How to make chair hammock with your own hands

The basis for the hammock is metal gymnastic Hoop. The chair hammock can be used as a cradle — a cradle for the baby.

Materials for hammocks:

  • metal gymnastic Hoop with a diameter of 93 cm;
  • denim cream color, 3 m;
  • sintepon:
  • cotton orange and blue colors at 0.4 m;
  • Trouser braid;
  • belt-ribbon or lanyard, 8 m;
  • a thick metal ring;
  • metal buckle 4 PCs.
How to make a hammock:

1. Cut the fabric into two squares 1.5 x 1.5 m Each square, fold 4 times and othertime with a pencil a quarter of a circle with a diameter of 65 cm. Cut out two circles. Step back from the edge of 4 cm and draw a line.

2. Mark one of the circles of the slots for fastening straps (see diagram). Fold 4 times one of the circles — fold lines are the axes. Two straps should be placed relative to the axes at an angle of 45 degrees — in order to make a tag, fold the quarter circle one more time.

Swipe from the label to the center of the straight line and mark the slot (see diagram). Then the second top slot. To mark the bottom two, measure the distance between the ends of the axes and divide it by 3. Place on a flat surface circles, folded right sides — the top should be marked. Note the common thread in the fabric of circles — they should not overlap, then the tissue will be less distorted. Cleave the details of the pins. Cut scheduled slot and repeat them in the bottom circle.

3. Unscrew on the wrong side of the petals of the slot, and for strength prometeia cuts the Trouser braid. Alternatively, instead of the Trouser braid, you can glue these parts of a circle doubleroom, and then only cut the cloth. In this case, it will not crumble at the edges. Will attrocity prepared slots on the edge, stepping back to 3-4 mm.

4. Sew both parts of the cover at a distance of 4 cm from the edge. Leave the bottom of the hole of such a size that it went in the Hoop-frame. Nadsekite scissors allowance 4 cm teeth. Remove the cover of the hammock and otutyuzhte it.

5. Panel wrap synthetic padding thicker.

6. Attach the Hoop to the case, all spread and baste both sides of the case about 7 cm from the edge.

7. Sew leaving a hole in the bottom.

8. Cut the batting in places where he was in the notches and release the Hoop. Secure the cut stitches by hand. Quilted cover like a cotton mattress.

9. Cut the belt or tape sling in lengths of 2 m. Oplata the ends over the fire. Wrapping wrap end of the tape, prostrochite it. You can put a few metal clips.


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10. Thread the free ends of the strips to buckle, then in a sturdy metal ring and re — buckle. Buckles adjustable hammock height and tilt angle, and the ring collects the tape in a single suspension.

This hammock can be used as a crib, bassinet for the baby. If you're going to do a hanging bed, make the circles smaller and is sandwiched between the circles of the batting. Hang the hammock and adjust the height and angle of recline.published




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