The commandments from the humane pedagogics Shalva Amonashvili

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A teacher with a world name Shalva Amonashvili and luminary teacher of the workshop I am sure that all parents – born teachers, just need to see the world through the eyes of children. We offer to your attention some of the tenets of humanistic pedagogy of Shalva Amonashvili, which will help parents to see themselves and get to know their children.

In the education of children need to adhere to the thought: "Thank you, Lord, for trusting me with the education of your child. I am a great parent, I have a wonderful child that God has presented. It is not my property – I got the universal essence. And he came into this world to accomplish what it is prescribed, not in order to somehow brighten up my old age".

Without exception, parents want their children only happiness. The concept of "happiness" they put material wealth, career, happy marriage, etc. But these ideas about happiness are very limited, they close child way of life. The main goal is to educate a noble and generous man. Is noble and generous man will be gone if the parents won't leave him a large inheritance? Of course not, because it has spiritual values. In fact, life on Earth is only a preparation for eternal life.

To raise noble and generous child of my own example – like raised like that. How to become such? To give a smile, some sort of necessary thing, the good news, to do a good deed – it is a manifestation of generosity. Itself developing these qualities will have generosity and magnanimity.

Now growing a new, special generation, the so-called children of Indigo. And they came into this world to help us change. This requires life itself. If someone of you, dear parents, smokes, swears, curse, immediately stop doing it for the children! Clear your thoughts of irritability, envy and claims to others. In the East they say: "the Will is God in man", therefore, summon all his will to get rid of all unnecessary and harmful stratifications in mind. Don't populate your mind with dirty thoughts and desires. They're born, live a lifetime and die, leaving behind a layer of energetic debris that settles in the mind forever.

The responsibility of parents to protect children from information dirt. What is now shown on TV, is a real information dump, which a lot of aggression, anger, violence, which just kill the child's psyche. Instead, read children books that teach good things, go with them to theatres, galleries. Choose the character of the child is impossible, but you need to educate. Every child is a bearer of great wealth, which we locked in safes so that then the child will not be able to open.

Every child is born with an innate sense of beauty. And parents should support and develop that feeling. What does it mean? To surround with beauty of speech, favorable situation in the house, a warm family atmosphere. It is a great gift from God, so do not waste time on empty talk. Share words of wisdom, learn to love, to forgive, to empathize, to grow spiritually, and then using words the child will grow.

Children need to talk as adults, they don't like when they "Lisp". If your speech is not respect for the child, it is better not to speak. Of course it is difficult to realize in practice. Everything starts with a thought, so try yourself to mentally tune in a sincere, respectful conversation, taking the child as he is, and eventually you will succeed, dear parents.

Three commandments from the humane pedagogics Shalva Amonashvili:

Believe in the immensity of a child, whatever it was.

Believe in your parental divine spark, the wisdom. Everybody has a parental love, we just need to listen to yourself.

Believe in the transformative power of humanistic pedagogy. It allows the child to look inside himself and see the wealth of the soul.

Two examples of humanistic pedagogy from personal experience Shalva Amonashvili:

1. Letters from room to room

My daughter was very willful, did not want to accept anyone's guidance. Once we booked her a holiday dress, something had to size after fitting, and my daughter has decided, despite the late hour, go to the dressmaker. The mother was persuaded to postpone it for next day, but the daughter didn't listen. I did not intervene, because in the heat of passion, the child hears nothing and will insist on. So I started in the next room to write her a letter, explaining that now she is at an age when the mood changes like the weather in the spring.

And that at the same time, you need to understand a mother who would care for her. It was written not from the perspective of top-down, but on equal and friendly. I put this letter to my daughter's room, and when she found it under my pillow and read, the first question was: "Daddy, why you wrote it, not said?" I said, "Because you wouldn't have heard. Do you mind if I will sometimes write you letters?" Since then, letters from room to room became a tradition for us. And when one day after another case, the daughter suddenly received a letter (I did it on purpose), she came to me and asked: "where is the letter?" Then the daughter grew up and the need in the letters disappeared by itself. Write letters from room to room, from heart to heart!

2. A real man's conversation

Son was in fifth grade when he hurt the mother, and she burst into tears. I did not intervene. A week has passed. The son learned the lessons when I came to him and said, "let's Go for a walk. I have a very serious talk. It is very important". We walked towards the Park. But it was not an empty silence. Sometimes you just need to be quiet, to Express the boiling of feelings. Education always takes place in the inner world, not in external. The son realized that there was something important.

– Son, I need your help, ' I began the conversation. – There was a time when I fell in love. And I promised this girl that if she will marry me, I will do anything to anybody never hurt her. It's your mother... And now I need your advice, what should I do with my son who hurt my beloved woman?

The son thought about it and replied, "punish me."

– I used to be one male in the family, now let us be two. The two men that will protect our health. Let's agree that no one will know about our conversation, this could be our men's Union.

We firmly shook hands, securing thereby our important Treaty. These men's conversations that show respect and trust for the child, give a huge impetus and Foundation for education. Such talk, not for every day, and so valuable – their effect is much stronger and deeper.


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