Top 10 of the world's largest aircraft

Today in the world there are several thousand different models of aircraft, differ not only in their optional assignment, but also the size. Along with light single-engine aircraft, designed for only one pilot, and there are real giants, champions, and we are glad to present 10 of the world's largest aircraft.
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10. Airliner Airbus A330-300 opens a list of the 10 biggest planes. The main purpose of its creation was a quality replacement has become outdated Airbus A300, which had a large and fuel consumption, and could carry not many passengers. As for the model airplane, then it is calculated on the assumption of its 295 passengers aboard. The length of the aircraft is a little less than 59 meters and width of 63 meters, for which the aircraft was declared a class wide-body aircraft.

9. 777-200ER aircraft in all fairness is the 9th largest of the 10 largest aircraft in the world. Compared with the base model 777, in the modification of aircraft takeoff weight increased useful, as well as the amount of fuel in the tanks of the aircraft. The length of the aircraft is 63.7 meters and width of almost 61 meters.

8. Airliner Boeing 747 is one of the most recognizable and beautiful giants of civil aviation, and for almost 40 years held the record for the number of transported passengers on its board. Length airliner ranks 8th out of 10 of the world's biggest aircraft is 70.6 meters, width - 64.4 meters. Moreover, it is worth noting that the aircraft giant owns another very interesting record - the distance from London to Sydney airliner crossed in just 20 hours and 9 minutes, and it is almost 18 thousand kilometers.

7. Passenger airliner Airbus A340-600 rightly ranked 7th in the list of the largest aircraft in the world. With its range of flight at a distance of 14 600 kilometers, the airliner can take on board its 380 passengers. Dimensions of airliner Airbus A340-600 is also quite impressive, because its length is more than 75 meters and a width of about 63.5 meters.

6. Another very large passenger airliner, belonging to 10 of the world's largest aircraft, the aircraft is a Boeing 777-300ER, which can take on a board up to 550 passengers. The length of the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft is nearly 74 meters and width of 64.8 meters, with a range of its flight without additional refueling is over 21.6 thousand kilometers.

5. In the middle of the best and biggest aircraft of the world is an American military transport aircraft Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, the size of which can really impress almost any length to the tip of the tail of the aircraft is more than 75.5 meters, while its width has a little less 68 meters. The aircraft can carry up to 270 soldiers and about 75 passengers, if the appropriate places on board the transport.

4. An-124, called among the pilots to as "Ruslan" - one of the few giant aircraft used in Russia. Its main purpose was the creation of large cargo transport, in particular transport of this version of ballistic missiles. Wingspan military transport aircraft of more than 73 meters, length - more than 69 meters.

3. airliner Airbus A380 is worthy of honor called the largest passenger aircraft in the world. Due to its huge size - its length is 73 meters and a wingspan of just under 80 meters, it can carry on its board up to 525 passengers. However, the range of a car air limited only 15.4 thousand kilometers.

2. One of the biggest aircraft of the world, is the Hughes H-4 Hercules, whose wingspan is 98 meters, making it the most wide-body aircraft. It is interesting that it was built back in 1947, and in the material used only as a tree, or rather spruce, for which the plane was nicknamed "spruce goose." All the world was made only 2 models of hydroplane, but to date, only one survived.

1. Finally, the biggest aircraft in the world officially recognized the Russian-Ukrainian An-225 project, named "Mriya". The wingspan of this giant is more than 88 meters, while the length of the transport exceeds 73 meters. Today, throughout the world there is only a single aircraft Mriya, and it is undoubtedly the most majestic and one of 10 biggest planes.

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