You are the author of what is happening with you

To change important the willingness to accept responsibility for everything you do in your life: whether anger, joy, bad or good, heaven and hell.

When you realize that you are the cause of what is happening with you when this responsibility is understood and accepted thoughts, actions, and accordingly, your reality begins to change...

Here is the famous parable:

One man was travelling and suddenly got to heaven.

In India, the concept of Paradise — the tree of fulfillment of desires. As I sat down under this tree, every wish immediately fulfilled. There is no delay, no temporal gap between desire and implementation is desired.

This man was tired, and he went to sleep under the tree of wish fulfillment. When he woke up, he felt strong hunger, and thought:

— I feel hungry. I'd like to get some food from somewhere.

And immediately out of nowhere, comes the food. Right sailed through the air, very tasty food. He was so hungry that he did not think where it came from (when you are hungry — you are wondering). He immediately began to eat, and the food was so delicious...

Then, when the famine struck, he looked around. Now he felt satisfaction. He had another idea:

— If only something to drink...

In heaven there are no restrictions, immediately appeared fine wine.

Lying in the shade of a tree and quietly sipping wine, enjoy the cool breeze of Paradise, he began to wonder:

— What's happening? What's going on? Am I just dreaming? Or there are some ghosts who play jokes with me?

And ghosts appeared. They were terrible, cruel and disgusting — these are what he himself imagined them.

He shivered and thought:

Now they will kill me.

And they killed him.

This parable is full of meaning, your mind is a tree of desires, and whatever you think, sooner or later it will come true.

Sometimes the period of time such that you completely forgot that you wanted it, and I can't find the source where it began. But if you look deeper, you will find that your thoughts are creating you and your life. They create your Paradise, they create your hell. They create your misery, they create your joy.

They create bad, they create a good...

Everyone here is a Magician, everyone — Creator of your life.

Every spins and weaves a magical world around them... and then turns out to be connected. The spider itself is caught in its own network.

No one torturing you except yourself. And when this is realized, things begin to change. Then you can rotate all the way around, you are able to turn your hell to heaven. Everything is your responsibility.

And then there are new possibilities: if you're ready, you can stop the creation of the world. There is no need to create hell or heaven, no need at all to create. The originator may relax and disappear. And the disappearance of mind is prayer. published



P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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