Pilot's seat Airbus-320

Sometimes I'll maliciously compare Eyrbasovskie chairs Boingovskimi without showing last :) So you have to, as usual, take my word.

Pilot's seat mobile.
They can be moved back and forth, and in the rearmost position, more and go in the direction of the board.
This is because the pilots during flight must be able to reach out to the many elements of the cab as one, and another - so far apart it is impossible to place the pilots.
But between the pilots is the central control "pedestal", and it prevents the pilots normally take its place when the chair to move up ahead.
Leaving back and to the side, seat allows more or less normally pass between the pedestal and the pilot's chair.
Pilot's seat rests on the ground, bolted to the floor with eight screws (two on each corner):

In addition to the base, we immediately see a lot of interesting; so look closely attentive to the Seats and its surroundings.

In the middle of the pillow are two switches:

They control the electric motor, which through gears and racks moves the chair vertically and horizontally.
It works on three-phase 115 / 200V 400Hz.
In the corner of the chair are manual adjustments:

two drum allow you to adjust lumbar support,
and the bottom three knobs:
V - manual control of the movement of the chair vertically,
H - moving horizontally,
R - tilt back.
These pens are associated with the relevant provision of the chair stops and only allows you to unlock the chair, and it needs to be manually moved. In general, the handle H and V - is a spare in case the idle actuator.
Handle «Lock-Unlock» manages stop shoulder straps.

Safety harness five-point here - the two halves of a lap belt, two shoulder, and one - in the crotch.

All belts are fastened to one lock.

Unbutton they simultaneously - turning the dial on the front side of the castle quarter turn.
The shoulder straps are retractable, which allow not quick to pull these belts, but block their rapid movement. As mentioned above, there is a shoulder belt locking knob on the side surface of the backrest. Secured central coil does not allow the belts move at all.
Bottom view of the chair is interesting :)

Visible longitudinal rails on the sides of the platform, and means for lateral displacement.
In the upper part of the picture you can see the light bulb (these are suitable wire).
One lamp is located at each corner of the bottom of the chair. They illuminate the space around the chair.
Not everyone knows about and AZSy (breakers) Nutrition electric motor, which are also on the lower surface of the seat, but the front. Sometimes the chair does not move when electrical knockout. In this case, the defect may be able to easily remove by sticking them in the working position.
The right side of the frame near the top, you can see the cables in a black jacket. They extend from mechanical knobs control the chair vertically and horizontally.
The drive is powered through a cable chair, passing through the base from the side
The chair is connected to the onboard network via the connector on the bottom surface of the base, so to disconnect this connector when removing the seats have to climb to the technical compartment under the floor.
Headrest can be adjusted for the convenience of living in the chair.

Left arm, tucked away in a niche on the side chairs.
Rear compartment with seats available lifejackets crew.

These jackets are orange, yellow, unlike passenger.
To rescuers saw someone must be saved first :)
At the end of the talk about the arms.
The inside of the arm chair simple.

Armrest with external, board chair a little harder side. First of all, it is wider. Because it lies at hand, the control plane through Sidestick.
Also for convenience, the arm can be adjusted not only forward and backward tilting, and left and right. To do this, he has an extra drum bottom.
The current position is displayed on the armrest adjustment scales for clear glass. Thus, the pilot enough once to pick up a comfortable position, and record these values. On another plane, he can immediately put these values, and the armrest is in the desired position to him.
This armrest can also be raised up to the level of the seat back, when it is not needed.
Here, perhaps, all that can be briefly to talk about the pilot's seat.

Source: lx-photos.livejournal.com


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