Obedient and diffident children will be up to 40 years to pull money from you

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"In the U.S., children from 6 years of teaching entrepreneurship in elementary private school it is taught as a core course along with mathematics, languages and literature." Elena Simonchuk wrote about children, money and education, and gave some practical tips for parents. This article is about how all parents want their children much money, was successful and happy. And in fact, all childhood solid limits you must not go, do not go here, it is not eating, listen to mom and dad. Deuce — go to the corner. Like biology? To hell with biology, what kind of profession is this? Gonna be an accountant. This article is also about how the government wants new generation of breakthroughs and actions, and students ' reports continues to be postulated that submission and obedience are the main values of life. After all, everything that you need for future life, it is good to behave and listen to adults and learn perfectly. Don't you think it strange? If you want to earn a lot — listen to
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Belarusian sociologists argue — in recent years, decreased the importance of such qualities as independence, determination and perseverance, thrift, thrift, with two-fold increase in the number of young people who consider obedience an important quality. Surprisingly, 95.5 per cent of them want to have high salary. In the end — into a real business after universities have people who are embedded in the system "as is" incapable of critical thinking: not an employee, but a solid inferiority complex is to contradict the boss is strange to call the customer scary, to propose a new solution to dangerous, ask for a raise indecent. Do what they say, but to earn a lot — don't you find it absurd? Conversely, 72% of graduates of higher educational institutions of the United States says that will ever start their own business, 40% want to invent something that will change the world. 76% want favorite hobby became their profession and bring them the income. What is wrong with us?
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Being with us globally, something not so I understand, only having been in America. And that is not right — like the same shops, food, people dressed even worse. Home interiors, roads, cars are different, but envy is not the cause. Just a little, everything looks different — in the end, we have different cultural characteristics. In General, from the point of view of consumption pattern is similar. So why America, and not us? Why are they — the creators and creators who are changing the world, and we are obedient consumers? What is is, what do we have? As Freud said, all of my childhood
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Amazingly, in the US children with six years of teaching entrepreneurship in elementary private school it is taught as a core course along with mathematics, languages and literature. For example, in Ohio it is held more than 50% of adolescent students of private schools total educational program of the state. The first thing a child should learn a sense of ownership, a sense of responsibility for their actions and the lives of others. To be an entrepreneur means to make their own decisions and be responsible for them. The key to success is through responsibility, not obedience. See the difference? And here you have the school test for 12-year-old child with an innocent name of "lemonade Day". Imagine your child preparing a business plan to launch the point of sale of lemonade — he sees how much money is needed, what should be the product, what price to put on how to choose the right place and how to promote their point. And then comes to you for money for equipment, raw materials, advertising and so on. And you, as the investor, must decide how much money to allocate to this venture — all as in adult life. We have many parents and even children on the street themselves are not allowed at this age, not in business. Understanding that you yourself are responsible for everything, not enough
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The Americans believe only systemic knowledge in business planning, Finance, marketing, management — reduce risks when moving from point A (idea) to point b (a successful business). They believe that business is first and foremost, a carefully planned strategy and tactics, without which, indeed, 9 out of 10 products die. The more correct knowledge and skills you have, the more chances to run a successful business. The sooner the child will open a business that will fail, draw conclusions, start the next, and all this as fun, with friends and with the support of adults, especially prepared for the real business will grow. You can start a business at any age. I've seen 15-year-old millionaires and pensioners, who have just launched their first start-up. Imagine — 60 years you have not knit socks, and start IT project. And no matter — how old you are and at what stage is your business in each state there are dozens or even hundreds of programs that will support educational and financial. Come and bring your idea and we will help you to capitalize on. Culture of solving problems — all in the response
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When a problem with the economy — going — business, government and professional experts, start to think about how to improve the situation. Nobody is left aside, because the sense of the owner prevents them from "fuck" their businesses, income, wealth, and position in the region. If the economy fails, the people of the state (not just the population, not just people, but customers) leave and take the money. Businesses are moving production to other regions, and this means that these are profitable jobs. Which in turn leads to the fact that people are starting to buy less and bring money into their businesses. The true master says, in response, not nods to the population, government or business. Globally in our society, there is no such infrastructure, but as parents, we are able to do something. What to do to teach a child to earn?
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1. Start with yourself, with your family, raising their child, creating an atmosphere that develops independence and responsibility. Forget about obedience. Docile and insecure children under 40 will pull money from you. 2. Do not scold the child if he is in school trying to sell something and make money. Let sells baubles, badges, wrappers. Children are initially very enterprising. The task of parents — just to maintain this spirit and not to kill the desire to try, to seek, to learn from mistakes. Even if sometimes the kids do in an original way. For example, my son sold catamarans on the beach — "around the mountain ride, a month smile". Sam came up and bawled for the whole beach. People turned around, had fun, and I felt a little awkward, the phrase is kind of weird — but bought the same! Ashamed to be poor and to be funny and innovative — very profitable. Remember Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Empire, the most flamboyant businessman in the world that his every action proves that the word "impossible" for him simply does not exist. 3. Let the child do what he wants — any hobby can be capitalized. If you like biology — well, you can always invent a new expensive medications, unique technologies or devices to treat diseases. Interested in break dancing? Well, you can always become a sought-after trainer, or open a school. After all, in a case like that, feel more confident and freer.
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4. Help him to get the right knowledge and skills at home — for example, entrust him control of the family budget (now many easy to use programs) and pay for this work. Let the child understand what money is, how much life, how to plan the budget, as the flies on candy, chips and something "near cash". 5. Stop constantly to restrict the child to say "no". Allow him to choose their friends, clothes or even a way to inflict a minor injury — fall off a bike, break an arm jumping off a swing, or even break a tooth on the floor, jumping wildly in the middle of the room. Cease to struggle with his appearance — when he will not be allowed in school because his pants are the wrong color, he will beg you to buy him a suit and tie.

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