Cellulite would be the greatest deception the world

I hope the topic that will be covered here will be of interest primarily female audience. However, and we men need to know is to know the enemy in the face.

The term "enemy" I mean the Legion of clever businessmen from cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. These crooks of the highest order the fool the hundreds of millions of women, forcing them to fight the disease, which actually does not exist in nature!

We are talking about hated by many women cellulite.

Cellulite! Cellulite!!! Cellulite!!!

All to fight the plague of the XXI century – the cellulite!!!

I am amazed at not only the sophisticated arrogance of those who hyped this myth around the world, but the infinite naivety of a huge number of women around the world who just give these crooks a huge amount.

Do not sin against the truth supposing that the world market of anti-cellulite remedies and procedures at tens of billions of dollars! This is a huge amount that is quite comparable to annual budgets of many countries in the world.

Yes, it is the mafia beauticians and pharmacists specially hyped myth about cellulite in order to earn huge amount on the female pursuit of beauty.

As a person with higher medical education, I watch in sorrow as intelligent in General women spend decent money on different creams and cosmetic procedures to get rid of the hated cellulite.

I have repeatedly tried to "reach out" to their friends ladies trying literally on the fingers explained to them that their so-called cellulite the General disease is not, and therefore it is impossible to win.

However, my companion either answered me in the style of "You are a man, you have never understood!", or with a sad smirk missed my arguments by their ears.

Almost every woman in our time have enough yourself for the loins and passionately suffering, having had this tuberosity is called cellulite:


And found this is cellulite, a woman starts a fight with him, taking in assistants to a vast Arsenal of anti-cellulite products and procedures.

So begins his narrative, and will try to use less scientific and medical terms, to be clearer, and readers not to bore.

 The firstCosmetic specifically the mafia have changed the concept to intimidate and confuse finally women its potential victims.

The fact that in the official medical science reallythere is such a disease cellulite. This term denotes inflammation of adipose tissue.

However, in our case it turns out that it is "Fedot, Yes not that"!

Explain. All the doctors in the world are obliged to diagnose the patient not to make up their own homegrown names to diseases, and to strictly adhere to the so-called "International classification of diseases". Is used classification of tenth revision or ICD-10 (adopted by the 43rd world Health Assembly).

And in this list all the currently known to medical science, diseases have five diseases, names of which include the term "cellulite", namely:

  • H60.1 Cellulitis of the external ear
  • L98.3 Eosinophilic cellulitis wells
  • N73.0 Acute parametritis and pelvic cellulitis
  • N73.1 Chronic parametritis and pelvic cellulitis
  • N73.2 Parametritis and pelvic cellulitis unspecified

These officially recognized by the medical community of the disease have to the cellulite in about the same attitude as hot dogs to the real dogs – that is, absolutely nothing!

Have been a deliberate substitution of concepts, and this was done quite deliberately in order to fool hundreds of millions of women around the world and get them to spend big money on a treatment for a nonexistent disease.

Come on.

In medicine, the ending "-um"attached to the name of the authority, means the inflammation of the body (acute or chronic).

For example, inflammation of the Appendix cecum (the Appendix) is called appendicitis, inflammation of the prostate – prostatitis, inflammation of the maxillary sinus – sinusitis. Etc., etc.

Therefore, when talking about cellulite official medicine refers to the inflammation of the adipose tissue.

But can we say that women who discover they have the symptoms of so-called cellulite, there are inflammatory processes in adipose tissue?

Let's assume (hypothetically, of course) that the cosmetologists are right, and that hundreds of millions of women suffer from inflammation of adipose tissue, which manifests itself in the form of the hated tubercles on the skin.

Personally, I like the doctor immediately raises the question for the cosmetologists – what kind of inflammation is it? An acute or chronic? Of infectious or aseptic?

If it is acute (and also infectious) process, it is actually in danger of cellulitis and the woman must be immediately taken to the Department of purulent surgery!

Come to the conclusion that we are still talking about a chronic inflammatory process of noninfectious nature that affects virtually all (!) women on the planet regardless of race and place of residence. But this is the impossible one, you will agree!

Consequently, the so-called cellulite is not exactly an inflammatory nature. So why did they fool people?

However, rummaging through his vast Network, I'm on one of the sites met such a wonderful gem:

"Cellulite is a structural change in the subcutaneous fat layer that lead to disruption of microcirculation and lymphatic outflow. It can be described as the stagnation in adipose tissue, leading to its degeneration".

