Prolong the life of his T-shirt: original ideas for every day.

Fangled trend to decorate T-shirts and all sorts of cuts plexus burst into life fashionistas and ordinary citizens like a hurricane. Today, perhaps, there is not a man who would not see with their own eyes "live" samples, or even photos of cobwebs on T-shirts. And there are those ladies who are already in full wardrobe for redesigning "old way" and teach it the rage of her friends. We offer to your attention a master class on creating a beautiful and original T-shirts, which you podcherknesh your personality!


First, let's look at what can be interesting patterns.


If you make more nodules turn out like this:


For those who have something to show!


If you are afraid that not cope with such intricacies, offer practice on the simplest.

Method 1 The easiest

Take a t-shirt to mark the place for weaving cloth and gently cut the flat strips. The distance between the slits should be no more than 1 cm, otherwise get ugly.


Weave a way similar to crochet, but instead of the hook - finger. Take one of the strips and pull it under the previous.


The resulting loop proden finger.


Increase the loop stretched it harder forefinger and thumb, take the next strip and pull through the first loop gain.


Repeat these steps and see how will appear weaving.


Repeat, repeat, repeat ...


At the end of the last loop seamlessly fasten thread in tone (quite a few stitches).


Here is weaving happens in the end. Not as difficult as it seems at first glance, right?


If the simplest weave you have already mastered, and stocks remain another shirt and a little desire to try to offer the next version, which looks no less original.

Method 2 "Pigtail»

Take a T-shirt that you want to transform.


Make uniform incisions near the neck.


Proden extreme loop under the previous.


Remove the inside out and take another loop, as shown in the photo.


At first, like weaving knots ...


But then vsë increasingly beginning to resemble a pigtail.


As a result you get is such a beauty!


Summer - a magical time, when she shows all its beauty and uniqueness. Original bracelet made with his own hands, or t-shirt with unique design is the best highlight the individuality and creativity of their owner. Share this article with your friends, and summer will be as cool and unique as you are!

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