Here is a journey aboard the most elegant aircraft in the world

The dream of many to go somewhere, lying on the bed, as ever, is close to reality. Airline Etihad Airways took a step further in this direction, and all on board the A380 has created a whole apartment. Virtually ride on this ship offers aviation photographer Marina Lystseva.

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Just over a year ago, the airline slightly modified livery, and became the first colored bead A380 instead emblem and flag of the United Arab Emirates on keel struck a pattern of colored triangles.

Airbus A380 - a two-story, he places 4 types: economy, business and first-class residence. On the upper deck are suites.

Residence two passengers to the right of the stairs. On the area of ​​12 sq. m housed three rooms: a living room (which is also a dining room and a cinema room), a bedroom and a shower room with toilet. Residences personal butler service, who have been trained in a London hotel Savoy.

Hop in a residence (on board the A380 it is one) of Abu Dhabi, for example, in London will cost 77 thousand. Dirhams (approximately a little more than 1 400 000 rubles). This tickets are sold out almost a year in advance.

A bedroom with a full bed.

First-class cabin on a passenger looks a bit "easier": an area of ​​about 5 square meters. m. The ticket on the same route, Abu Dhabi - London costs from 31 to 36 thousand. dirhams, or 580 thousand. rubles.

If you omit the partition, you can chat with a neighbor in the area of ​​the window. To avoid confusion, the second half of the partition does not drop.

First-class lavatory with plitochki "at home».

Go to Business Class. Here, everyone sits in his cell with a partition, which rises at the touch of a button from the remote. Armchair decomposed into a horizontal bed.

Set for passenger - socks, earplugs, toothbrush, comb and other road-usefulness amenities.

The tail of the plane on the upper deck Lounge - a bar with sofas for business class passengers.

We go down and go to economy class. Finally someone guessed make a more comfortable cushion with a cut.

Places at the emergency exit for passengers and flight attendants.

Baby Sets.

The cockpit.

Just behind the cockpit controls are places for crew rest. There is a chair and a bench, place enough to take a nap a couple of hours one of the pilots.

Enjoy your flight!



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