How to open the doors of Paradise

Short and wise Japanese ProverbsWarrior by the name of Nobushige came to Hakuin and asked him if there was really Heaven and Hell?

— Who are you? asked Hakuin.

— Samurai, ' replied the warrior.

— You are a samurai? — exclaimed Hakuin. — What kind of ruler could take you to the guard? You have the face of a beggar!

Nobushige was so angry that he began to remove the sword from its scabbard. Hakuin continued:

— And you have a sword there? Probably so dull that it I the head is not the framework.

When Nobushige drew his sword, Hakuin said:

— So open the doors of Hell.

These words revealed to the samurai teachings of the master. Hiding the sword, he bowed.

— And so open the doors of Paradise, ' said Hakuin.The border of heaven and hell flexible, but always go through us. published


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