Facts about the most eccentric Russian businessmen

Pavel Durov, the founder and co-owner of the social network "VKontakte"

Acts: Once publicly named its major shareholder - Mail.ru Group thrash holding and published a photo which shows the company's obscene gesture in response to the attempt to devour "VKontakte". The ban in social network advertising of alcohol and cigarettes.

Achievements: In the autumn of 2010 it became known that Mail.ru Group owns 24, 99% shares of "VKontakte", which became at that time the largest social network Runet. By April 2011, the holding company bought another 7, 5% and estimated business "VKontakte" $ 1, 84 billion. Now the audience "VKontakte" is approaching the mark of 25 million. Man.

Herman Gref, Chairman of the Board Sberbanka

Acts: After joining the bank in 2007, Gref ordered top management before a meeting on Saturday to attend a corporate gym and swimming pool. He resumed the tradition of Sberbankiada fade. If before they were carried out at the best time in four years, but now thousands of employees have to participate in the summer and winter sports every two years. Having learned that in order to participate in competitions at the regional offices are recruiting athletes, Gref has introduced a condition of participation - the employee must have worked at the bank for at least two years.

Achievements: The new team Gref taught pensioners to use bank cards, and young conservative clients - to make payments via the Internet. For wealthy clients to open an office private banking.

Vasily Boiko-Veliky, the owner of the company "Vash financial trustee"

Acts: After his release from prison (Boyko accused of fraud with the land) changed his name, adding to it the word "great." All employees must undergo a wedding ceremony, and forbade women to have abortions.

Achievements: The company "Vash financial trustee" is known for its solid land holdings and large developers' plans. It owns 23,500 hectares of land in Moscow, another 13 000 ha is a long-term lease. Despite the conclusion of a four-year, Vasily Boyko has managed to keep the business, but lost interest in the construction, focusing on dairy production. His company "Russian milk" brought together some farms, animal feed factory and a factory for processing milk. In October 2010, it became clear that Boyko completely forgiven - President Medvedev tasted the products of his company to one of the agricultural exhibits and photos posted on his page on Twitter.

Evgeny Chichvarkin, the founder of the company "Euroset"

Acts: compete with Sergei Polonsky for the title of the main epatager Russian business. Once held April Fool's action, during which it was possible to get a free cell phone, stripped naked. Launched radio advertisements with the slogan "" Euroset "- prices are just about be ...!". At business meetings allows himself to put his feet on the window sill. Do not recognize the business style of dress, she goes to the holey jeans and red sneakers.

Achievements: For ten years Chichvarkin turned "Euroset" in Russia's largest seller of mobile phones with more than 5,000 stores and revenues of $ 3, 3 billion. In September 2008, shortly after the raids in companies related to the investigation the abduction of the former freight forwarder company Vlaskina Andrei, Yevgeny Chichvarkin has signed an agreement for the sale of "Euroset" billionaire Alexander Mamut. In November, he resigned as general director of "Euroset", and in December went to London. Brought against him the case was dismissed in January 2011. However Chichvarkin still lives in London.

Oleg Tinkoff, the founder of the brand "Tinkoff", the owner of the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems,"

Acts: In 2003, during the opening of the restaurant "Tinkoff" in Nizhny Novgorod has launched a beer mug in one of the local bankers. The blog Tinkova can be found in particular as follows: "There [in the central TV channels] are working losers-remora and YES-swap in any case are afraid, and that says Surkov, Ivanov, Petrov and do not understand who we businessman broadcast took ? Political ambitions? Who is it??? Fearfully. No need to - take better Baskov and Moses. Comrades, TV producers and their superiors, I shit on the policy and on you! But sorry my homeland! ».

Achievements: In 2005 the businessman sold the company "Tinkoff" for € 200 million of Sun InBev, and four years later - a network of similar restaurants. In 2006 he founded the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems", which was co-owner of an international bank Goldman Sachs. However, Tinkoff Bank is unable to even enter the top one hundred Russian banks in terms of capital and assets.

Sergei Polonsky, founder of Mirax Group

Acts: In autumn 2008, Polonsky publicly vowed to eat his tie if the price of expensive real estate will not grow and a half years by 25%. The forecast does not come true, and Polonsky had to fulfill his promise - he ate a piece of his tie in the program "mine LIVE» spring 2011. Polonsky also credited supposedly publicly said the sentence: "Who does not have a billion, could go to hell." There are also pictures of the meeting of the Board of Directors, which infuriated Polonsky throws the wall mobile phones present.

Achievements: Before the crisis, company Mirax Group is the fifth largest Russian developers. By the fall of 2008, the company's portfolio of projects was a total area of ​​12 million square meters. Personal condition of a businessman in the same year was estimated at $ 1, 2 billion. In March 2011, Polonsky announced the closure of the brand Mirax, giving a commitment to finish the facilities and pay its debts.

Vladimir Melnikov, the founder and owner of "Gloria Jeans"

Acts: During business negotiations Melnikov loved for no reason at all to read a poem, quote a passage from the Bible or tell bike camp (he made three visits in prison for speculation). In a conversation with subordinates, flared, can throw on the wall ashtray. A few years ago, he broke up the marketing department, while other manufacturers such departments actively strengthened. The company has a strict rule - keep the doors of shops open even in winter.

Achievements: is now trading network has nearly 400 stores across the country. Last year, Melnikov has earned 1, 4 billion rubles of net profit (per year indicator has increased more than two times) on revenue of 9 billion rubles.

Valery Cousteau, founder and co-owner of "EFKO"

Acts: is staffed service personnel "EFKO" specialists in psycho-correction and psychophysiology. Each potential employee "EFKO" in addition to the interviews being tested a polygraph and encephalograph and test for compliance with the moral principles of the company. The man who wants to move up the career ladder, a month is sent to a special camp where should observe a strict schedule, attend lectures on psychology and the humanities, as well as a corporate museum of the Scythian culture.

Achievements: In 2005, the world's largest producer of vegetable oils - American Bunge Corporation bought 25% of "EFKO". The company initially planned to fully integrate the assets, but six years later the shares are back to the "EFKO". Holding is among the hundred largest private companies in Russia with revenues of $ 900 million.

Sergei Popov, founder and co-owner of MDM banka

Acts: In the mid-2000s, the banker concluded a contract with a public relations agency "Mikhailov and Partners", putting a single task - to about him and his business is not the press wrote. For obvious reasons, this has not been achieved. Sometimes Popov dismissed the entire staff teams in one day, it does not explain, but their own desires.

Achievements: At the end of 2006, Popov broke with his longtime partner Andrey Melnichenko. First I went to the bank, the second - chemical holding "Eurochem". Two years later, Popov found a new partner - the owner of "URSA Bank" Igor Kim, who in the process of merging got 11% of the merged bank. However, this partnership is not specified. United Bank is ranked as planned, the ten largest banks in Russia, and the content is only 14 place with assets of 370 billion rubles. In the summer, Igor Kim resigned predpravleniya and left the board of directors.

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