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The author writes: "Today, my colleague once again stole the number from the car ...
I do not know if this "business" in other cities, but in Moscow it is flourishing.
I think rare motorist never heard of the following situation, and many get into it. »
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Sutra car owner leaves the house and sees that his car does not offer ...

Under windshield wipers on the windshield of the car owner finds a note, as in the photo. He writes.
They answered him, move so much money (usually in the region of 2-4 thousand rubles).

The amount is about the same as if you're going to restore the numbers through the traffic police. But there it is necessary to spend a lot of time to fill in a bunch of papers and so on and so forth. And then all at once. You transfer the money, and you say, where are the numbers hidden. They are usually hidden right there in your backyard. For example, today my colleague had to remove them from the trash visor.

Makes a statement to the police is useless. They seem to share this business. Here are a couple of stories. When other colleagues have also stolen numbers, she, for some reason, a note on the glass is not allowed. She went to the police and wrote a statement. As soon as she left the room, she immediately called and offered to buy out the numbers. Coincidence?

Other story. One day, the deputy head of the Interior Ministry (or the traffic police do not remember exactly) in Moscow with a personal car stolen numbers. Apparently by accident. It is naturally raised on the ears of everyone. After a very short time, he returned to a number together with an impressive amount of money to this business he closed his eyes.

The turnover of these guys are very large. Given that one of the machine they have only a couple of thousand, you need every day to rob so huge number of cars, and that was enough to podmazyvanie officials and their income is very sickly. Every day, hundreds of car owners find their iron horses missing from the marks of distinction. When my colleague wrote a rogue, she was asked to give the number of his car, that is one of the victims of swindler several. And none of this will do nothing. Apparently until Putin numbers are not stolen, nothing will.
On the other hand to catch these bandits is not easy. Twist the hidden numbers and look for the wind field. Simcoe disposable, made a deal and threw. If we add to this not wanting anything to do with it, then do a perfect "business».

This "business" success, for several reasons.
Firstly, we are always in a hurry. We have no time for all sorts of red tape and less willing to deal with them.

Secondly, we do not believe in the law enforcement agencies. We do not believe that if we will come and write a statement - it is at least something to change, someone caught or someone is going to help. Moreover, people have a fear that the next morning, after a statement to the police, the car in the yard, they will not find, or will find, but without wheels, for example. Or even burn.

And last and probably most important. Most of our people do not yet desire, so to speak, to fight evil. We are so accustomed to that we always cheat, steal, rob. It happens all the time, and the punishment for it almost never happens. It is easier to negotiate with criminals than to try to deal with them, because we live with the feeling that everything around criminals anyway. But fortunately, I can see that this situation is gradually changing. For the first time at the same colleagues stole rooms, she went to the traffic police and restore them legally. This time, for some reason she was frightened and decided to negotiate with criminals. But she left this horrible feeling that she became accomplices of the crime. "I'm never going to pay them!" - She said.

If everything will be the same decision and stop paying them, their business quickly die.

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