Air pride AN-225 "Mriya"

AN-225 "Mriya" (translated from Ukrainian - "Dream") is the hoisting heavy aircraft ever to take to the skies. Maximum take-off weight of the aircraft is 640 tons. The reason for the construction of An-225 aircraft was a need to create a transport system for the project of the Soviet space shuttle "Buran". The plane exists in a single copy.

From myself just amazed at the talent and genius of the creators of this powerful machine. And as we would not have to build the border between Russia and Ukraine, but these beauties. After all, they will always have work.
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2.Samolet was designed and built in the USSR in 1988 at the Kiev Mechanical Plant.

"Mriya" set the world record take-off weight and payload. March 22, 1989 An-225 made the flight with a cargo of 156, 3 tons, beating the same time 110 world aviation records, which is a record in itself.

3.With the beginning of operation of the airplane flown 3740 hours. Assuming that the average speed of flight (including take-off, climb, cruise, descent, approach) is about 500 km / h, it is possible to calculate the approximate value of the distance covered: 500 x 3740 = 1.87 million kilometers (more than 46 turns around the Earth at the equator).

4.Masshtaby An-225 strike length of the aircraft - 84 meters, height - 18 meters (as a 6-storey building entrances 4)

5.Naglyadnoe comparison "Mriya" and passenger Boeing 747.

If we take the largest of the Boeing 747-800, the length of the An-225 is more than 8 meters, wingspan - 20 meters.
Compared with the Airbus A380 «Mriya" long by 11 meters and a wing span it exceeds it by almost 9 meters.

6.Sluchaetsya that airport parking is not appropriate for such a large aircraft, and it is put directly on the runway.
Of course, we are talking about a spare runway, if there is one at the airport.

7.Razmah wing is 88, 4 meters, and the area - 905 m²

The only aircraft that surpasses the AN-225 wing span, is Hughes H-4 Hercules, which belongs to a class of flying boats. The air boat rose only once, in 1947. The history of this aircraft is reflected in the film "The Aviator»

8.Tak himself spaceship "Buran" and block the carrier rocket "Energy" have dimensions exceeding the dimensions of the cargo compartment, "Mriya", the new cargo plane provided mounting outside. In addition, it was planned that the aircraft will be used as a first step at the start of the spacecraft.

ducation slipstream from the fixed top of the bulky cargo aircraft required to establish two-keel empennage to avoid aerodynamic shadowing.

9.Na aircraft has 6 D-18T engines.
On takeoff thrust per engine develops 23, 4 tons (or 230 kN) r. E. Overall thrust of 6 engine is 140, 5 tons (1380 kN)

10.Mozhno suggest that each engine at takeoff develops capacity of about 12 500 horsepower!

The D-18T aircraft An-225 is the same as that of the AN-124 "Ruslan».
The height of the motor 3 m, width 2 to 8 m, and the weight of more than 4 tons.

11.Sistema start - airy, with an electric automatic control. The auxiliary power unit, consisting of two turbine units TA-12, installed in the left and right chassis fairings provides autonomous power to all systems and engine start.

12.Massa fuel in the tanks of 365 tons, is located in 13 wing tanks-caissons.
The aircraft can stay airborne for 18 hours and cover a distance of more than 15 000 km.

13.Vremya refueling a car ranges from half an hour to one and a half days, and the number of refueling depends on their capacity (from 5 to 50 tons), t. E. From 7 to 70 tankers.

14.Raskhod aircraft fuel is 15, 9 tons / hour (cruising)
When fully loaded aircraft can be in the sky without refueling no more than 2 hours.

15.Shassi includes a two nasal and 14 rack-mounted home (7 racks on each side) of the support.
Each rack placed on two wheels. Total 32 wheels.

16.Kolesa require replacement every 90 landings.
Tires for "Mriya" produced at the Yaroslavl tire factory. The price of one bus is about $ 1000.

