Brown fat helps to regulate blood sugar levels

The body fat percentage is a useful way to ensure the health or metabolic disorders, while the level below this (to a certain point), the better it is for health.This applies to white fat (the one that is going in the most unwanted places).

Brown fat is most noticeable in young animals (and people) — its main function is in the formation of the heat to help newborns regulate body temperature.

But what is interesting...brown fat generates heat, helping to burn calories and therefore it is studied as a means for weight loss, healthy metabolism and much more.

In addition, new studies have revealed not only that there is brown fat in adults, but that its physiological role is not limited to the formation of heat. And those functions we have only begun to explore...

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Brown fat will help regulate blood sugar levelsAccording to the results of one recent study found that people with higher levels of brown fat, higher metabolic rate, better blood sugar levels and higher insulin sensitivity. Seven of the 12 study participants noted "a high ratio of brown fat," and five is low.

That in itself is not useful, because to brown fat yielded results, it needs to be activated.One of the known methods to achieve this is through exposure to low temperatures. Men in this study were exposed to moderately cold temperatures for eight hours to activate brown fat.

It turned out that participants with higher levels of brown fat increased metabolic rate at rest, insulin sensitivity and glucose processing — this gave the researchers the basis to declare that brown fat can be anti-diabetic tissue in humans. One of the study's authors said:

"We showed that exposure to moderate cold weather increased consumption of energy throughout the body, increased excretion of glucose from the circulation and improved insulin sensitivity in men with a significant amount of reserves of brown adipose tissue".

The lack of brown fat may cause the age of the fulnessWith age, the thermogenic properties of brown fat decline — in mice as indicative in a study published in the Journal of the Federation of American societies for experimental biology (FASEB). It turned out that mice that had deleted the gene of the receptor of platelet-activating factor, with age, gained weight much more than normal mice of the control group.

This gene is responsible for inflammation and fat transfer and it is believed that the deactivation disturb the function of brown fat, causing the mice quickly become obese. Such "unfit" brown fat, apparently, and is a key reason why we gain weight with age. Editor in chief of Journal FASEB notes:

"It is well known that older people have twice as hard to train and watch your diet to get at least half of the results sought by the younger people. We now much better understand why: with age, stops working our brown fat".

There is another type of fat beige, which is sometimes considered a replacement for brown. Although they look similar, their useful functions in the body differ, but research — in the beginning. As reported in the journal nature Medicine:

"The question is obvious: where do I find the function of brown and beige fat cells? The answer is still unknown, and the problem is insufficiently studied. However, in recent study was dubbed the assumption that fully stimulated brown and beige adipocytes... have similar thermogenic capacity.

... In addition to thermogenesis, it is highly likely that beige and brown adipocytes possess other specific properties, which are yet to be explored. For example, beige adipocytes can highlight specific factors affecting the function of white adipose tissue or white fat, systemic metabolism, or both".


How to know people with an increased amount of brown fatIt is now believed that a small amount of brown fat is present in every person, but some groups of people more brown fat than others. The more you have brown fat, or the more activated it is, the better, because there is a direct link between the activation of brown fat and metabolic indicators of good health. For example:

  • The more slender men in brown fat more than a more complete

  • In young brown fat more than the older people

  • In people with normal blood sugar levels of brown fat more than people with high blood sugar levels

Women generally have more brown fat than men, and in people taking beta-blockers to treat high blood pressure brown fat less active. The latter can most likely be explained with the fact that brown fat is activated by catecholamines are hormones that are released in the course of a natural reaction of the body's "fight or flight", but beta-blockers block catecholamines, thereby inhibiting the activation of useful properties of brown fat.

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3 natural way to raise the level of brown (beige) fatGiven the useful properties of brown fat, you're probably wondering how to use them.

Researchers attracted by the possibility of medical intervention with the aim of developing a greater amount of brown fat, but I'm wary of tablets in General. Instead, I would recommend non-invasive methods that are found to stimulate the production and activation of brown fat.

