19 revelations pilots and their assistants, revealing secrets that you did not know!

Many people just loved traveling in the air. But do they know what is happening during the flight? In an online community asked: "Flight attendants, pilots and engineers, are there any secrets that do not know the passengers?" Aviapersonal has clear answers about what is going on behind the door of the cockpit. Here are the most interesting answers.

Warning: Read the following information can make you think twice before you get on a plane.

1. The truth about the need to turn off electrical appliances. B>
Meets the pilot: «The requirement to turn off the gadgets actually quite useless phones and tablets will not lead to aviaktastrofe. Just imagine yourself in the place of the pilot, who is preparing the plane for takeoff and suddenly hear a signal at the same time more than a hundred phones that lost the network. A couple of times I thought that we had problems with the engine ». I>

2. Pilots asleep most of the time. B>
«Half of the pilots slept, one third of them wakes up and sees that their partner was asleep, too». i>

3. As the pilots come in the land. B>
«If you ever go through a hard landing in bad weather, it is not because of the inexperience of the pilot. If the runway is covered with water, the plane gets harder to "break through" the water cover and prevent slipping. In fact, the landing - a controlled crash », i> - says the pilot.

4. If you fly on a plane major airlines, it does not mean that the pilot experienced. B>
He says the pilot regional lines: «You can buy a ticket to Delta, United or American, but to fly on an airplane subcontractor. This means that local pilots get some money and a fraction of training and experience of the parent company. Also, I do not pay too much, so I was concerned that you have time to time to the destination. Most of the time we are flying slower to save fuel. Flying at a maximum speed is either on the orders of the airline, or if this is the last change of the day ». I>

5. The truth about oxygen masks. B>
«If you wear a mask, the oxygen there is no more than 15 minutes. However, this time will be enough to pilot the plane down to an altitude where passengers will be able to breathe normally. More importantly, at the height you have only 15-20 seconds before you disconnect. Put the mask on yourself first, and then to the child. Fainting for a few seconds will not cause harm to the child ». I>

6. The water in the toilets very dirty. B>
«Whatever you do, do not drink the water in the toilet. We clean the water tanks on a strict schedule and delete only a solid raid. Bacteria living there have long developed an immunity to our cleaners ». I>

7. About food on the plane. B>
«My father worked in the aviation industry, here are a couple of secrets from him. Two pilots give different foods. This is done to prevent poisoning in both. Stealing food cabin crew (even if it is then thrown away) leading to the dismissal of the prohibition to work for the post. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for food, but do not take yourself. Flight attendants do not allow people to get confused in the kitchen ». I>

8. The truth about flying with pets. B>
«I am a tanker. I was exasperated the way animals are treated. The airline can literally lick your ass, but your pet will be treated badly. Screeching and barking at the luggage compartment just awful. Think twice before taking animals with them ». I>

9. What do the flight attendants after asking to disable phones? B>
«My sister - a flight attendant. Then she goes to his chamber and began to correspond with friends ». I>

10. You can not drink the water in a plane that is not poured from a bottle. B>
«Do not even touch the water so! Holes for pumping waste from toilets and filling the water system of the aircraft are close by. Sometimes it makes one person ». I>

11. The real reason why the lighting is muted when the plane lands.
«When the plane landed in the dark, mute the light that your eyes were ready for the darkness outside, if you have an emergency evacuation from the salon». i>

12. Lightning and power pilot. B>
«My father was flying for 20 years and says that lightning fall into planes almost always. If a passenger is behaving strangely, the commander of the aircraft may not allow him to board and fly without it. Generally, after the inputs are locked, the commander has an almost limitless power: it is allowed to arrest people, to prescribe fines and even take passengers dying intestate ». I>

13. Toilets can be opened from the outside. B>
«Usually, the mechanism is under the sign" WC ": just pick it up and move the slider towards». i>

14. The real story of bomb threats. B>
«My friend - a pilot commercial lines. About 5 years ago, he made the flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo. When they called and said that a bomb on board, they were flying somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Airlines have instruction in such cases not to panic, not to scare the passengers. He says that the rest of the flight he had a rush of adrenalin with every shake in the areas of turbulence. They took seriously the threat of an explosion, because the first-class flying several high-ranking officials ». I>

15. Tipping flight attendants. B>
«My girlfriend was a flight attendant. If a passenger would give her $ 5 after the first cup, then it will be free to drink the whole flight ». I>

16. Store in the air - sell. B>
«any goods from those sold in a plane, you can buy online for much less money». i>

17. Aircraft with a failed engine can fly for a long time. B>
«If you will give up the engines of the aircraft, the aircraft can schedule 6, 5 km for each kilometer in height. Thus, from a height of 11 thousand. Meters the plane will fly even 65-67 km. That's why most accidents occur on take-off or landing ». I>

18. Aircraft heavy to fly in hot weather. B>
«He worked on a cargo plane in Phoenix. On hot days, we had to unload the aircraft to take off because of the lean air is very difficult ». I>

19. How to make it clear to those who are on the ground, the plane hijacked. B>
«If a plane hijack, then when landing the pilot did not retract the flaps, so the plane lands slow, and it is a signal ground crew, on board something happened». i>

According to statistics, the aircraft - the safest form of transport today. However, air travel has a downside: like it or not, and the flight - still an unusual condition in humans. Of course, those who are afraid to fly, after this information is unlikely to get rid of their fears. And for those who are used to relax in an airplane, be sure to be careful.



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