The world's largest passenger plane Airbus A380 (14 photos)

More recently the world's largest passenger plane Airbus A380 made its maiden flight in Russia. Russian public saw the A380 for the first time: October 16, the plane landed at the airport "Domodedovo" - the only one in Russia is the port which has a certificate for the reception of such liners.

1) Airbus A380 - widebody jet airliner, created concern Airbus SAS ... Double-deck. The height of 24 meters, length 73 meters, a wingspan of 79, 8 meters. Can make non-stop flights to a distance of 15 200 km.

2) In calculating the per passenger Airbus A380 burns 17 percent less fuel than today's largest aircraft. The less fuel burned, the less carbon dioxide emissions. For aircraft in the calculation of CO2 emissions per passenger are only 75 grams per kilometer. This is almost half the carbon dioxide emission standards established by the European Union for vehicles manufactured in 2008.

3) Earlier, critics claimed that because of its weight Airbus A380 may damage the airport taxiways. However, the pressure exerted by the wheels on the surface of the liner is less than the Boeing 747 and Boeing 777, the new liner as wheel 22, which is 4 greater than the Boeing. Airbus measured the load on the road surface using a special 580-ton wagons laden built to simulate the Airbus A380 landing gear. The wagon rolled on the pavement area, where they were placed pressure sensors


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