How to make a hammock with your own hands

The most important of the summer cottage? Without a shovel – cry anxious gardener, without a laptop – say a resident of the Internet. Respecting someone else's opinion, we nevertheless take a look at the problem more broadly. Hammock – here's what you need and the gardener and the Amateur to sit in ICQ. A two-hour sleep in this rocking bed fully restores the person after the working week. So say the shrinks. So let's think about how to make a hammock with his hands. In limbo is easier to look at the world philosophically, without taking pesky details to heart.

General guidelines
  • The hammock is a very important reliability supports. The box is usually hung between two trees or specially dug poles. To not Wake up from the collision with the ground, take the metal pipe section of at least 86 mm, dig them to a depth of 80 cm and concreted. Then the suspension place will not be afraid of invasion of their own and neighborhood children. And adult can safely collapse into the hammock, if the back is already stiff from weeding and dragging buckets.
  • Hung the hammock for the garden a meter and a half above the ground. The distance between the posts is calculated as: blade length plus 30 cm on the deflection. If the support is already there (two trees with thick trunks at least 20 cm or bars to swing), then adjust the length of the hammock. You can bind it up so the trough was deeper, pull the canvas or weaken depending on the distance between supports.
  • For mounts, take a durable synthetic rope with a diameter of not less than 8-10 mm. Not too lazy to strengthen the fabric of grommets, if the design of the hammock they provide.
  • The fabric for the hammock it is better to take natural mattress tick, camouflage, tarpaulin. Synthetics, of course, lighter, stronger and cheaper. But the body it is not breathing, sweats, and the hammock still is designed to provide comfort. Besides natural material faster takes the form of the body.
  • For hammock use braided cotton cords. They delayed tighter, and nodes of them to touch nicer than slippery nylon. In those places where the rope can peretiraetsya, you need to wear a plastic tube.
Sew a hammock

The preparatory workhaving made the decision to sew a hammock with your own hands, prepare all the necessary:

The sturdy fabric (teak, calico, camouflage), length 3 m, width 2.20 m. Sintepon – 0,5 m Sling length 5.2 m, width 3 cm Nylon tether cross-section of 4 mm. the Handle of a shovel (or any wooden beam of the same diameter). Sandpaper. Acrylic paint the same color as the fabric. Figuring out how to make the hammock comfortable for each family member, orientirueshsya on the tall and not hurt the complexion. Therefore use the whole width of the material. If you are unable to find a suitable fabric with a width of 2.20 m, will have to take out a standard five-foot, so grab more footage.

For work will need tools:

  • Ruler, pencil, chalk for drawing on fabric. The range is better once and for all to acquire metal, a length of 1 m. the Thing is very comfortable, also has a high accuracy on measurements.
  • Hacksaw.
  • Chisel.
  • A small paint brush.
  • Scissors, needles, pins, shearing fabric, cm.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Iron.
Some masters do not attach much importance to suotuisan tissue, and in vain. This operation reduces the thickness of the parts and stress on the seam. Prilojenie allowances when sewing is not necessary to hold with a hand, and the line goes much equal. Therefore, the iron seamstress is absolutely necessary.


Step by step instructions for sewing the hammockMark up on the wrong side of the material two rectangles 150x200 cm to cut out and fold them right sides together.

Stepping back from the edges and a half-two centimeters, with the two sides grind the short sides of the rectangles, and wrenched the item received is evident. The lower part of the workpiece will be considered a back, the upper – face. Smooth away allowances to one side. Prestratified slings on both long sides of the workpiece from above and below, departing from the edge of 5 cm On the edges of the back line shall extend along the entire length on the front side is 35 cm from the bridging seam. Now lower the canvas wrap on the top. Flying line not cut. Prepare four cut the straps 70 cm each. Prestratified them to the places of fasteners connecting the face and back. NIPs the edges of the holes for the beams. Stitch the long side of the hammock on the front side, stepping back from the edge by 30 cm Cut the batting into strips 25х125 cm, put them in these 30-inch pockets. Folded, skalyvaniem and attracive region, forming roliki along the long edges of the hammock. Next you need to protegat pockets in 3-4 places to secure the batting. The handle sawn in half. Stepping back from the edges of each beam at 2 cm, the film was washed down at a distance of 1 cm from one another. Choose a chisel grooves for the rope. Clean cloth saw cut and groove, cover the tree with acrylic paint. Departing 5 cm from the edge, attracive at the ends of the drawstring for hammock rails. Then thread painted and dried cuttings in the drawstring, making the entire length a uniform Assembly. Tie bars, nylon halyard, the locking nodes in the grooves. Now we know the answer to the question how to sew a hammock personally.

Attach a hanging bed for better welded to the columns the hooks. If the hammock is hung on the trees will have to knock out the halyard under the bars so it does not slid off the barrel.

The netting of the hammockNow, few are familiar with the knitting of fishing nets with the help of needles and plates. Once this activity was a good source of income for illegal handicraftsmen-singles. See how you can use these tools to weave a hammock with his hands from a thick cord.

To weave a hammock is not so difficult

To work need:

Thick twine. Synthetic rope for fastenings. Plate-shabloni. Self-made big needle. Two wooden end strap. Drill. The needle at the same time is the cord coil. Our hammock width is approximately 1 m, length 2.5 m. Knit mesh width of typing with 20 to 30 stitches, depending on the thickness of the twine. The thicker, the larger loop will be, and the less they will need.

The netting of the hammock with your hands like weaving cloth: povezav the first row, turn the work inside out to yourself and are finished the second row. Then again turn face, are finished, the third row and so on. On the needle each time it pulls so many strings that it barely passed in the loop.

When the twine ends, it is nastavljaju. It is important to calculate the residual length so that the node was at the edge of the row, not the middle. Otherwise, the nodes will spoil the appearance of the grid, but still will crash into the side prolegshego on a hammock person.

Having weaved mesh, take the bars and drill them through holes according to the number of loops on the short sides of the hammock. The edges of the drilled wider holes under the bearing rope. Smuggles in the order each loop of the first row in the corresponding hole. Take the rope, prepared for fasteners, to extend the end through the loop and fold in half. Measured in place, how long must be a rope and then cut off.

We repeat this operation with each loop. In the same way attach the second strap to the other end of the grid. Now collect the free ends of the ropes together, put them in a ring, wrapped with twine crosswise and tighten securely. Repeat the same with the other side of the hammock. Formed annular hole, the noise-holder or folded in half rope for hanging the hammock on the hooks.

Around the perimeter of the hammock, through the extreme loop, predeliver a thick rope, which will hold the shape of the bed. You can do without straps with holes. Threaded in the outermost loop sturdy round bars, and to the corners of the hammock to tie the rope on which it will hang. Wicker hammock you can take with you into the woods, the cottage, on the boat — rest and relaxation you will be provided.

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