Cupping massage - a quick way to get rid of cellulite

Many people think that cellulite can only appear for excess weight. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. And many of the women with normal volumes also have problems with skin on the thighs, buttocks and belly. This occurs from hormonal failure with impaired lipid metabolism, which lead to stagnation.

The cells of the adipose tissue to deform the accumulated toxins. They become similar to dense tubercles, as filled with excess water and the skin becomes like "orange peel".

In many beauty salons there is such a procedure-cupping massage, which experts suggest to try against cellulite. This is the fastest and surest way to get rid of this problem. This method is very well established. But the result of the procedure was not disappointed, it is very important to know more about this kind of massage. And before you start to cupping massage yourself need to learn how to do it.
Cupping massage cellulite has many positive effects on the human body. And affects not only cellulite, but also able to cope with many health problems. This is because during this procedure the blood and lymph begin to circulate better and significantly improves the metabolic processes in the body. So you can feel no pain in muscles or restores the sensitivity of the skin. After cupping massage all over the body there is an extraordinary complacency and ischezaet stiffness of the spine and joints.


The healing properties of cupping massage.

During this massage significantly improves peripheral circulation of blood, lymph, interstitial fluid.
Just eliminated the phenomenon of stagnation and greatly increase the metabolism and dermal respiration in the massaged area of the body.
After the procedure the skin becomes elastic and increases its resistance to temperature and mechanical factors.
After conducting bannonegi massage improves contractile function of muscles, increases their tone and they become more elastic.
A zone of vacuum influence banks, formed a special biologically active substances called enzymes. Here they launch the metabolic and regenerative processes.
Due to the cupping massage of body toxins and other harmful substances and greatly increases the mobility of joints and spine. After a full course of massage with the banks decreases stiffness of muscles of the back and limbs, muscle clamps are removed, improving the sensitivity of muscles.
There is an allocation of the extract of the sebaceous and sweat glands, which also contained salt, urea, acetone, and fatty acids. These substances in high concentrations are toxic to the body. And excretion of these substances under vacuum massage, similar to the effect of the bath.
Additional blood flow and stimulates the metabolism in areas of the “orange skin” and the structure of adipose tissue becomes soft and pliable when you are doing aerobic exercise.
Moreover, in addition to physiological effects, vacuum therapy with the banks works and how reflexology, irritating skin receptors vacuum. Occurs the local rush of blood and lymph to the skin, that can have the same reflex influence on vessels of internal organs and incentivizes the strengthening of their immunity.


Like any other procedure, cupping massage cellulite is and contraindications.
To avoid problems it is impossible to do during pregnancy.
If there are problems with the skin-it is very sensitive, there are inflammatory diseases, and if you have birthmarks and age spots.
Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, fungus), purulent inflammation, blisters, minor abrasions and wounds.
It is impossible to do massage is benign or malignant neoplasms.
Contraindications are diseases of the blood and if it is poorly rolled, the diagnosis of "thrombosis", "venous thrombosis" or "varicose veins."
If you have caught an infectious disease, or acute rheumatism, tuberculosis, or lung abscess also need to refrain from this procedure.
When high blood pressure.
In the treatment steroids.
ATTENTION! Definitely need to remember that anti-cellulite vacuum massage cupping is never done on inner thighs, chest, spine and lower back.

Of course massage can be done in salon, but in order to save money and time to do it at home. What you need for home cupping massage?

Of course it is better if you have a friend who will help you fight cellulite. But it is possible to perform this procedure yourself. But it will be slightly harder, as it is not possible to completely relax

For the procedure of cupping massage you'll need:

Any massage oil (like sunflower or olive). But it is better to use a complex of oils with anti-cellulite effect. They can be bought at the pharmacy, and to be on their own. Here is a list of simple but effective compositions where the basis is 50 ml olive or Flaxseed oil:

The basis is added to 5 ml of essential oils of anise, orange and grapefruit.
The basis of the added 5 ml of essential tea tree oil and 2 ml oil red pepper.
The basis is added to 5 ml essential oils of lemon, tangerine and fennel.
The basis is added to 3 ml of essential oils of cypress, fennel, juniper, lemon and tea tree
The basis is added to 3 ml of essential oils of cypress, lemon, tangerine and 5 ml of oil of vetiver.
Special jars for cupping massage.

As vacuum banks massage are available in different diameter, which allows to choose an individual set, which is suitable for carrying out procedure of massage on different parts of the body.
Easy-to-use kit, consisting of silicone cups for massage, as well as a special pump (or pear) that allows you to adjust the power vacuum.

The principles of cupping massage against cellulite:


You need to make sure to clean the skin after bathing. But unlike the popular anti-cellulite honey massage is not need to pre-steam the skin.
To make the procedure less painful before cupping massage, heat up your body. Knead, massage, pinch those areas that will have impact to the emergence of a sense of heat. There is another method of training to the procedure of cupping massage against cellulite. You can use the scrub to do at home. In the scrub contains components that are found in every kitchen: honey, ground coffee, sea salt and essential oils.
Then apply the body oil. This will facilitate the banks slide over the skin.
Then take the first jar and apply it to the skin and pinch it from the sides. The Bank needs to stick to the skin. The Bank needs to keep pressing his fingers on the sides. The skin should be retracted into the banks by no more than 1.5 cm, otherwise the pressure will be excessively strong, and move to the Bank will be difficult.
The Bank needs to move smoothly and continuously, in a circular motion clockwise. Always completing massage movement should be in the direction of the venous outflow. If in the process of movement was broken with the tightness of banks, it is necessary to put it again and continue the procedure.
And as an artist "draw" on the body lines, zigzags and circles with a jar for sure brush. The slide should be easy. But if the Bank moves with great difficulty and hurt you, then you need to let it air.
Foot massage. At massage on the feet, do not forget that the inner part of the thighs can not touch it. Start doing upwards from the knee, while the drive canister vertically up-down. The average duration of this procedure, 40-50 minutes.
Buttocks. During a massage the buttocks, do a circular motion for 10 minutes and then up and down for about 5 minutes.
The stomach. Cupping is done in a circular motion clockwise for 10-15 minutes and then from the navel to the sides for 5 minutes on each side.
A hand massage. Hands are massaged from the wrist to the shoulder straight movements for approximately 5-10 minutes.
Always the first "pass" of the banks is not at full power vacuum.Cupping massage should be painful, can't overdo it.
During the massage the area of impact should be reddish. Then end the massage that the massaged area. The exposure time is sufficiently large. So massage just a "cellulite" area you should go to a quarter of an hour.
Typically, the duration of self-massage is from 5 to 15 minutes for each problem area. But it is better to start with a minimum of time and build up gradually for 2 – 3 minutes on each procedure.
And after cupping massage need to lie down, and the top covered with something warm.
To obtain good results, the procedure to follow in a day or at least 3 times a week. You need to go through 10-20 sessions. The duration of the massage course is always dependent on the extent of cellulite and also depending on the result you wish to achieve.
Many experts in cupping massage is always advised to apply ointments that have venotonic, anti-edema and angioprotective action. After the procedure, not waiting until the body cool down from the massage, apply a cream against bruising, which will prevent them. But in the first 3-4 sessions will have to wait.

But to not have any problems, it is recommended to start a course home cupping massage only after consulting with your doctor. And in order to cupping massage cellulite to make it even more effective, I suggest you combine it with exercise and of course proper nutrition. published


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