How to build the A380 and how they look inside

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The most popular posts of all time called my LJ Fantastic A380. In it, I show and tell about how looks the A380 airline Emirates, where I flew from Dubai to Bhutan.

Today I will talk about how to build these huge airliners and show examples of other airlines salons ...

Let's start with a curiosity - so looks like the door to the shop, where the A380 is collected. Apparently, someone forgot the keys at home and not to come back, just broke the glass in the door:

Driving workshop for assembling the A380. The main parts of the fuselage and wings are going to other factories in other countries. In Toulouse, they are joined together and then put "under the current»:

In the above scheme, this place is designated as L72. There are beginning to collect part of the fuselage in one piece:

Good three-deck ship is visible in the context of:

This place L71. The fuselage is clamped in a vise and a huge lift. Here it is joined by the wings and landing gear:

Estimate the size of the wing:

The skeleton of the wing:

Further, the plane carrying one of the positions L50-L55:


In the hangar in a row fit 3 aircraft:


Pay attention to the system of stairs leading to the wing:

After completion of the assembly, the aircraft being kicked out into the street, where they are preparing for the first flight:

At the Airbus plant in Toulouse, the French have a layout A380 (as well as other aircraft such as the A350, which I will show later), with a variety of interior options from budget to luxury:

Options economy classes on the ground floor:


The aircraft has several rooms for crew rest. They are hidden at the bottom of the deck, and they have to descend into the narrow stairs:

A380 can be in the air up to 15 hours. It is understood that no pilots or crew can not so much to the grindstone, so the board is usually present two sessions: one sleeps the bottom, the second working. Terms have pokomfortnee than passengers, though reminiscent of a submarine:


On the second floor are usually located business and first class. You can get to the top by two staircases. One front:

The second in the stern of the aircraft:

The plant has been presented several options for business-class. Unpretentious:




And promote:



There chairs already laid out in a horizontal bed, however, Mikhail Prokhorov on it is hardly appropriate to:

For Business Class provides a bar with a bartender. I remember when we flew on the A380, the bartender was very funny character, and we spent at the bar most of the flight:

Upon entering the first grade the first thing to catch the eye comfortable sofas:


For the first class shower room provided. Its service 2 separate cabin crew, who are engaged only to her. Shower to be ordered half an hour before use, and include water for 5 minutes:


General view of the first-class cabin. It is designed just for 6 people:

For first-class passengers have individual compartments:

View from above:

Each compartment has several options for individual coverage:

Option serving lunch. Here exactly jostling elbows with your neighbor will not have:




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