Shalva Amonashvili: We just lie to our kids that they are preparing for life!

"I love Tom Sawyer — a custom symbolizing childhood itself!»"Classical Philology — degree in physical education, Pestalozzi, Korczak, Makarenko, Comenius — growing spirituality in the creative interaction between adult and child.

And today it often happens that the pedagogy is authoritarian, coercive, is based on the carrot and the stick: the child behaves well encourage, not punish.Humane pedagogics is looking for ways to have less conflict and more joy. Less stupefying, more success.

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We ask the children during the study tens of thousands of questions. The teacher said, asked the homework, and then asks how someone performed. For those who have not complied with, sanctions. Talking about personality, but not moving towards humane relations with the personality.

Friendship, mutual compassion, compassion is really what is missing. The family does not know how to do it, and departs from the school of education. Training — more easy. Funded lesson plan grades. And the one who passed the exam, it is worthy to own received knowledge? You can trust him with this knowledge? Not dangerous is it?

In Mendeleev, the great chemist and teacher, there is a thought: to give modern knowledge untreated person — it's like handing a sword to a madman. Isn't that what we're doing? And then we see terrorism.

Introduced exam — foreign body in our educational world, because it is distrust of the school and teacher. Child exam prevents develop a vision: it was in those years when it is necessary to think about the world and your place in it, children are busy preparing for the exam. What values, feelings, young man completes school, not important?

But the basis is the teacher. To teach, to educate is an art, a subtle interplay of small and adult. The personality is only developing personality. To teach, probably, possible and remote, but cultivate one's morality can be, just being close. The robot will not be able to develop a personality, even if he acts very technologically even if you will smile.

But today teachers often don't understand what's going on? The Ministry - it allows diversity, it unifies. It abolishes some program then enters. I held a seminar where the teacher asked me: what is better — a 5-point rating system or a 12-point?I said that for me, any reform is measured with only one has become the child better? What does he benefit from this? He was 12 times better?Then, maybe, do not skimp, let's assess how the Chinese on a 100-point system?

Four million three hundred forty eight thousand four hundred thirty

Sukhomlinsky said: children need to lead from joy to joy. The teacher wrote me an email: "What can I do so that children did not disturb me in class?"Well: finger, face, voice-to put or parents to call? Or to make the child from the lesson was the joy? This is, apparently, the teacher learned at three, he spent treesny the lesson and the child put on it the two. Here's "deuce Again." The teacher with great power can be constructive, can — destructive. What will come in the life of the disciples of the master of Trinity?

The school got a new "standard", though I don't like that word, but it just invites teachers to be creative. You have to use it. And in teacher training programs reproduced the authoritarianism. In any textbook on pedagogy there is no word "love". It turns out, children were brought up in an authoritarian school, the University only reinforces it, and they come back to school for teachers with the same sentiment. Young teachers, old people. And then write: "How to make child do not interfere in the lesson?» There are teachers from God. They will not spoil. But there are one or two in every school, and sometimes even not at all.Can such a school to disclose a child up to the depth of his instincts?

Created the standard of the teacher. In my opinion, you can't standardize creativity, but since we're talking about the standardization of teachers, let's talk about the standardization of Ministers, deputies and others who are over us. It is very important how they will behave.

And students not to standardize and pick up to school for some tests and interviews. But it happens, although schools created for children, and any healthy child, the school must take. Not allowed to pick up convenient. It is a crime against childhood. No special qualifiers in the Lyceum, in the gymnasium — it is impossible to carry out. The school is the workshop of humanity. And we have factory standardization of Eleshnica.I love Tom Sawyer — a custom symbolizing the childhood itself.

The school today has no purpose. In the Soviet school it was to educate the faithful of the builders of communism. Maybe bad was the goal, and does not get it, but she was. And now? Kind of funny — to educate the faithful Putintsev zyuganovites, Zhirinovsky? We should not condemn our children to the service of any party: the party will change. But then why are we raising our children? Classic offers humanity, nobility, generosity, not knowledge. In the meantime, we just lie to our kids that they are preparing for life. We are preparing for the exam. And this is very far from life" published

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