The largest ships and planes

With the development of science created more and more perfect and large-size equipment. Now these huge monsters go on the seas and flying in the sky.
In this collection you will learn about the biggest ships and planes in the world.
Container ship Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller The world's largest container ship Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller July 15, 2013 came in his first reys.Ego length - 400 meters, width - 59 meters, capacity - 18,000 containers, load capacity - 165 thousand tons.

The world's first floating plant company Royal Dutch Shell beginning of the creation of the world's first floating liquefied natural gas (LNG). The plant will be located in the field off the coast of Australia Prelude, and after his production will move to another field. According to expert estimates, the cost of building the world's first floating LNG plant could be up to $ 5 billion. 600,000 tons, almost half a kilometer long (488 meters) - the giant will displace up to six times more water than the largest aircraft carrier.

Semi-submersible vessel Dockwise Vanguard Dockwise Vanguard - the largest and most innovative semi-submersible vessel in history. Its length is 275 m, width - 70 m (230 ft.). Carrying capacity is 110 thousand tons.

The vessel was designed by Dockwise to transport dry cargo and for use as a dry dock.

By the way, it will be used to remove debris from the Costa Concordia Italian island of Giglio.

Carriers such as "Nimitz" Carriers such as "Nimitz" (Eng. Nimitz class) - the type of US aircraft carriers, nuclear power plant. Carriers "Nimitz" with a maximum displacement of up to 106,000 tonnes are the largest warships in the world.

They are designed to act as part of carrier strike groups and engage large surface targets, provide air defense naval connections, as well as for military air operations.

The lead ship of the series has a length of 333 meters, displacement - 106 000 tons, as well as two nuclear reactors and power of 260,000 hp

The longest passenger aircraft Boeing 747-8 - double-decker airliner developed by Boeing. This was announced in 2005 airliner is the next generation of the famous series of the Boeing 747 with extended fuselage, redesigned wings and improved economic efficiency. 747-8 is the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States, as well as the longest passenger aircraft in the world, exceeded the length of the Airbus A340-600 almost a meter. The cost of one aircraft - 250 million. Dollars, length - 76, 4 meters. The owner of the first commercial passenger version April 25, 2012 was the German Lufthansa.

The biggest passenger plane in the world Airbus A380 - chetyrehdvigatelny double-decker passenger jet created concern Airbus SAS - The largest serial airliner in the world (height - 24, 08 meters, length - 72, 75 meter wingspan - 79, 75 meters).

Maximum takeoff weight - 560 tons (the weight of the aircraft - 280 tons). To date, A380 is also the largest passenger airliner in the world.

As standard, it accommodates 525 passengers, which is almost 100 more than the next competitor roominess - Boeing 747. Stoimsot one aircraft - 389, 9 million. Dollars.

Boeing C-17 "Globemaster» III Boeing C-17 "Globemaster» III - US strategic military transport aircraft. Currently, this type of aircraft are in service with the US Air Force and six other countries.

Maximum take-off weight - 265 tons (the weight of the aircraft - 122 tons).

The cost of one aircraft is $ 316 million.

"Yamato" - the largest battleship ever All the information on the type of battleships "Yamato" was so secret that the true characteristics of the enemy ships Japan became known only after the war.

The length of the battleship - 263 meters, width - 39 meters, displacement of 73,000 tons. A huge displacement allowed designers to equip the battleships of the "Yamato" the largest in recent history guns caliber 460 mm. They gave ships exceptional firepower. Currently giant resting on the ocean floor off the southern island of Kyushu, Japan.

AN-225 "Mriya" AN-225 is the heaviest hoisting plane ever rises into the air. The only plane that transcends An-225 along the wing span is Hughes H-4 Hercules, which belongs to a class of flying boats and flown only once in 1947

Empty weight of the aircraft - 250 tons, maximum takeoff weight - 640 tons. "Mriya" - record weight of cargo: commercial - 247 tons, commercial monocargo - 187, 6 tons, and an absolute record payload - 253, 8 tons. In total, this plane - the owner of some 250 world records.

Currently, one copy is in the flying condition and operated by Ukrainian Antonov Airlines.

Supertanker Knock Nevis - the world's largest ship its dimensions are: 458, 45 meters length and width of 69 meters, making it the largest ship of the world.

Built in 1976, in recent years been used as a floating storage and then taken to the Alang (India), where in 2010 utilized. One of the 36-ton giant bower has been saved and is now exhibited in the exposition of the Maritime Museum in Hong Kong.

The biggest cruise ship in the world Allure of the Seas - the second-class cruise ship Oasis, company-owned Allure of the Seas Inc. It was built in 2010. Along with the ship's twin Oasis of the Seas is the largest passenger ship in the world as of November 2010: the length of both cruise ships about 360 meters (depending on temperature), where the Allure of the Seas is longer than his sister to 5 cm. < br />

This is a true floating city. Crew - 2 100 people, the number of passengers - 6 400.

Against the background of this giant of the famous Titanic seem "baby": the length of 269 meters at the Titanic against 360 meters from the Allure of the Seas. Displacement of the Titanic was 52,000 tons, at Allure of the Seas - 225,000 tons.



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