The main reason that causes cancer — cancer treatment

Neither hide the truth behind a string of Nobel prizes, but in academia, at least in her industry associated with human health, there are more and more signs of imminent collapse. First of all, the collapse of the world. Naked materialism, devoid of even the rudiments of spirituality, introduced as science itself and all of humanity in a profound systemic crisis. Now, when the world health people are in favor of the market, this aspect of the crisis was manifested most clearly.

Stunning their uniqueness for our time the revelation of the crimes of "killers in white coats", is sponsored by the Rockefeller who. Murder for profit. These revelations — not speculation of fighters for the bright future, and the data published in the American government report on the practice of treating healthy people from a non-existent they have cancer. Treatment is costly, with serious consequences and often cause the innocent people present... cancer.

In the report of the National cancer Institute, USA, officially recognized: millions of people were down about the diagnosis and treating "cancer".

In the report of the National cancer Institute (NCI), USA, acknowledged that over the past few decades a considerable number of people subjected to treatment for cancer, could not be affected by this disease!

This study commissioned by the government of the United States, published in the electronic edition of the journal of the American medical Association (JAMA)


found that setting both false and non-existent diagnosis, allegedly of cancer, both were two of the main reasons for the increasing epidemic of this disease. And these diagnoses have led to unnecessary treatment of millions of healthy humans who underwent chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy.

The report indicates absolutely shocking ways, as was diagnosed many types of cancer diseases. For example, breast cancer often is not, and most often it is — scary benign (ductal carcinoma in situ, DCIS). However, millions and millions of women with these benign education was falsely diagnosed as cancer patients, and, accordingly, they were appointed (not harmless) treatment that probably would never in their life did not cause health problems.

It is the same with men, even when benign disease of the prostate (high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, HGPIN) is generally treated as if it had cancer.

"Current Oncology practice in the United States needs serious reforms and initiatives to do away with the frightening problem of the false diagnoses and unnecessary treatment of the alleged cancer, which should be the message of the working group appointed by the National Institute of Oncology, explains regarding the published report. But even more dramatic sound the proposal of the working group, which considered some of the possible indicators of cancer, such as DCIS, or HGPIN, generally should be excluded from the list of cancer".

Classical treatment of cancer once again shown as the main reason that causes cancer...

These shocking confession, considering that NCI is a government-funded Agency that actively supports the classical model of cancer diagnosis and treatment, even when these methods are obviously unsuitable. But even worse is that millions and millions of people were subjected to treatment with toxic drugs and harmful radiation, while they had no cancer. But such treatment resulted in truly cancerous diseases, and even death.

It turns out that the whole concept of "early diagnosis" flawed in its very essence, because modern methods of diagnosis do not allow to distinguish benign cells from cancer. This means that many patients have made a false cancer diagnosis, and that these people earn real cancer as a result of treatment for cancer. Which originally they did not exist, and this phenomenon proves the complete absurdity of the entire model.

"Even in case of detection of benign tumors of hirurgicheskoi isolation or treatment by chemotherapy or radiotherapy will be, and it is widely known, the development inside it more powerful and more malignant cancer cells from the meagre amount that were there before treatment," explains Sayer JI (Sayer Ji) for publication (

"As an example, only recently, cancer research center of UCLA (UCLA Jonnsson Comprehensive Cancer Center ) it was discovered that the wavelength of x-ray radiation that is applied against breast cancer, transformerait these cells in a much more dangerous cancer stem cells, i.e., the treatment of which will deal 30 times more damage to the patient." published

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