1. Exposure to cold

Scientists repeatedly seen that low temperatures activate brown fat in adults. In one study, the cooling conditions, the men burned more calories and consumed a white fat, that causes obesity. According to the authors of the study:

"... metabolism in brown fat really is increased when adult humans are exposed to the cold. This increases the possibility that calorie-burning brown fat could be important for our metabolism and, correspondingly, the absence of brown fat may increase our proneness to obesity...»

The Swedish study published in 2009 also found that low temperature increases the activity in the locations of brown fat in the subjects. Cold-induced glucose consumption increased 15 times!

Based on animal models, the researchers estimated that just 50 grams of brown fat (which is less than the number of the majority of volunteer studies) can burn about 20 percent of your daily calorie intake — and even more if fat is to "stimulate". Tim Ferriss, author 4-hour workweek, proposed the following recommendations on how to implement it in practice (they range from easy to very difficult):

  • Put an ice pack on your upper back and chest for 30 minutes per day (for example, when watching TV)

  • Every morning drink about 500 ml of ice-cold water

  • Cold shower

  • Go down into the icy water to the waist for 10 minutes three times a week. (Just pour in a tub of cold water and add ice cubes)

2. Exercises

In one study on mice white fat in animals into brown transformed simply as a result of physical activity. A study published in the journal of Model and mechanisms of diseases, found that during exercise in the muscles of animals produced by the enzyme called irisin that triggers conversion of white fat cells to brown.

Remained unknown for sure if it's worth it for people... while at the annual meeting of the American Association for diabetes in 2013, and presented preliminary results of the research showed that after exercise in mice and humans fat "policial". In men the beneficial properties demonstrated after 12 weeks training on a stationary bike. One of the researchers, doctoral student at the Center of diabetes Joslin believes:

"Our results showed that exercise not only have a beneficial effect on muscle, they also affect fat... it is Obvious that in the course of the training becomes more brown fat and metabolically active. In our opinion, there are factors that stand out the bloodstream from the healthier fat, and affect other tissues".

3. Melatonin

Consumption melatonin stimulates the appearance of beige fat — this, as suggested by the authors of one study, may explain why melatonin helps control body weight and has a number of metabolic advantages. Science today reports:

"Research... has shown that constant administration of melatonin enhances the sensitivity of the thermogenic response to cold exposure increases thermogenic effect of exercise and thus is an excellent treatment for obesity. In fact, one of the key differences between "beige fat" that appears with the introduction of melatonin, and "white fat" is the expression of the mitochondrial cell "beige fat" protein UCP1, which is responsible for calorie burning and heat production".

It is also proven the link between lack of sleep and obesity, and if you don't get enough sleep, then it is likely that the level of melatonin in your body is far from normal. Violation of the level of melatonin due to lack of sleep (and exposure to light at night) may be one reason that sleep disorders lead to weight gain, and it can have far-reaching consequences for health. To change this situation, it is not prudent to take a Supplement with melatonin — it is much better to stimulate your own melatonin production.

Heat shock proteins and the link with saunaCells use heat shock proteins to counteract potentially harmful stimuli. Whenever a cell is exposed to a hostile environment in some regions of separated DNA and begins to read the genetic code to produce these stress proteins. Heat shock proteins actually useful — they help to prevent protein damage and restore already damaged. These proteins are called heat is one of the reasons it is useful to go to the sauna.

However, one intriguing study suggests that exposure to cold can also cause the appearance of heat shock proteins. So, in another animal study it was found that exposure to cold induced expression of these proteins in brown fat tissue — remains to be seen what it involves.It is believed that the cold induced expression of heat shock proteins may contribute to thermogenesis in brown fat tissue and, to a much larger scale — the effects on the body a reasonable amount of cold and heat stress can be very useful.published 

Author: Dr. Joseph Mercola


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