Bailout: How does it work?

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 - After exposure to the drive control all elements of the bailout emergency rescue system triggered automatically by pyro and begins the recovery process.

Preparing for the bailout:

Triggered pyro-shoulder belt and the attracting of the pilot, providing [next] the correct starting position for the pilot bailout in QC;
pyrotechnic system ensures discharge lamp 1 (or manhole covers) and back-up in case of system failure or jamming of the lamp reset pilot can eject it through the glazing;
limiters are activated hands spread 3 feet 4 locks to prevent damage to the limbs air flow, the head is fixed in the cradle headrest 2;
unlocked and switched energodatchik 5. under the influence of gas firing mechanism (1st stage energodatchika - KSM) 5 seat with acceleration starts to move in the guide rails of the cab;
QC motion along the guide rails until the release of his cab into effect automation units chairs, providing all of its systems;
undocks connectors combined connector Communications: electrical power stops chairs from an onboard network of the aircraft, communications with aircraft equipment are disconnected from the high-altitude equipment pilot, the pilot turned on the oxygen supply from the oxygen cylinder seat for breath pilot to reduce to a safe height;
depending on the flight velocity injected (or introduced) in flow design mounted on a seat a deflector 6, which provides additional protection from the effects of high-speed pilot pressure;
pyro-stabilization system is activated, leading into the flow of the telescopic rod 7 is fastened on a drogue 8;
disconnected pipe firing mechanism (1st stage KSM), pyro-igniter includes a rocket motor propellant charge (2nd stage KSM), the chair away with guide rails and makes the flight path.

Driving the recovery process © / aero Flight Systems "pilot ejection seat" on the path to the initial "active" site comes with a working rocket engine.

The flight path and the angular position of the seat on the trajectory depend on the height, position and speed of the airplane in which there was a bailout, as well as the manner in which is carried out to stabilize the chair.


The main (life) parachute may be introduced at a certain speed of the system (permissible input speed parachute, determines the possibility of filling the parachute canopy and the strength of the dome and slings).
Braking and lowering systems "pilot ejection seat" to the allowable input speed and altitude parachute can provide serial-stabilizing drogue parachute and a two-stage or three-stage parachute systems.

In this example, for intensive input of the main parachute and reliable separation of the chair and the pilot used a parachute pyro-entry, which under the influence of gas triggered squib fires back with headrest of the seat.

When shooting Headrest:

cutters (guillotines - French. guillotine) cut the straps of the attracting shoulders, freeing the pilot's shoulders from an armchair;
discloses located in the headrest 2 camera parachute and emergency parachute 10 exits the chamber and the cover 9;
triggered the attracting belt cutters belts and feet, freeing the pilot from an armchair, stops the spread of hands free hands of the pilot, divided connector communications, linking high-altitude gear pilot with an oxygen device chair;
recoil at the shooting of the headrest throws a chair from the pilot down, brimming parachute slows the movement of the pilot, and the pilot, along with portable emergency (NAE), placed in a knapsack 12 with a rigid cover, seat 11 in the bottom of the harness system, which connects the pilot to parachute lines , descends filled dome.


Launching the pilot on the rescue parachute
 - After the separation of the "pilot ejection seat" triggered pirorezaki and backpack NAZ 12, which are stacked food supplies, camping equipment, signaling and first aid kit, is separated from the lid 11, holding her by a tether (Gall. Val - rope) 13, leaves floating automatic beacon 14 which is included in the work, and provides alarms when running the pilot parachute and landing (splashdown). When launched on a pilot signal from the cover out and automatically fills inflatable lifeboat 15.
This system provides a high probability of rescue of the crew of a military aircraft in a wide range of speeds and altitudes.

When ejection in the parking lot or at a low speed while taxiing, takeoff and landing roll climbing path made unstabilized position and entering emergency parachute is made at the approach of the "pilot ejection seat" to the top of the active part of the trajectory.

When ejection at an altitude of 5000 m the system "pilot ejection seat" up the path in a stable, steady, passes above the keel aircraft emergency parachute is entered in the initial moment of decline of the "pilot ejection seat».

When ejection at an altitude of 5000 meters and high speed flight system "pilot ejection seat" up the path in a stable, steady, passes the highest point of the trajectory and further down, emergency parachute is introduced at an altitude not exceeding 5000 meters.

Portable emergency facilitates the process of searching for ground services and support livelihoods pilot (and other members of the crew) military plane ejected and made an emergency landing with parashyutom.FSЁ.




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