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Active rest, of course, very useful and quite interesting. But sometimes, on hot summer days, I want to indulge in the blissful "doing nothing", lost in dreams or in the afternoon Siesta is a great invention of the inhabitants of the southern countries...

A vast array of furniture and accessories designed for such purposes, the leader of compactness, mobility and unusual experiences. Of course, we are talking about the hammock!

Say, wonderful design first appeared in the jungles of South America. The Indians pulled the braided mesh at a sufficient distance from the earth to during sleep to protect yourself from dangerous fauna, which is there in abundance. The Spanish conquerors borrowed the unusual design and its local name, and then within a few centuries, hammocks have been successfully used on ships — for the rest of the team.

Hammocks our childhood did not differ a variety of materials and designs. The main problem was — where to find it. Today, manufacturers offer a number of options that is easy to get lost in their range. By the way, about the design: there are hammocks with a height adjustment of the front end. This hammock can not only lie, but to make it a comfortable chair or swing.

Hammocks in the interior:

If the area of the house allows, you to find the most unusual solutions to relax, think about how to place the hammock in one room, preferably in the attic. The optimal mounting location exposed beams. If necessary, the hammock can be raised up and free up space.

Options of hammocks for the garden and home

Standard hammocks typically have a width of 1.20-1.40 m, but released and "double" (1.70 m wide).

Hammocks without wooden slats (natural and synthetic) is better suited to people with low weight or children. Produced and "baby hammocks", shorter length for smaller loads. By the way, don't forget in the product description to ask the maximum weight, which must withstand the hammock (and, just in case, "ominosity" of the claimed 15-20 kg).

Each material has its pros and cons:

Woven hammocks:

In the sale there is still a lot of hammocks from the grid. All know how they look: twisted slings-harnesses, stretched between two wooden bars. Most affordable, sold in many stores ("sporting goods" and "goods to give"), are easy to repair.

The main disadvantage is that during a long stay can be rubbed on exposed skin. This is particularly evident in children (sensitive skin) and people with more weight (load). If you are not too sensitive, the problem is solved with the help of a blanket and pillow.

Hammocks made of fabric:

If a mesh surface of a traditional hammock seems to you inconvenient, purchase a fabric hammock. It can be made of cotton, linen or synthetic fabric.

Hammock made of natural material eco-friendly, soft to the touch and easily takes the shape of the body, but wears out faster in the open air, the bright colors fade in the sun, and remove contamination is not always easy.

Another caveat related to hammocks of all kinds of natural materials (mesh and fabric): over time, they "stretch". To pull the mesh easier, but the fabric is more difficult.

Synthetic hammock easier to wash, is almost not deformed, but it may not be as comfortable in extreme heat.

Advanced manufacturers are producing double-sided hammocks, one side is made of natural canvas, the other synthetic. It's a pretty expensive model, but comfort, ease of care and durability compensate the investment.

Exotic — bright fabric hammocks:

Western vendors often call them "Caribbean" or "Aruba", they are reminiscent of luscious tropical colors. Particularly common pattern stripes, but, if you wish, you can find solid. If you want to draw attention to the hammock, and at the same time to provide a vivid garden accent — choose from these models.

White fabric hammocks for fans of the classics:

Attribute expensive resorts and French gardens. Generally of natural fabrics. Simple and elegant.

Hammocks vintage:

Plain white hammock turns into a retro pattern, if it has added a knitted or braided fringe (fringe) handmade or mesh repainted in "shades of history" (beige, cream, gray). Don't forget to add floral pillows and blankets — to complete the experience.

How to amplify outdoor hammock? If while relaxing in the garden you want to dissociate itself from Intrusive insects and no less annoying, complete the easy hammock canopy or mosquito net.

Pillows and blankets set the mood:

Want to surround yourself with bright or romantic accessories? Comfortable cushions and air the blankets will turn the hammock in the garden oasis of luxury. Place a small table, stool or tray on the legs and enjoy a pleasant stay with the book or source.

Hammock to any landscape:

Where to hang a hammock if in a secluded spot of the garden where you decide to place there are few trees or they are at a great distance from each other? Purchase the frame for the hammock! This sustainable design allows you to arrange an oasis of secluded relaxation anywhere.

Wooden — the most impressive, but more expensive and longer going. The metal look is much easier, but much cheaper, easy to arrange and when folded takes up minimal space.

How to hang a hammock: If you decide not to buy a factory frame-support, be sure to correctly calculate the point of suspension.

The optimal distance between the supports: the length of the hammock + 30-40 cm Diameter of tree trunk at least 20-25 see but trees, suitable for posts (dug into the ground to a depth of about m) a solid wooden (or metal) frame of the garden gazebo or even an outside wall of the house, which hammered the hooks at the desired height (if you want to place the hammock on the terrace).

The height of the suspension of the hammock — not less than 1.50 m from the ground. Eif supports are located closer than the recommended distance between them (see above) — it is recommended to hang the hammock higher.


Good luck you choose, and let the pleasure of resting in a hammock will be the maximum!published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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