Fat burning hormone irisin: to lose weight and become healthier

Diet, of course, has the greatest impact on weight, but exercise is an important part of the overall process. They are extremely important for optimal health. Exercises affect biology in many ways, and to keep them a beneficial effect, to a single aspect is almost impossible.

While recent studies have shown that fat burning hormone released during physical exercise plays a role. This hormone is irisin (aka FNDC5), prevents the formation of fat and helps the body get rid of the existing one. As reported by Epoch Times:

"Irisin apparently acts by increasing the activity of genes and proteins that are critical for transformation of cells of white fat cells brown. It also significantly increases the amount of energy used by these cells, indicating its role in burning fat".

Tests show that irisin able to suppress the formation of fat cells by 20 - 60 percent. As a rule, in the body irisin produced in small quantities. The key to increasing its production exercises.

Fat burning hormone improves heart function and more

Previous studies of the effects irisin, which is also classified as pearls (cytokine or chemical vector produced by the muscle) – suggests that he has a number of beneficial health properties including:

  • Reduction in the formation of arterial plaque by preventing the accumulation of inflammatory cells, thus reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. The increase in metabolic rate and energy expenditure in the myocardium (thickest layer of the heart muscle). The increase in mitochondrial biogenesis.

  • Restoration of telomere length in cells. People the length and integrity of telomeres plays a role in the development of diseases, susceptibility and aging.

  • Short telomeres is a risk factor for many diseases, including reduced immune function, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, atherosclerotic damages and damages DNA

Irisin can improve the diagnosis of common endocrine disorders

It is interesting to note that irisin can be used as a marker of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in adolescent girls. Thus, it may allow physicians to better diagnose this condition and to start treatment early.

PCOS is the most common endocrine and metabolic disease affecting women of reproductive age (puberty to menopause). Estimated with this problem are struggling from 10 to 20 percent of women of reproductive age.

Although many symptoms relate to the ovaries, these violations are the result of a much larger problem with metabolism. Common criteria for diagnosis of PCOS include:

  • Complete or almost complete lack of ovulation

  • Increased production of androgens (male hormones); the vegetation on the face and/or acne

  • Obesity

  • Hyperinsulinemia (insulin resistance and increased insulin levels in blood serum)

Any hormone problem that interferes with normal ovulation, leads to a condition called "polycystic" ovary, which, regardless of the cause, produces increased amount of androgens. On the other hand, increases the production of androgen interferes with the normal ovulation.

Available evidence suggests that its role in the syndrome of androgen excess plays a obesity; in women with excessive body weight increases the production of androgens, even in the absence of adrenal disease.

Dr. John Lee also believed that a causal factor could be prenatal exposure to xenobiotics – contaminants from the environment that mimic estrogen.

In adolescents with PCOS, as a rule, increased levels of irisin

In the current study, presented at the annual meeting of the European society of pediatric endocrinology, Greek researchers compared the hormonal status of the 23 adolescent girls diagnosed with PCOS and 17 healthy status of girls of the same age and body mass index (BMI).

Patients with PCOS had significantly higher level of irisin, which in turn is associated with higher levels of testosterone (a marker of PCOS). Next, the researchers will study the actual role irisin in this state, in the hope that it will help to improve and expand treatment options.

One of the important treatment strategies is a significant reduction in the consumption of net carbohydrates (total carbohydrates minus fiber) – this is a fundamental point for weight loss and insulin sensitivity. Since insulin resistance is a major problem in PCOS, cutting back added sugars and grains will help to control the disease.

I believe that the fundamental problem of PCOS is the excessive loss of sensitivity of receptors to insulin. If you restore this sensitivity through fasting and nutritional ketosis, the problem should be resolved.

Optimizing vitamin D is another important step. Can also be useful and progesterone. All this can be found in the article about PCOS.

The useful properties of brown fat

Returning to the main question of this article: it is obvious that irisin is an important factor in weight loss in conjunction with exercise. As already mentioned, this property is largely due to its ability to turn white fat cells into brown cells, which primarily burns energy rather than stores it.

