The Chinese company Lingyun Technology introduced the second generation of its two-wheeled electric vehicles

All who are interested in innovations in the world of electric cars know about American project Lit Motors - a small startup, a two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle projecting or, perhaps more accurately - elektromototsikl, since it is still a two-wheeled vehicle, although having a closed body
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But I do not think anyone knows about Lingyun Technology similar to the Chinese company, also projecting such vehicles. At the Beijing Auto Show, it has introduced the second generation of its revised elektrobitsikla.
The first generation of the car was as designed

How well it moved unfortunately quite difficult to say, because there is only a promotional video, where the electric vehicle is moving with a fairly modest speed.

The second generation of the electric car is much better, but how to move, is not able to see in practice.

As I stated at the presentation of the company's founder Lingyun Zhi:

"In 2014 I and three partners have taken the first two-wheeled self-balancing China's electric car. In August of the same year, the first manned experiment was successful. Today we present the second generation prototype of the car. ยป
The dimensions of the concept of length / width / height 4360/1390 / 1220mm, wheelbase 2950mm. Two seats for the driver and passenger are arranged one behind the other.


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