17.Na bow front - wheel dimensions 1120 x 450 mm, and in the main - wheel dimensions 1270 x 510 mm.
The pressure inside is 12 atmospheres.

18.Razmery cargo compartment length - 43 m, width - 6, 4 m, height - 4, 4 m.
The cargo compartment of the aircraft is tight, which allows for various types of freight. Inside the cabin can accommodate 16 standard containers, up to 80 cars and even large trucks such as "BelAZ". There is enough space to fit the entire body of a Boeing 737.

19.Dostup in the cargo area through the nose of the airplane, which tilts upward.

The process of opening / closing the cargo bay ramp takes less than 10 minutes.

20. folding ramp aircraft carries a so-called "elephant bow».
The front strut is deflected forward, the weight of the aircraft is transferred to the auxiliary supports, which are mounted under the front threshold of the cargo compartment.

21.Vspomogatelnaya support.

22.Panel System "squat" of the aircraft.

23.Danny download method has several advantages compared to 747 (on which the loading compartment through the side of the fuselage.

24. "Mriya" - the champion of the weight of cargo: commercial - 247 tons (which is four times greater than the maximum payload of 747), commercial monocargo - 187, 6 tons carrying capacity and an absolute record - 253, 8 tons. June 10, 2010 transported the most lengthy in the history of air cargo transportation - two windmill blade length 42, 1 m each.

25.Dlya ensure the safe conduct of the flight, the center of gravity of the aircraft with a cargo must be within a certain range along its length. Lode Master performs loading in strict accordance with the instructions, after which the co-pilot checks the validity of stowage and reported to the commander of the crew, who makes a decision on the possibility of the flight and is responsible for this.

26.Samolet equipped with on-board loading complex, consisting of four hoists, lifting capacity of 5 tons each.
In addition, there are two floor winch for loading self-propelled vehicles and cargo at loading ramps.

27.Na this time chartered AN-225 French engineering company «Alstom» to transport 170 tonnes of goods from Zurich, Switzerland to Bahrain to refuel in Athens and Cairo.

28.Eto turbine rotor turbine generator to produce electricity and accessories.

29.Flayt Manager Vadim Denis.

30.Dlya towing aircraft An-225 aircraft carrier can not use other companies, so the carrier is transported on board the aircraft.

And as the plane was not equipped with rear gruzolyukom and towing the carrier is unloaded and loaded from the front gruzolyuk that requires a full cycle of squats airplane on the front support, as a result, lost at least 30 minutes and unnecessarily consumes a resource of the aircraft structure and systems squats.

31.Dlya provision reversals in the movement of aircraft on the ground last four series of the main pillars of support are made oriented.

32.Tehnik for something entirely: specialization "hydraulic system and landing gear».

33.Bolshoy weight of the aircraft leads to the chassis leave traces on the asphalt.

34.Lestnitsa and hatch in the cockpit.

35.Zadnyaya of the cabin attendants, intended for eating, working with technical documentation and conferences.
The airplane provides 18 places for rest of the crew and members of the engineering team - 6 seats in the front cabin and 12 in the rear.

36.Lestnitsa and hatch in the cabin attendants in the rear of the aircraft.

37.Tehnichesky compartment at the rear of the cockpit.

Seen on the shelf units to ensure the operation of various aircraft systems, and pipelines pressurization and air conditioning and anti-icing system. All aircraft systems are highly automated and require minimal intervention of the crew during operation. Their work is supported by 34 on-board computers.

38.Stenka front spar center section. She set (top to bottom): slats and transmission lines from the engine bleed air.
Before her stationary cylinders fire protection systems with extinguishant "Hladon».

39.Nakleyki - souvenirs from the many visitors to the panel on the wing of the aircraft emergency escape hatch.

40.Rynda An-225
Mentioned in the engraving Vladimir Vladimirovich Mason - Maintenance Engineer Sun, who for many years worked on "Mriya».