So that's pseudo-scientific medical terms the author has tried to explain to the readers what cellulite.

But the degeneration and inflammation, as the French say, two big differences!

In my opinion, the phrase "degeneration of adipose tissue" in this context at all is an oxymoron! If you call a spade a spade, it is called cellulite bumps on the skin, supposedly formed as a result of degeneration of adipose tissue did not.

I will say as a doctor – version of lipodystrophy as a cause of so-called cellulite looks obviously contrived. Sucked from the finger, simply put!

Also the network is full of interviews and articles in which cosmetologists Frank wogt confusing their listeners, and very sophisticated way.

On the one hand, some of these cosmetologists because they have higher medical education recognise the fallacy of the term "cellulite," but, nevertheless, reduce the formation of bumps on the skin to certain destructive processes in the adipose tissue.

The final message in any case they have such – immediately run to our clinic, where we begin to struggle with these destructive phenomena and will save you from cellulite!

Which only deceit will not go for the money, you know...

'Threaten the potential client lie to the gullible victim, teach her that she has a serious chronic sore – and here you've got a permanent client who are submissive will pay for treatment for a nonexistent illness.

Just brilliant, great business, hats off!


So let's look at this cellulite! Why are bumps on the skin?

Invoke the aid of medical science, and turn on their brains.

So let's start the debriefing.

In the human body is adipose tissue. It is mainly located under the skin (as she called subcutaneous fat) within the body (called visceral fat).

Adults mostly present in the body of the so-called white adipose tissue, in young children there is the so-called brown fat. But we now it will lead on adults.

Have a lot of adipose tissue functions:

  • the provision of energy,
  • insulation,
  • protect organs from mechanical damage (fat pad),
  • endocrine function and others.

Like all other tissues, adipose tissue is composed of special cells called adipocytes. These cells contain a large droplet of fat surrounded by a ring of cytoplasm. The nucleus of these cells flattened and is on the periphery of the cell.

In turn, adipocytes are collected in the original bags in which United thousands of cells.

These bags are in turn combined into larger structures. And it looks human like this:

That is, here's the first important information - adipose tissue in humans loose, heterogeneous, and consists of rounded elongated lobes.

Just remember this important in the context of the article, we'll get to that.

Accordingly, if schematically present the structure of subcutaneous fat, it looks like this:

Now read carefully and try to understand what is set forth below.

Each individual adipocyte is programmed to store fat. The problem is that each fat cell accumulates fat as much as he wants – with the ability to stretch the adipocytes can increase in volume by hundreds or even thousands of times!

It turns out, you know, an interesting situation – every adipocyte increases in size not consistent with other (i.e. someone more swollen from the stored fat, and someone less).

In turn, the conglomerates of adipocytes also increased unevenly, and after — and larger structures. Visible each eye a slice of adipose tissue is its size!

The result is this picture:

That is, if all the fat cells worked in unison, then adipose tissue would have a smooth surface. But it is – ideally! Because in reality the fat in the human body is growing unevenly.

And this is physiological and no violation of health is not!


In pigs, subcutaneous fat is arranged differently, besides, their skin is much thicker and denser than human, so the pig, whatever it was fed, signs of so-called cellulite you will not find.

So I bring you, my dear readers, to the main conclusion.

The conclusion is this – what beauticians refer to as cellulite, and for deliverance from which they tear with expertly snookered clients a fortune, in fact, is nothing other than anatomically due to the unevenness of fatty tissue!

That is, there is no disease in women called cellulite because it is actually absolutely normal! So by nature, you understand.

Cellulite is about the same as the fight with the menstrual cycle – because both are the result of female sex hormones.


ThirdI may ask, why then the fight against cellulite is still a result from all procedures and medications?

I agree, the effect is like there, for a certain amount of money beauticians you get rid of excess bumpy skin.

But it's always (I stress always!) will be a temporary effect. The maximum for a month (if lucky).

Explain how to operate all these vaunted procedure. You just refresh my memory on what I have stated above.

What do we have? And have we, Homo sapiens, anatomically uneven subcutaneous fat. What methods can be used to smooth out the roughness?

The first thing that comes to mind is the so-called liposuction, the removal of fat using a special tool, aligning excessively bulging mounds of adipose tissue.

But this is a completely useless procedure, I assure you!

Explain. As I said, the adipocytes actually no limits for increase. Even if you delete some part of the body the "extra" fat cells, the rest (while maintaining the excess of calories from food) will continue to increase in volume and roughness on the skin will return very soon.

