Verenae the outage, or how to survive in the city

Once upon a time people lived in caves, they didn't have to charge the phone, to worry about fridge and washing machine. In our age of technological progress, the most vulnerable is, unfortunately, the citizens. How to live without the usual benefits, what to do and what to save?

In a situation of lack of electricity and off it for a few hours a day first thing need to worry is the damage to household appliances, short circuits and fires.

RCD (residual current device).

We live in high-rise buildings. For maintenance of buildings more than 12 storeys, we have no fire equipment with the proper length of the ladders. Therefore, residents of high-rise buildings do not advise to use open flame (candles, oil lamps, tourist tiles). If you have the opportunity, first of all, set your shield breaker. These devices will power off when the voltage drops and will not burn appliances.

The voltage stabilizer.

On the kitchen load it is necessary to put more powerful devices and their programming for inclusion in 5 minutes. Then when the shock voltage the device will switch off your refrigerator and allow to drain the freon and return the engine working cycle. 2-3 bedroom apartments with only two devices.

As an alternative — portable adapters on each unit of home appliances. Remember that the more delicate are laptop batteries and chargers phones as a new generation of TVs. They certainly need to be connected via RCD, or through a network filter.

The battery backup.

Not to sit at lights for a few hours and to enjoy the benefits of civilization, get mobile external batteries — powerbank, or fit car batteries. For lighting it is best to use led flashlights with batteries.

If the entire district will shut off the electricity, possibly no water, as in a high-rise building water is pumped by electric pumps. Create a house supply of water for drinking and technical. Residents of homes with electric stoves, we suggest to buy a few large thermoses and create some stock of canned food and biscuits, ready meals. You can also buy a tourist tile with pepper spray. This list goes on and on. I hope that you don't are make use of these tips.

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