On the basis of animal models,researchers have estimated that just 50 grams of brown fat (that's less than most of the volunteers who participated in the study) could burn about 20 percent of your daily calorie intake, so the effect of brown fat can be very significant.

Studies have shown that certain groups of people, the amount of brown fat than others, and there is a direct correlation between the activation of brown fat and metabolic indicators of good health. For example:

  • Slender people brown fat more than fat

  • Young people have more brown fat than elderly

  • In people with normal blood sugar levels of brown fat more than people with high blood sugar

Brown fat closer to the muscle than white

Newborns have a healthy supply of brown fat to heat preservation, but adults lose a large part of the reserves of brown fat, usually located in the neck area, around blood vessels (helping to warm the blood), and, as marble, includes streaks of white fat in visceral adipose tissue. The good news is that it is possible to increase the formation of brown fat.

In addition to exercise, brown fat can be activated by cryotherapy, that is, exposure to low temperature such as ice baths or cold showers.

Interestingly, brown fat actually behaves more like muscle, which explains its ability to fat burning.

Bruce Spiegelman, PhD, has published a number of studies have brown fat, and in one, he identified the "master switch" that stimulates the production of brown fat. This molecular switch, PRDM16, regulates what will become immature cells. in brown fat or into muscle cells.

Thus, the cells of white and brown fat have a very different origin. Brown fat is more closely associated with muscles. Another group of researchers from Galinsoga diabetes center at Harvard University has found another trigger for brown fat – bone morphogenetic protein called BMP-7, which also promotes bone growth. BMP-7 acts as a growth factor for brown fat.

The importance of short high intensity exercise

As already mentioned, irisin is a kind of pearls (chemical carrier of muscular origin) or protein. Miocene possess strong anti-inflammatory effects, and studies show that they play an important role in the fight against metabolic syndrome and cancer, for example.

  • Increased sensitivity to insulin

  • Increased use of glucose in muscles

  • Increase in the release of fat from fat cells

  • The increase in fat burning and inhibition of fat regardless of calorie intake

  • Suppression of the release and action of inflammatory cytokines produced by body fat

Diet is one of the main ways to give a competitive advantage right or wrong fabric. If you eat inflammatory foods such as sugars/fructose, grains, and other foods that are high in net carbs and TRANS-fats, and processed foods in General, your body will generate cytokines.

But if the diet wrong, exercise will not help. No amount of exercise will not help to create mioceno enough to overcome the inflammatory cytokines produced as a result of malnutrition.

However, in conjunction with a healthy diet gyrosigma, one of the most effective ways to improve mioceno are high intensity weight training, also known as super slow weight lifting. You can practice and regular high intensity interval training (HIIT), but super slow weight training more effectively increase the level jakinov. (Both types of training increase the level of human growth hormone (HGH), which is another powerful fitness hormone that slows aging.)

While strength training high intensity give you all the benefits of HIIT, including all benefits to the cardiovascular system — they also cause rapid and profound muscular fatigue. This fatigue triggers the synthesis of greater amount of contractile tissue, as well as all metabolic components to support this process — including a greater number jakinov. To learn more about high-intensity strength training, read the previous article about the super slow weight lifting.

Want to lose weight? Change the diet and feeding schedule

Physical exercise – a definite winning strategy if you want to lose weight or improve your General health. Just remember that exercises on the mouth does not apply. The real key to getting rid of fat is the right diet. WHEN you eat is another powerful factor. If you are struggling with weight problems and/or resistance to insulin and leptin, I highly recommend intermittent fasting.

As that is WHAT it lose fat will help two things: reducing the number of net carbohydrates and increasing the amount of healthy fats in the diet. This will direct the metabolism in the right direction, so that the body can access fat and burn it as fuel. To learn more about how to improve your diet and improve health in my recently updated nutrition plan.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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