The second option. You can try to increase the tension of the skin to work as a tight stocking, keeping excessively bulging conglomerates of fat cells.

For this and apply all these vaunted ointment with anti – cellulite effect-due to the resulting swelling and irritation of the surface and the rush of blood to the skin for some time, becomes more dense and is stretched, whereby visual irregularities therein are smoothed out.

But it will also be a temporary effect – no more than a day, but more often it lasts a few hours.

Third option. You can try to catch up with more lymph (tissue fluid) to the subcutaneous fat. Due to the excess fluid under the skin would level the surface.

Cellulite for a time defeated, but here is that for a limited period of time! Because the lymph is how come – and go. The effect is not more than a week, and sometimes less.

The fourth embodiment. And if you take and lose weight? The logic there seems like there is a thin layer of subcutaneous fat will have less irregularities.

Yes, it could work. But not all women and not always. And it is very dangerous for your health!

Let's figure it out.

First, the effect largely depends on genetics.

Some women — no matter how they lose weight! – still fatty tissue become thinner unevenly.

Secondly, knowing now that hiding under the name of cellulite, you can find a way to minimize this problem (which in many ways is purely subjective-psychological character).

What is there to recommend?

My main advice boils down to this – we must learn to adopt a philosophical approach to this problem.

Our mothers and grandmothers did not pay any attention to the cellulite, because I didn't know of its existence! The myth about cellulite came to our country only in the late ' 80s in the Wake of restructuring, along with other Western influences. Not paid representatives of the older generation in so-called cellulite attention – and rightly so!

If you still want the ladies to achieve a smooth surface to your skin, it will require additional medical educational program.

First, dear women, remember the main thing (and I'll repeat again) – in any case, plays a signicant role genetics!

Someone from the women are lucky to have more and fat tissue is more evenly distributed, and others less (in other words, someone went to the porridge with lumps, and someone more homogenous).

Therefore, there are thin people with pronounced irregularities on the skin, and there are fat ladies whose surface skin smooth. As lucky with the genes!

However, will still be fairly one simple rule: the thicker the layer of subcutaneous fat, the more pronounced will lurks its lobed structure on the surface of the skin!

Second, the huge role played by the properties of the connective tissue and the skin.

If the skin is elastic, it will smooth out the unevenness of subcutaneous fat.

Skin elasticity depends on a number of factors, the main of which are two:

  • the amount of collagen,
  • age (the older we get the more our skin loses its elasticity).

The level of collagen in the skin, ensuring its elasticity and firmness, largely hereditary thing. If collagen is not enough, the skin form of the so-called striae. Therefore, after pregnancy many women skin on the stomach may acquire a wrinkled appearance is a clear sign of a lack of elasticity.

If the woman inborn lack of collagen in the skin, this should be accepted. No super-duper cream with collagen doesn't help you here, it will always be a waste of funds because the inside through the skin, the collagen does not penetrate!

But in any case to deal with age-related changes in the skin can and should be.

To maintain good skin tone, it must be protected – at least not smoke and do not overdo the tan. Plus food, of course, and healthy lifestyle.

Help can also be a sport, namely lifting weights with the goal to build muscle. If a woman will be able to increase your muscle mass while simultaneously getting rid of excess fat (keep the fat content in the body in a safe health range, of course) — then these same muscles are on the inside to prop up the subcutaneous body fat and therefore, visually the surface of the skin will look more smooth.

However, most women are still not ready to go this way, because few people want hard work on yourself, everybody wants a miracle-a means of instant action, which, of course, does not exist in nature from the word "quite"!

Years women go on useless treatments, spend money on obviously ineffective drugs and as a result cellulite as it was, it remains. And how can he not stay, if it is quite physiological to the female body phenomenon!

Also I will say this – in fact we, men, all these women suffering about cellulite is absolutely incomprehensible.

We just don't understand how you can suffer and spend money on something that in our eyes does not look a disadvantage.

Personally I, for example, isn't so much the so-called cellulite, as the reluctance of women to follow him.

That is, overweight, bad temper and General sloppiness personally grosses me out more than anatomically caused unevenness of the surface of the skin in women.

A normal man does not pay attention to the so-called cellulite, if it looks like this:

Finally, let me reiterate the following:

So-called cellulite is a normal phenomenon and not a disease!

But obesity is a disease!

From the so-called cellulite no one has died, but from obesity every day thousands of people die around the world.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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