Chinese balls as a way to preserve the health from the comfort of your sofa

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We all know about the benefits of exercise. However, do not always find time even for basic charging. In this case, to help your body stay healthy? For that we will use one of the methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Namely: Wellness massage using Chinese balls. It's amazing, but about 15 minutes of a light massage of the hands can replace a full charge. Moreover, this method of healing the whole body does not require much physical effort and is therefore suitable to almost everyone. Why massage with the use of Chinese balls are effective for the entire body? Chinese balls massage promotes relaxation and stress relief. In addition, it improves the internal organs, normalizes blood pressure, develops coordination, and improves memory and attention. But why do simple exercises with Chinese balls and which involved only the hands, produces such a restorative effect?! The fact that our internal organs have points of conformity on our hands. Take a look at the picture. Thus, acting with the help of Chinese balls only hands we really vozdeistviem on your entire body. Examples of exercises with Chinese balls you first need to know what Chinese balls are different sizes. If you have never worked with this magical tool, then first purchase is not very large balls. For women and children perfect Chinese balls with a size of 35 mm, and for men, 40 mm. With increase in the level of their skill can increase the size of the balls. The most simple exercise 1. Squeeze one ball pads of all five fingers. 2. Toss one ball in the palm of your hand. 3. Squeeze one ball, holding it in his hand. 4. Roll one ball between your palms. 5. Close the ring of the thumb and index finger around one ball and then begin to slightly compress the ball. 6. Rotate one ball in hand, with all five fingers. 7. Rotate the two ball in hand, periodically changing the direction of rotation. During the lessons, try not to look at the balls, how to listen to the sensations and inner feelings. Try to do these simple exercises! You will love it. After all, even the wise Chinese emperors recognized the effectiveness of this massage, which everything else gives longevity and helps to achieve enlightenment. Precautions do Not give your personal Chinese balls to anyone else, even to a close relative. Believe me, it's not only about the hygienic aspect. Together with Chinese balls you can pass your health.

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