Massage a tablespoon: Lymphatic drainage and skin tightening !

The action of massage is based on the use of hot, cold and flavored spoons.

As a result, from the tissues of excess fluid, and the skin is tightened.

For massage use any spoons, but it is better to take spoons of silver or Nickel silver.

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To start, you need to prepare the body for the massage. This is done by light rubbing of the skin.

Next, the spoon is heated or cooled and begins the massage. The movement is clockwise and back. In the first case, you need to press hard, and the second push should not be, not to reverse the movement of tissue fluid.

To perform this massage doesn't require any special skills. For best results massage should be done every morning. The whole procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

In the beginning the leather needs to be cleaned, then apply a moisturizer. After that you can start the massage. Movement clockwise is to do with the pressure, as against to perform light stroking.

If the massage is done on a body, then you should start from the back. Here not to do without the help of my husband or girlfriends. The spoon must move in the direction from the spine towards the edges. We should start from the tailbone and move up. The movement should be circular. Massage — 15 minutes.

Anti-cellulite massage can be performed independently. The spoons in this case it is better to use large. Before that you need to keep them cool and spread anti-cellulite cream or honey.
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  • Massage of buttocks runs in a circular motion from center to side and then upwards.
  • During the massage the thighs the movements should be directed from the bottom up, if this inner side, top to bottom — if the external.

Then you can move on to the stomach. Moving need a spoon clockwise around the navel. Then perform the movement up and to the side. A spoon also needs to be cold. Previously it is necessary to grease cream.

The same spoon is hand massage, neck and decollete.

To remove sagging skin, hand massage should take about 10 minutes. First is a massage of internal side of the arm. You should start from the elbow upwards. The movement should be in a spiral. Then do massage the outside of the shoulder.

To massage the décolleté the spoon needs to be heated. It is best to also brush them with a special cream for this zone. He performed a circular motion the hollows in the side of the armpits.

Face massage begins with age. Cold spoon several times to apply to the eyelids. This will help to remove swelling. In other parts of the face massage is done alternately applying hot and cold spoon. A hot spoon will help to smooth out wrinkles.published


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