the past, but still drink soy milk.

I listen to the interview with Brenda Cobb, who has recovered from cancer by 100% raw food diet. She writes books and manages syroednym center in Atlanta. I met a woman in Richmond, which also recovered from the raw food diet for colorectal cancer. In the blogosphere a lot of people, and there are books on Amazon. Not a few, and research; American Academy of Sciences agree that a diet with lots of raw fruits and vegetables prevents cancer.

It is believed that the raw diet makes the body alkaline environment, and food such as sugar, flour, meat, and the body oxidizes. Cancer can develop in an alkaline medium. In 1931 German physiologist Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of respiratory enzymes of cells, particularly cancer cells. He believed that the primary cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of cells in the fermentation of sugar. It is believed that the lower the pH, the lower the oxygen concentration, and therefore, the more cancer cells.

Personally, I am sure, to the exclusion of extreme environmental factors such as Chernobyl and asbestos, man on syroednoy diet can not get cancer. A person already ill with cancer can be cured. I see this same confidence of many raw foodists - everyone feels like they have escaped what is so afraid of the whole of America. But to prove this point to new people is not so easy.

Everyone understands that this "diet" you can lose weight, lower cholesterol, and improve the skin. Many are even willing to believe that a raw food diet can help diabetics. But cancer is represented by something else, and no diet can not help here. The reaction of "Yes, well, straight?" Why? After all, the immune system in response either only for influenza but also for malignant cells. A raw food diet simply enables it to work properly. "


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