42.Komandir aircraft (FAC) - Vladimir Y. Mosin.

In order to become the commander of the AN-225, you must have the experience of flying an airplane An-124 as a commander of at least 5 years.

43.Kontrol mass and balance is simplified by installing a chassis measuring system weight loads.

44.Ekipazh aircraft consists of 6 persons:
the aircraft commander, co-pilot, navigator, flight engineer senior, flight engineer on aircraft equipment, radio operator.


To reduce the effort to improve the accuracy of the ores and setting modes of engine operation a system for remote control motors. In this pilot exerts relatively little force to move the cables by electromechanical lever device mounted on the engine, which reproduces it on movement of the fuel control lever with the required force and accuracy. For the convenience of co-management at takeoff and landing throttles outer engines (RUD1 and RUD6) engage respectively with RUD2 and RUD5.

46.Shturval control the largest aircraft in the world.

Control of the aircraft that the booster control surfaces are deflected solely by means of hydraulic steering gear failure which control the aircraft by hand (with an increase in the required effort) is not possible. Therefore applied quadruple redundancy. Mechanical control system (on the wheel and pedals to the hydraulic steering gear) consists of rigid rods and cables.
The total length of these cables is as follows: aileron control system in the fuselage - about 30 meters, each arm (left, right) wing - approximately 35 meters; elevator control system and the rudder - about 65 meters each.

47.Pri empty plane - for takeoff and landing quite 2400m runway.
Take-off with a maximum weight - 3500 m, with a maximum landing weight - 3300 m.

Enforcement begins 48.Na start warming up the engine, which takes minutes 10.

This prevents surging engine on takeoff and provides its maximum take-off thrust. Of course, this requirement leads to the fact that: the rise is performed in a minimal period of busy airport or airplane for a long time waiting for their turn to take off, skipping scheduled flights.

49.Skorost during takeoff and landing depends on the takeoff and landing weight of the aircraft and is 240 km / h to 280 km / h.

The height is set at a speed of 560 km / h, the vertical velocity of 8 m / s.

50.Na altitude of 7100 meters, the speed increases to 675 km / h with a further continuation of the climb to flight level.

51.Dmitry V. Antonov - senior FAC.

52.Pribornaya board senior flight engineer.

In the lower left corner of the side panel with controls and hydraulic complex signaling gear position. Top left panel of the fire protection system of the aircraft. Right at the top of the panel with the authorities and control devices: start the APU, pressurization and air conditioning, anti-icing system and block the signal display. At the bottom of the panel with the controls and monitoring fuel systems, engine control and on-board computerized control system (BASK) of all parameters of the aircraft.

53.Starshy board engineer - Alexander Polishchuk.

54.Shturman - Anatoly Binyatovich Abdullayev.

55.Shturman instructor - Yaroslav I. Košice.

56.Bortradist - Gennady Y. Antipov.
Callsign ICAO AN-225 flight from Zurich to Athens was ADB-3038.

57.Bortovoy engineer - Yuriy Mindar.


59.VPP Athens Airport.

Landing at night "Mrie" performed instrumentally, t. E. The instrument, from the height and alignment to the touch - visually. According to the crew, one of the hardest landings - in Kabul, which is associated with high mountains and a lot of obstacles. Sunset start at a speed of 340 km / h to a height of 200 meters, then gradually speed fold.


61.Iz the high cost of transportation of the An-225, the orders only appear for a very long and very heavy loads, when the transport land transport is impossible. Flights are random from 2-3 a month to 1-2 a year. Periodically there are talks about building a second copy of the An-225, but that requires the appropriate order and appropriate funding. To complete the construction needed sum roughly equivalent to $ 90 million, and with the test it increases to $ 120 million.

This is probably one of the most beautiful and impressive aircraft in the world.

Thanks «Antonov Airlines» for help in organizing the shooting!

That's all. Here's a she, "Mriya»



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