Even the cold time of the year has its charms! These 10 reasons to love winter - proof.

Winter is fierce and protracted, blizzard and icy, angry and harsh. But you must agree, this season also has its charms, because the winter is mild, snow, frost, beautiful and highly anticipated. Soon will come the spring, and then summer and autumn, and you with a hint of sadness soul will remember funny winter days are full of warmth and coziness. In nature, as is known, no bad weather. I love winter, winter, spring spring, summer, summer, autumn and autumn. Relax, sit pouyutnee, wrapped in a warm blanket and look at 10 reasons, which the artist found Bird Born, is to love winter.

Yes, the winter really is something to love! That is now coming to the end of the second month of winter. Do not waste time in vain - to enjoy winter at times and catch up! If you liked the illustrations of this artist, you can still see it the author's series of drawings "Cats & Dogs." Your friends complain about the weather? Tell them about the compelling reasons to love winter.



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