Chinese balls puzzle

One of the most incredible things in the world, is a ball-puzzle in ivory.
Chinese arts and crafts have been known for centuries incredible beauty and elegance.
Let's look at this marvel and learn a little bit more.

Chinese balls puzzle - a richly decorated balls, consisting of several concentric spheres, each of which rotates independently of the others. All spheres carved from the same material. Although originally they were made only of ivory, in our times can be found balls puzzle synthetic ivory, resin, wood, jade and other materials. These detailed works of art usually consist of 3-7 layers, and the biggest ball puzzle made of 42 concentric spheres, which are located one inside the other. While domestic spheres can be controlled by the alignment holes, balls Chinese puzzle got its name from the people who for centuries have honed their skills in the creation of such items.

Since all the same balls puzzle made of? This requires patience and the car is very quiet hands. Chinese masters solid balls rotated on a lathe and begin to erupt holes toward the center of the object. Then, using a special item in the form of «L», they begin to separate the balls in the inner part.

Chinese balls puzzle so delicate work that can be cut by hand. Even the lightest mouse hand can shatter the inner layers, thus destroying the work of a few days. To understand just how fragile they are, it is not recommended to try to build up all the holes in a row, as this may damage the concentric spheres. But if you really want to solve this ancient conundrum, it is better to use a toothpick or a bird feather.

Magic balls as they are sometimes called, are usually related to subjects with a positive charge because of its symbolic decorations and forms an endless circle. Layers can symbolize different - from the four directions of the compass to the natural elements and the carved decoration on the outer ball usually resembles a dragon or phoenix corresponding Yin and Yang. It is believed that the ball puzzle, decorated these two elements, able to strengthen marriages and bring good luck and prosperity.



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